jeudi 7 juin 2018


Steven continued with his uncle until this one was called for duty. Each time the child and his uncle met, their communion released pleasant aroma seeing both had the same destiny, the smaller being the future of the bigger. Now Alexander Rogers was the fortieth Captain Nootra since the creation of the city. Like his predecessors, he took the office with lots of charisma though it came at a time when his peers were leaving the world. This long line of Nootra’s captains began with Captain Universe who moved from his home planet, torn apart by internal wars because of the failure of the inhabitants to discern their oneness.

With faithful companions by his side, Captain Universe went about the universe looking for a place to make a new beginning in the world. When he announced the founding of a civilization rooted in love, the Agape gave him the Nootra Shield as token for the realization of his dream. Captain Universe and companions traversed the cosmos, declaring their dream to all until they arrived on the planet, which would later become the city of Nootra. The shield illuminated the moment Captain Universe stepped his feet on Nootran ground, thus attesting it as the place the Agape wanted to raise their lofty civilization.
Planet Nootra was uninhabited prior to the arrival of Captain Universe and his peers. The globe was barren with no mineral or material resources for any human productive settlement. Yet at the contact of the shield with the ground, a dome enveloped the planet, transforming land and atmosphere. The globe witnessed a supernatural increase of all good things, from the lowest soil layer until the uppermost atmospheric sheet. A new world was born and Nootra became the most beautiful planet of Brave Galaxy. Three spatial bodies were attracted to its force and orbited around it. Captain Universe and his companions so founded Civilization Nootra, breeding ground of a people with no other principle in life than the love of the Agape towards them.

It was at his landing on Nootran soil that Captain Universe received the special abilities, which made him the first Captain Nootra. He was clothed with a unique form and vested with enormous power for the safekeeping of those he was entrusted with. This form wasn’t permanent on his body for he removed it at will. Yet it remained his for a period of a hundred years after which time he retired to the Chambers of the Divine. Then the office was transferred to another who wielded the Nootra Shield. The successors to Captain Universe took over the countless generations following his departure and protected citizens with unaltered zeal like the first Captain Nootra.

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