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ANOTHER DIMENSION: INFILTRATION: BROLY IN NOOTRA III: Starscream: “The fools. They think we will stick to the deal and give them Blur1 when we, Decepticons never keep our word. It serves them ri...

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My brothers and I were at the balcony taking air and looking at the sky like every time I am at the balcony. I always look at the moon, whom I used to conversed with in the past yet in recent years, I don’t usually come to be with it and so I used to apologize to it that I don’t come anymore to spend time with it.

I was sitting in a chair and my brothers sat on the mat on the floor. It was night but the sun was shining and we could see it. I think that was one of the abnormalities that happened in dreams where you’re persuaded of something happening in the dream but as you wake up, you realize it shouldn’t be so.

So though it was night, we knew it was the sun and we were looking at it. It was big and large, shining like the moon and we could see it clearly. Then we saw the shadow of the moon going around the sun yet not covering it entirely. The shadow of the moon was small and we saw it going across the sun close to the edges, not in the middle. We wondered and asked if there wasn’t going to be an eclipse.

I don’t know how it happened, but the shadow of the moon completely covered the sun and we saw how the sun was being overshadowed and the edges, which seemed to still lighten, were soon covered entirely and the sun was gone. It was totally dark for it blended with the night and it was as though nothing was in that place.
That was when my brothers and I realized that it was an eclipse. Nobody else, however, seemed to have noticed it. Everyone was doing their things in the neighborhood and since we were upstairs, I tried to shout the news
Me: “There’s an eclipse. Il y a une eclipse.”

I didn’t shout aloud for I was afraid since it wasn’t perceptible to sight. It was night and if anyone had not seen how the thing happened, they wouldn’t believe that the sun was there in the first place.

As I’m here writing, I wonder how I held back when such a phenomenon was happening. It was one of those certainties that I usually have in dreams. I’ve realized that in dreams, I don’t doubt or believe something; I’m just certain of everything happening. That’s how I was certain people would laugh at me if I shouted that there was an eclipse.

It was like in reality, I don’t shout anything in the neighborhood. I don’t say anything outdoors. When I get down, I go straight to my destination. When I am at the balcony, apart from conversing with my family, the moon, the stars, the clouds and the Lord, I sing. And when I’m transported, I sing aloud and can’t hold back. I used to not mind anyone because that gave me great joy. But now I’ve realized people might be disturbed, especially as I used to sing at night. So I communed with the Son.

I haven’t told you the strangest thing that happened in the dream yet. I still don’t know how it happened but there were two spherical bodies in space. It’s like the sun changed to planet earth after the eclipse and the shadow of the moon into another planet that resembled earth. We could see the shape of the earth as on the map with the blue waters and the continents. The other planet was also blue but we couldn’t recognize the shapes of the dry land; they were none of those we knew.

Both were headed for collision. The two bodies were coming towards each other being on the same trajectory. My brothers and I were sure it was the end of the world since if they collided, they would crash into each other. It was strange because we knew it was earth, the planet on which we lived and that whatever happened to it would affect us. Yet we didn’t find it strange that we were looking at it in the sky.
And so both planets came into each other but they passed each other somehow, without crashing; as if they were colored shadows crossing each other. Then each continued on its path and so there was no end of the world. My brothers and I were relieved and my sister came and we told her what happened and she wasn’t happy that we didn’t notify her when it was happening. But we had not been sure all along; we didn’t know if it was eclipse or not. That was when I woke up and a joy filled me because I saw an eclipse live. Then I taught I should write it down and relate it in a video.

There is a background to what happened. It was Sunday night, January 7, 2018. There was blackout in the neighborhood and I joined my mother at the balcony and we discussed together with my little sister. We were saying things like we want Jesus to return and free humanity from its suffering. People are stressed and not fine and if only the Savior would return, all our struggles would be over.

I would no longer strive to get readers for my book or struggle to realize my dream seeing Jesus is the satisfaction of all men. Nothing else would matter; eating, working all these would be gone for the Savior is here and we’re henceforth free from everything that used to plague us. It would be like those things had never been, for the satisfaction we get in the Son.

Then my mother told us a story of something that happened in the past. She heard it from her mothers. You know, in the villages in the past, one’s mother was not only their biological mother, but the mothers who were in one’s vicinity. So the mothers she was acquainted to were all her mothers.

Even the mothers of my father confirmed the story. That once in the past as everyone was in the farm working in the heat of the day, the sky opened under heaven and the day turned into darkness at that noon hour. Chicken were confused since the dark caught them in broad daylight and they hurried all about looking for shelter.
The villagers knew what an eclipse was and said it was when the sun and the moon battled in broad daylight. They said the moon would appear in the day and would want to take the place of the sun and so both would wrestle to see who wins. The sun would eventually win for after that brief moment of darkness in the daytime, sunlight would appear once again and the moon would go away.

Yet what happened on that day was not an eclipse. As the sky opened under heaven and the day turned into darkness, a tall man appeared in the opening and he was very black. The people saw him for many saw him since most of them were in the farms working.

Once they saw him, they cried out all at once. Everyone, wherever they were, shouted and the whole village yelled as one man. After they had shouted in this manner, the opening closed and the man disappeared and sunlight returned. The chicken came out of their hideouts again, puzzled.

That happened once upon a time in the village. My mother didn’t see it herself but she heard it from her mothers. And the interpretation they gave was that the world was going to end. But then the Son caused a shout to come out of the mouth of the people and when the world shouted as one, the phenomenon stopped and went away.

After my mother related this story to me, I remembered a dream I had when I was a kid. I used to say it in the past; now I don’t anymore. I was at the balcony facing the west side. Whenever we get to the balcony, we get to the west side since the breeze comes from there and there used to be no tall buildings obstructing the view. And so we used to look at the horizon, the sunset from that side.

It was also from that side that the school I attended as a child was found; and the church too. The place is Cinecam. Maybe because it was the direction in which the church was found, I used to gaze at that side often. In that dream as my eyes were in that direction, I saw a man tall with white garments and he was like standing one foot on the church. I could see him clearly even though our house was far away from Cinecam. I knew it was the Son. I think that’s one of the times I saw the Son in my dream.

That dream was to me like the passage in Revelation about an angel who was so tall and whose feet were one on the land and the other on the sea. But I had the persuasion in my dream that it was the Son, Jesus Christ, himself.

lundi 15 janvier 2018


I’m writing this because I want Chris Evans to notice me. I didn’t write it when I had the dreams some one, two years or so because I thought there would be a connection and he would know me. But since he wasn’t made aware of me, I have to seek to get his attention like this. I wanted to tell him in person but my feelings don’t get to him so I’m forced to look for him some other way. I don’t remember the dreams well. I decided to write them down so I don’t lose them completely.

The first dream happened like two years ago. We were in the lounge of our house and were like listening to one of the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith. It seemed we were the participants and there was a table where the speakers sat. Chris Evans was one of the people seated at the table, like he was one of the eminent guests. We followed what was being said and in the end, people began to appreciate the message. Each man stood up and gave his impression.

I don’t remember well but it was like I kept quiet while everybody talked; as is usually the case. I don’t speak up in a crowd. The thing in this dream is that Chris Evans called out my name and asked me to speak. He said something like
Chris Evans: “Margaret has something. Margaret, tell us what you have.”

Wow. I didn’t know Chris Evans knew my name. Yet when he spoke, the other eminent people listened to him and gave me audience. Then I stood up and gave my impression. It was an expose on life and immortality as I heard it from Dr Shawn Smith, how Jesus Christ abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.

I said, if something was abolished, it was obsolete and of no effect. Humanity had now put on immortality in that one died for all and so all died with him seeing all were in him. And then this one who died with all in him rose again and brought out of death the all that were in him. And since this one doesn’t die anymore seeing a man dies only once, the all that are in him do not die anymore for they died once in the one and now that he is risen, they live forever in him.

It wasn’t totally that that I exposed but it was on life and immortality. And my arguments were strong; worthy of all acceptance. And the people listened to me and Chris Evans too, and approved what I said. They too were of the same mind, only that it was I exposing what we all were persuaded of.
When I woke up from sleep, I was happy because Chris Evans called my name and that I exposed before him and all the eminent guests and people present on the fullness of the gospel of Christ – life and immortality to humanity in the one man Christ Jesus.

The second time I saw Chris Evans clearly in a dream was like in February 2017. My brothers and I were at the balcony that night and conversing about righteousness. My brothers said righteousness was everything. Our understanding of it was the thing. When you know you’re righteous, you don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to stress or lament about your life or the state of the world because you know that you’re complete, you lack nothing, you need nothing.

Then we remembered the passage that said the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. The kingdom of God was not in performance, observance or attitude. It is in what Jesus Christ accomplished for humanity without needing the assistance of anybody and giving it to everyone as gift, that is, righteousness.

I don’t totally remember what my brothers said but it was clear to us that night. And I went to sleep satisfied, knowing that I was complete and whatever I was looking for was already mine. Then when I fell asleep, in the second part of the night, I saw Chris Evans. He lived in an apartment and I met him at the stairway and he invited me to come in. The apartment was beautiful yet I know it has nothing to do with his house because when he bought that house in 2012, I said that was our house. But it wasn’t in our house that we were.

Other people were present and the one I identified was Tony Stark or Robert Downey Jr. He was seated in the lounge and Chris was going to the other rooms of the house and he wasn’t all the time with us. We conversed with Tony Stark about the issues of the world, how we wanted to save the world or something.

And we talked about the man Christ Jesus. Tony Stark seemed to know him very well and he was passionate when he talked about him. The thing I remember clearly from what he said is
Iron Man: “I wish Jesus Christ was my father.”

That puzzled me when I woke up because it isn’t common to hear people say they wanted Jesus as their father. Jesus is clearly distinct from the father and we call God our father but we hardly see Jesus as such. Then I remembered Isaiah calling him the everlasting father when he ascribed to him the attributes of wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of peace.

That brings Handel’s masterpiece to mind: for unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders and he shall be called, you know, what we listed above. So that was my clear second encounter with Chris Evans in a dream; or the little I can remember from it.

The third dream happened sometime still in 2017 and it was very close to what I would likely do when I meet him. It was surprising to me that in the other dreams, I didn’t tell Chris all that I would like to tell him presently. In the first, I was kind of shy to speak to him; afraid, intimidated.

It used to happen to me like that in the past when I was a fan of the twin brothers Ronald and Frank de Boer of Oranje. I had a dream where they lived in our building. It was the storey under ours. I knew they were there. I saw them going out and walking through the corridor to the staircase yet I didn’t talk to them whereas all that I wanted in the waking state was to meet them and tell them how that they are my favorite football players.

And so in the first dream, Chris my dream was seated in front of me yet I was afraid to talk to him. If he had not called me out and told me to speak, we wouldn’t have had any contact in the dream. And in the second, we met and he took me to the apartment, but he wasn’t with us all the time. He hardly participated in our talk. He would listen to Tony Stark say how much he loved the man Jesus, but I don’t remember what he himself said. Yet he was attentive and listened with reverence though going out and coming in.

In the third dream, however, I met him behind the scenes. I don’t know which backstage it was; a television’s probably. He was likely holding a show and he came there and was hurrying to go back. But I met him there. Then in my dream, I saw myself doing what I would likely do when I meet him.

I told him what he means to me, how I’ve longed for years to meet him, ever since I saw him as Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four. At that time, we didn’t know his name. Internet was rare and so my siblings and I called him Johnny. I came to know his real name only after some seven years. Even today, we still identity him as Johnny.

So I told Johnny how much I loved him. Everything I wanted to tell him, I told him and he listened to me till I said everything. Then I woke up happy that I told Chris Evans what I wanted to tell him. He knew what he meant to me and how that house he bought was our house. I don’t remember his response, but the fact that I told him my wish of being with him was the wish realizing. He had to hear it for it to be.

That’s why I want to get to him. I’m certain that when he learns about me and what I feel about him, it will be like I said it, like I want it, like he heard it. So if you know Chris Evans, please tell him about me. I thought my feeling would transcend space and get to him and tell him what I feel, but apparently, they haven ‘t. And he doesn’t even consider me on social media. Something doesn’t strike him; telling him that I’m here so he can get to me and we can write to each other.

The world didn’t turn out to be as I saw it in my childhood. In my childhood, I had high hopes for humanity. I believed in humanity. I wanted to see the advent of peace, righteousness, happiness for every man. I wanted the cartoon heroes to come and stay with us. I wanted to meet all the people I love. I believed my feelings would get to them somehow and they would come and take me home.

When I listen to the songs I used to love as a kid, we are the earth, power of the flame and those I composed, I cry because when I was I singing those songs years ago, I didn’t know the earth would be like I see it today. I sang, I prayed: famine is no more, leaders live in love, all the peoples of the earth’s happy, we live as brothers and sisters, whites and blacks of all religions, no wars, abundance of peace and the children are happy, none go hungry.

That was before year 2000. Year 2000, which in the 90s was seen as the dawn of peace for humanity, turned out to be the dawn of a new form of warfare, conflict. It started with the horrific event of 9/11 and that fashioned the beginning of the millennium and so the hopes for the 2000s disappointed. I had despaired until I heard Dr Shawn Smith speak of the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ. Then I believed again in the salvation of humanity.

My cartoon heroes haven’t come to me yet. But then a man played the Human Torch and then the iconic Captain Nootra and thus became the superhero that appeared in the world for me. I had waited for superheroes all my life and I realize they are in Chris Evans, Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm. Come to me, Chris and take me home.

Margaret Newmeli
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Batman était debout au-dessus des portes avec les bras croisés et il regarda les neuf enfants s'approcher. Fixant les yeux sur eux, il agita une main et les salua de loin. Il ouvrit les portes et leva ses yeux blancs vers le ciel. Il admirait quelques oiseaux qui s'étaient d'abord posés sur ses épaules et s’étaient ensuite envolés quand il a bougé.

Noah: "Il est génial, majestueux. Oh, mon, il est..."
Mario: "Trop ordinaire. Allons; ce n’est que Batman. Il est posté ici tous les jours à ne rien faire."
Zach: "Ce n’est que Batman? Mec, Batman est le super héros le plus aimé de tous les temps."
Lorsque Zach, Noah, Alan et Ryan étaient proches de l’héros, ils n'ont pas cessé de le regarder. Noah était presque hors de contrôle en le traversant mais Denver l'avertit de garder son calme. Les Terriens étaient tellement excités au sujet de Batman et leur attitude a surpris les Nootrans. Ils ont chuchoté l'un à l'autre en voyant l’enthousiasme de leurs nouveaux amis pour le héros en cape.
Shades: "Ils vont tout faire échouer."

Wally (chuchote aux Terriens): "Ressaisissez-vous, les gars. Batman n'est pas un amateur."
Ils avaient à peine franchi les portes quand Batman, qui était resté silencieux tout ce temps, fit une remarque en gardant les yeux sur les oiseaux.

Batman: "Qu’est-ce que Benjamin et ses coéquipiers ont-ils à voir avec la Bande du Dino Vert?"
Les enfants ont paniqué et ils ouvrirent la bouche et les yeux grandement en se regardant. Ils ont vite couvert leurs bouches avec leurs mains, de peur qu’un bruit suspect ne sorte et ne les trahisse. Shades n'a pas perdu du temps de trouver une réponse astucieux pour le héros.
Shades: "Nous sommes en finale alors nous avons pris goût au football récemment. Et nos champions ont eu la gentillesse de nous donner quelques leçons. Bats, ne vois-tu pas notre ballon? Denver, une petite démonstration pour notre héros."
Denver a joué avec le ballon et ils ont tous ri comme si ce qu'il faisait était drôle. Alors qu'ils continuaient leur chemin, Batman, qui avait maintenant ses yeux sur eux, se demanda à voix haute.
Batman: "Ça aussi c’est étrange. Comment Cesare peut-il être de si bonne humeur? Je ne me souviens pas t’avoir jamais vu sourire, sauf après avoir marqué un but."

Maintenant que ses yeux étaient sur eux, ce sont leurs cœurs qui ont tremblé. C'était le tour de Mario de duper le Chevalier Noir. Il tapota le dos du pseudo-Cesare en répondant l'inquisiteur.
Mario: "Eh bien, qu'est-ce que tu sais? Cesare a finalement compris que l'amitié valait plus que tout; n'est-ce pas, mon pote?"
Zach n'a pas aimé l’attitude de Mario et il l’arrêta avant qu'il ne fasse quelque chose de stupide.
Zach: "Garde tes mains pour toi-même."

Quand ils pensaient s’être débarrassés de lui, Batman appela.
Batman: "Et comment est-il possible que Papan se taise? Qui pourrait croire que tu garderais cette bouche fermée pour une fois?"
Ryan n'a pas paniqué mais a trouvé des mots que le véritable Papan utiliserait forcément pour répondre à ce qui était dit sur sa personnalité.

Ryan: "Bien, monsieur, ne pensez pas tout connaître sur les gens. Je pourrais parler beaucoup mais je sais comment me taire quand il le faut. Pour un silencieux, tu parles trop aujourd'hui, batty."

Les Terriens et leurs nouveaux amis ont déjoué Batman et ont ainsi traversé les portes de la ville. Ils ont tous soupiré de soulagement une fois à l’intérieur de la ville. Étant loin de la vue et de l'ouïe de Batman, ils pouvaient maintenant se révéler leur indignation. Mario était particulièrement furieux de la façon dont Zach a réagi lorsqu’il faisait son tour.
Extrait d’Une Autre Dimension : l’Amalgame Ultime

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: INFILTRATION: BROLY IN NOOTRA II: Megatron: “Galactus my former ally, what brings you here? What have you done to your new herald? I’m surprised he hasn’t obliterated you yet...