jeudi 22 mars 2018


Jeremy: “You may be right, Wally. From the way he’s looking at us, basic psychology tells me he wants to help but he may be shy to come near. We should motivate him. Hurry up, Mario; go talk to him.”
Mario: “Why me? Why do I always get to do the most difficult task in this group? You four are bullying me. I’ll report you to Cap.”
Shades: “The spoiled kid. I see you’re still the adorable little baby of your mother.”
Mario: “Repeat what you just said, Shades. You think you have more guts than me, huh? Why don’t you go talk to the watcher yourself? What are you waiting for, Shades? Don’t tell me the big guy scares you. Come on; prove for once that you have the grit.”
Shades: “What are you thinking, Mario? I’m going but if it turns bad, somebody use their faith to get me out of there ’cause I feel I have none right now.”
Jeremy: “Have you forgotten? Ryan said we didn’t need to have faith but to acknowledge that we have it since it isn’t our faith but that of the Agape, which is one hundred percent perfect. That’s what we use to change things.”
Shades: “Whatever you say, Jeremy; whatever you say. But promise you’ll only use the faith of the Agape for I don’t trust your faith a whit. Well guys, wish me good luck.”
Mario: “Denver, cover Shades in case Jeremy’s faith fails him.”
Denver: “Yeah, yeah, Mario.”
Jeremy: “If that’s how you want to proceed with faith, you’ll lose everything. With the faith of the Agape, there’s no plan B or second option: either it passes or it passes. Period! That’s what it means to trust Him.”
Wally: “Silence, guys; Shades is getting close.”

Broly was leaning against a tree and facing the direction of the children. He had been observing the boys for a while and everything they did aroused his curiosity. Like the previous day, the scene totally captivated him so that he forgot himself and watched them overtly. He followed their attempt to build the house and was sorry to see their clumsiness. He wished he could help but since they were more grown up than his teammates of Always One, he feared and dared not approach them. Now one of them was walking in his direction and not knowing what to do, he only stood up and watched him coming.

When Broly rose to his feet, Shades got the whole picture.

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