Friday, September 4, 2020


As Batman continued to attack Captain Nootra, citizens and heroes were drawn to the spectacle, which they were having for free.
Green Arrow:[1] “Batman going head-on with Cap? You don’t see this show every day.”
Ms. Marvel: “What went wrong with bats? Cap must have made a big blunder for him to attack him like this.”
Wonder Woman: “Yeah; he sure pushed him at the end of his patience.”
Krilin: “This isn’t fair. Cap can’t riposte, but Batman is using all his elements against him.”
Yamcha: “Nobody can beat Batman. Superman can’t because he’s his best friend, Cap can’t because you know why, Goku can’t for you know who supplies his weekly rations.”
Spider-Man:[2] “I know one who can beat him: Broly.”
Hawkeye: “You’re wrong, Spidey. Broly wants to be a Nootran and he’ll do anything to get Batman’s approval. Black Panther[3] alone is his match. My pal beat him not only once or twice but thrice.”
Green Arrow: “No wonder. The two are alike in every aspect: skills, wits, resources, character.”
Spider-Man: “You mean like you and Hawkeye?”
Hawkeye pounced on Spider-Man and the web shooter hurried out of the place before he received the arrows of the angry archer. Batman was finally satisfied and he stopped attacking Captain Nootra. Captain Nootra was still worried when Batman motioned him to come closer.
Captain Nootra: “You’re not going to slap me, are you? My friends are just waiting for that.”
Batman: “I thought you gave your friends everything they wanted. The morning exercise being over, now your real punishment.”
Captain Nootra: “You used me to do your daybreak warm up?”
Batman: “It’s better to do it for real than train with those machines in the Batcave. As to what you told Broly, make sure he keeps his mouth shut. Your real punishment is to come home tonight and bring me two beautiful gifts. I mean, beautiful presents and see that you wrap them beautifully. No debate. Now Mr. Wayne can go to his office. Adios, Senior Wayne.”

[1] Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is a superhero in DC Comics. Created by Morton Weisinger and George Papp, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941).

[2] Spider-Man (Spidey, Peter Parker) is a Marvel Comics superhero. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962).

[3] Black Panther (T’Challa) is a superhero in Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966). Krilin appears in DBZ.

Saved by Your Life

Thursday, August 27, 2020


I have the power to dream whatever I want, getting to Jupiter, meeting the cartoon heroes and getting married to Darth Maul. These are my dreams in sincerity. Meeting the heroes is my ultimate dream and my imagination stops here. This is where the Lord takes over for He shows us things beyond our imagination and that will marvel me. That’s why I’m excited about this one and would give up my ultimate dreams for His Excellency. He is Le Tout Autre, and I believe His dream would beatify me more than what I mistakenly think my dream will.

I have lived in an illusion. The dream of releasing these songs, of releasing my books, of marrying Hollywood actors, of the charming prince, of meeting the cartoons have been one Genjutsu. Yet it has given me pleasure and I have been transported by these experiences. Those things were never meant to happen in reality but in the imagination. What is illusion and what is not? I had lived 37 years in my quarter and today I am in the white man’s country. What if this is an illusion and I would wake up and find myself in my room in the neighborhood like before? How is this reality when I can’t see the people I used to be with? You say it is reality meanwhile everything has changed? Every night I sleep, I dream that I am with my people and then I wake up, I am in this country. It might be I might wake up one morning and see that I am with my people. Then this would have been one big illusion that I am living.

That’s how I used to dream that I am with Chris Evans, in the United States, singing with Beyonce, being with Steven Seagal yet I woke up still in my room in the neighborhood.


Bruce Wayne’s story ended with the image of a child resting in his father’s arms. Once Bruce finished talking, everyone turned and looked at Captain Nootra. After hearing his story, they could now discern the tenderness of his person so openly portrayed in the Tales. Captain Nootra was revealed not only as the one chosen to uphold Civilization Nootra, but even more as a child who depended on his father’s affections for his happiness. Chris yearned to share that warmth he heard so much about in the past seven hours. He left the arms of Bruce Wayne and rushed into Steven’s, now revealed as the gentlest person in the world.

When Bruce Wayne first introduced the story as Tales of Captain Nootra, his audience mistakenly thought he was going to recount the exploits of this one. Surprisingly, those were the parts he left out. Instead, he narrowed it so that much of it was the father-son relationship and the ingredients that seasoned it. The one thing which kept coming up in the story was the son who was loved by his father making Steven’s life the life of someone who continually said yes to his father’s love. This response made him and Bruce, and those in their circle live a holiness, which was out of this world.

Monday, August 17, 2020


I used to be angry because of the injustices in the world to the point of despair. This would cause me so much sorrow that if sorrow could unalive, I would have been dead long ago. I don’t know how this is, but it happened that the suffering of the world affected me. This is not my suffering, but when I used to listen to the news and hear of the evil in the world, I began to feel pain. I would cry and be sorrowful. I believe in the Lord Jesus because He is the Savior of the World. No other man in history or religion has claimed this title. I pray to Him to save the world; this is what I require first and foremost of Him.

In Another Dimension, I present the picture of the world as I want it. It is a journey of eleven books and when we get to the final book, I present my ultimate vision of the world saved. This is my perspective of salvation, which also includes my prejudices. It is the utmost stage of salvation as far as my mind can conceive it. Today, I am happy the Lord is the Wholly Other; that He is not subject to my way of seeing things and even if I think I have the most sincere vision of humanity saved, He knows better. He holds the excellent view and I am glad salvation is not subject to my opinion.

Thursday, August 13, 2020


It was actually the first time Zach addressed this sensitive issue with his father. This one realized the maturity of his son, and he was sorry for what happened in their relationship.

Zach’s dad: “You’ve grown up already and I didn’t even notice it. Here you are, talking like a man now. I see I was wrong and many years have been wasted just because I refused to consider something I saw as foolishness which you clung to. I didn’t even try to understand you. Instead, I created a tug of war between us on the basis that if you didn’t accept my way of thinking, I wouldn’t show you love. I’m sorry I made life difficult for you, Zachary. I’m so sorry, my son.”

His father didn’t know what to do, as his error dawned on him as regards his relationship with his firstborn. But Zach was strong. He had resolved that matter a long time ago and there was no loss in his perspective.

Zach: “Dad, I have no regrets concerning the past. You and I have from today to eternity to live our relationship as it’s supposed to be. One thing you need to know; I’m Zach because you’re my father, and having believed that the Agape accepted me unconditionally, so I accepted you for I couldn’t be me if you were not my father.”

This appreciation of Zach on the nature of their relationship crushed his father. Zach showed that he held nothing against his father, even if this one hadn’t treated him with love. Seeing the helplessness of his father before the openness of his brother vis-à-vis their relationship, Chris took his hand, dragged him to Zach, and forced both to shake hands. When they were on it, the father gave in and hugged his son, something he hadn’t done for ages.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Newmeli Deathless: WITH THE FIRSTBORN

Newmeli Deathless: WITH THE FIRSTBORN:  I see the Lord in his glory And the train of his robe fills the temple Behold my eyes have seen his goodness Who has saved us for ete...


 I see the Lord in his glory

And the train of his robe fills the temple

Behold my eyes have seen his goodness

Who has saved us for eternity

I see the Lord high and lifted up

And the angels all round His Majesty

Behold the sons of God are on the throne

With the Firstborn we cry Abba

Abba, Abba Father

In the Spirit we cry Abba

Abba, Abba Father

With the Firstborn we cry Abba

Friday, July 3, 2020


How am I going to live? You say my purpose henceforth is to sing to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the angels are the choir that accompanies me in this chant. This angel whom I saw in the dream who has one foot on land and the other on the sea is also beside me and he accompanies me as I sing. The Seraphs cry Holy, Holy, Holy. The Cherubs worship with the Wheels, the Archangels and all the Host of Heaven worship you as I sing and they accompany me. The Son joins me as we sing to the Father. The Father joins me as we sing to Jesus, the ultimate love for He is the love of the Father, of the angels, of men, of creation, of everything that is. The Holy Spirit is the bond of love between the Father and the Son in whom I am.

Creation also worships as I sing, the earth, the heavens, the wind, space, the trees, the birds, the animals, the stars, the sun, the moon, nature and everything there is worship as I sing to the Lord. I don’t need an audience of men; I have already achieved my purpose of being here: I sing to the Lord. Henceforth, this is how I am going to live. The Lord has given me the purpose of being here. I don’t need to travel to the United States or to be at the Olympic Games. I have the greatest audience ever: the Lord is my number one fan and the mighty angels are here with all of creation.

Saturday, June 6, 2020


The Lord is the Wholly Other and I agree that He is totally different from me in terms of perspective. The things I uphold, my ideals and values are not His values and ideals. He is completely different from my worldview and I am thankful that He is nothing like me. He is not subject to my ego, to how I want things to be, to my opinion, to what I defend. He is Le Tout Autre. I have come to the end of myself, I have despised my thoughts, the words I speak, the values I defend; I have seen that these things are relevant only to me; they are not objective. I have included my prejudices in my beliefs and I hold an opinion of the world, which is proper to me, and which is subjective.