mardi 25 avril 2017


ANOTHER DIMENSION: 18. DELIGHTFUL EXCHANGES: It was a memorable day for Nootra and the galaxy. Their forces triumphed over the menace that had threatened them. The people came together ...

mardi 18 avril 2017


ANOTHER DIMENSION: BEING A HERO III: This extracted a loud laugh from all of them. Meanwhile, Alan was exploring the galaxy with the Silver Surfer. Sitting on the board of this ...

lundi 10 avril 2017


Ryan: “Earth calls you superheroes because in our illustrations, you’re depicted as beings with supernatural abilities, which we don’t have. And you use your superhuman strength to rescue people in danger.”

Tenshinhan: “You don’t need supernatural strength to rescue people. Nootra is unique with its supernatural abilities; that’s certain. Yet what about people who don’t have them? I think every planet should adapt to their situation and bring out the best in them to the world.”

Yamcha: “Being a hero is simply being at the service of people. You don’t need super powers for that. Anyone can be a hero if they have a heart to serve others.”
Piccolo: “Man is never contented with what is within reach. He always sees something lacking and thinks that’s what will make him happy. I have a message for planet Earth. When you get back home, tell your people, especially my fans, to stop looking for superheroes without but to find the hero within them.”

Tenshinhan: “This is what we do in Nootra. Not all of us have super powers. There are citizens without super powers and citizens with super powers. Yet all of us are heroes because we rescue one another, like today. We’re all responsible for Goku’s victory since we all contributed to it. Anytime you offer the least help to someone, you make them feel better, and that makes you a hero.”
Chaozu: “Tenshinhan is right.”

Dende: “You’re a hero Zach. You’re brave and courageous; and your speech was uplifting. It strengthened all of us and motivated even the least willing among us to unite and win as one. It’s like the entire universe heard you and approved what you said.”
Zach scratched his head for that compliment made to him in the presence of everybody disturbed him. He wasn’t used to being praised so he answered timidly.

Zach: “Well, I just said anything. I’m not good at talking before people, you know.”
Son Goku: “Zach, that speech gave me the courage to rise and fight for my friends. I don’t know if I would have done so without your faith. Those inspired utterances revived all of us. They couldn’t be mere words; I think they were spirits, which infilled us. They activated our faith and gave us the strength to still believe, irrespective of what our eyes saw.

‘Never forget this children: whatever word of love, of faith you offer people, you stir hope in them and this keeps them confident, and eventually changes their situation and saves them. That’s what being a hero is all about. Zach, if it were not for your words, the galaxy might be lost by now. Not everybody possesses the powers I have; but power is vain in itself. I have superhuman strength yet the faith of my friends and their trust in me determine my victory. You may call me your hero but to me, it’s all of you my heroes. I believe in destiny and now I know you came to this dimension to prevent the destruction of our world. Zach, you’re a true superhero.”
Son Goku stood up, walked up to Zach and offered his hand.

Son Goku: “Thank you Zachary. As of this day, you’re my friend. And you, standing as their representative, so are the people of Earth.”
Zach took his hand and they pressed each other’s hands warmly.
Zach: “The pleasure is mine Mr. Goku. I’m happy to have assisted you. I’m proud to be your friend and I know many are on Earth. There’s something I desire from you.”
Son Goku: “Anything buddy.”

Zach: “I want to challenge you to a duel.”
Dende: “Are you sure about that Zach? Do you think you can beat Son Goku?”
Zach: “Once I stop believing, I stop progressing. I came here to challenge the strongest man in my universe. Broly has skill, energy and power, but I don’t believe he’s the strongest because these elements have no value, as Son Goku said. It’s only when you use them to serve people that you become truly powerful, thereby giving meaning to these assets. They exist to serve man, otherwise they’re useless.”

Son Goku: “Well Zach, you don’t cease to impress me. I like the spirit animating you. No doubt superheroes are on Earth.”
Zach: “So what’s your response Sir?”
Son Goku: “Duel accepted. I’d be delighted to see what the Earth is made of. And if you’re good, I’ll stop there one day and challenge some of your fighters.”

Zach and the Earthlings were on top of the world because of this momentous exchange with Son Goku the Saiyan. When Son Goku finished with the Earthlings, he turned to his sons. He stroked the hair of Goten as he talked with them.
Son Goku: “Gohan, Goten, I’m proud of you. You do well when you fight for your friends and the universe like you did today.”
Gohan: “You taught us to do so dad.”

Goten: “We’re proud to have a father like you. You’re the best dad in the whole world.”
Son Goku: “If only that was true my champion. I haven’t always been there for you two. I’ve been busy fighting for the galaxy and have neglected my duties as a father. I can never be grateful enough to your mother for bringing you up alone. What would I do without my hero? She gave me adorable children like you Gohan, and you my clone. Come closer sons.”

Son Goku hugged his sons and promised them something.
Son Goku: “When I recover from these wounds, we’ll spend a lot of time together, and I will train you and your new friends. I can feel a lot of energy in the two of them.”
Those remarks Son Goku made about them elated Ryan and Zach. They knocked their chests against each other and jumped up and down in anticipation. Trunks, Goten and Noah joined them in celebration.
Yamcha: “Goku, here’s a Senzu Bean for you.”

Son Goku: “Thanks pal. You and Puar did a great job. Chaozu, you too were fantastic. Everybody did wonderfully well. It’s unfortunate Krilin isn’t here. I’d like all of my companions to surround me after a battle like this.”
Gohan: “Krilin remained in the city to protect it against our enemies who eventually turned out our allies.”
Tenshinhan: “Goku, maybe you should start training the kids now that you’ve recovered.”

This extracted a loud laugh from all of them. Meanwhile, Alan was exploring the galaxy with the Silver Surfer. Sitting on the board of this one, the young Earthling and his rider crossed many planets until they came to some remotest parts of the galaxy.

dimanche 2 avril 2017


There was jubilation in Nootra and Cybertron when Son Goku defeated Broly in the Battle of Agnam. Son Goku emerged victorious thanks to the people, animals, vegetation, objects and elements of his world. Galactus interfered in the battle and prevented Nootra’s champion from exterminating Broly. He swallowed the Legendary Super Saiyan and vowed not to threaten Cybertron if Broly was allowed to live in him and satisfy his hunger for energy. Son Goku was overtaken but he couldn’t stop the cosmic entity from recruiting his new herald who was an inexhaustible energy reserve in himself. Galactus left with Broly and this marked the end of the many combats fought on Agnam. Nootra, Cybertron and the galaxy had overcome so heroes and citizens celebrated with great joy.

Villains and heroes having fought alongside, it was time for the allies to congratulate one another and settle other matters.
Optimus Prime: “That was a good safe Megatron; though on considering, you’re the one who started all this. Still, this battle will be a landmark in our civilization. Friends and foes fought side by side and triumphed.”
Megatron: “Optimus, I never thought I could resort to such a thing like the one that just happened but when you’re a robot, there’s possibility you’ll witness strange occurrences in this world.”
Optimus Prime: “What about your troops posted in the environs?”
Megatron: “I have called back the Decepticons from Cybertron, the secret bases and the city.”
Optimus Prime: “Excellent. Today, we’ve been allies and it worked pretty well. Why not forget our differences and work together?”
Megatron: “Don’t get too excited about this Prime. You’re correct when you talk of today. I did what I did only for my own interests and those of the Decepticons. I have ambitions, which I couldn’t allow that kid to tamper with. Be sure you’ll hear from us soon; very soon. Decepticons and allies, retreat!”

Optimus Prime: “Goodbye old buddy. Yet know that if Decepticons come against Nootra again, the Autobots will be there to stop you.”
The Decepticons Soundwave and Astrotrain, together with their allies, Magneto and Apocalypse, followed Megatron and took leave. When the villains were gone, the heroes were left alone on the surface of Agnam. Noah finally had the opportunity to approach Vegeta. Noah was fond of the prince of Saiyans and now that she was standing close to him, nothing could separate her from her hero. She was in high spirits and though aware of Vegeta’s unfriendliness, she ran and fell on him with a hug.
Noah: “Vegeta at last. How I longed to meet you!”

Noah’s temperament embarrassed Vegeta; her affectionate gesture took him completely unawares. It was unusual for anyone to display their affection to him in that manner, and so he rebuked her.
Vegeta: “How impudent! What do you think you’re doing? Get off me.”
Instead of depressing, Noah was quite pleased with Vegeta’s reaction. She was reassured for she expected no other response from the true Vegeta.

Noah: “I knew you would say something like that. This proves you’re my Vegeta and no impostor. You look aggressive on the outside but deep within you is the heart of the prince you are.”
Vegeta: “Who’s this kid Trunks? I think I forbade you from giving information about me to people.”
Trunks: “Dad, this is Noah the Earthling. She and her friends are so keen on us in Nootra. They knew each one of us even before arriving here.”

Vegeta: “I didn’t ask for those details but take her away from me.”
Noah: “This is awesome! It’s Vegeta as I know him.”
No matter how hard he tried, Vegeta couldn’t drive Noah away. During this time, Son Goten took Ryan and Zach to Son Goku who was seated on the ground of Agnam. Emotions were running high as it was the first time these two would talk face-to-face with their hero. Goten introduced them to his father and Zach and Ryan met Son Goku.

Zach: “We’re privileged among the people of Earth to meet you Son Goku. Many love you on our planet.”
Son Goku: “I’m flattered that people from another dimension know me.”
Ryan: “Noah, Alan, Zach and I are happy to be here and to see all of you superheroes. Many would give much for that.”
Goten: “And you’ve given so much Ryan, your faith.”

Son Goku: “Wow! Is it by faith you’re here? I’ve always wanted to meet people who transgress laws restricting them from realizing their full potentials. Child, will you teach me some of your tricks one of these days?”
Ryan: “I’m honoured the champion of the galaxy admires me, a child from Earth. But Son Goku, these are no tricks as you know. I simply believe the Agape and things happen to me and my friends.”

Son Goku: “Don’t say ‘simply’ because faith in the Agape is the most powerful virtue a man possesses. It’s true stories circulate all over the universe about me but if you look carefully, you’ll notice I’m like everybody. I’m just someone who uses the gift he received exhaustively. And you know what child; I love doing what I’m doing, and I’m sure there are people like me on Earth. You and we aren’t different. Everyone just has to identify the area they thrive best and use its produce to save their people. The gift you’ve received Ryan is this faith, which brought you and your friends to this dimension. Only few people have that.”

Goku’s companions had walked to him and they followed what he and the Earthlings were saying. Some didn’t hesitate to comment.
Vegeta: “These Earthlings spend their time looking for people far away. Haven’t they got heroes and villains like we’ve got here in Nootra?”

Son Goku: “Vegeta, it’s a good thing to meet people from around the world. Me, I’d love to meet every single person in the universe. I’ve met billions already yet this is only the first time I meet people from Earth. There are trillions of trillions of people in the world and I want to meet all of them. We can learn a lot from people with different backgrounds. It’ll increase our knowledge and we’ll be able to live our best in the world.”

Vegeta: “There’s nothing any inferior people can teach me. Saiyans are the strongest race that exists. It’s useless meeting other people if they can’t make you stronger.”

Noah: “You’re my favourite among Nootra’s superheroes Vegeta.”
Son Goku: “Did somebody hear the Earthlings call us superheroes or is it just me who’s moved by it? That’s cool, eh? I’ve never come across people outside of this galaxy who appreciate us to the point of calling us like our citizens do - superheroes. It’s true Earth is fond of us.”