dimanche 26 mars 2017


Son Goku walked up to Broly while he lay weakened on the surface of Agnam. On reaching him, he lifted up himself a little above the ground and floated over the fallen warrior. Son Goku addressed his nemesis.

Son Goku: “Broly, you’ve threatened the people for the last time. Nootra doesn’t want the enemy killed but I’m obliged to go against that will today because your very existence is a menace to the galaxy. You’ve threatened us these three times and if it hadn’t been for benevolence, this part of the world would have been wiped out long ago.

‘I don’t know how you attained such a power level, but it’s all over today. How beautiful it would have been if you had used your strength for the good cause! You’ve been endowed with a wonderful wealth of energy, which not even a galaxy can supply. You stand unrivalled, unmatched, unlimited in combat. Yes, you’re the strongest Legendary Super Saiyan the world has ever seen. Saiyans can be proud their race produced such a formidable fighter who stands unsurpassed in the art of combat. Once or twice, I had this pleasant dream of seeing you and me fighting side by side. Broly, you’re a phenomenon and I would lie if I said I never envied you.

‘But the madness of revenge, the poisonous venom, blinded you and you used this fantastic strength for nothing profitable. Instead of helping people with that reserve of energy, you used it for destruction. You’re a king among Saiyans and would have reigned if you had helped a people with your gift. But you wasted your life trying to harm me and my family. I’m sorry but I’ll have to eliminate you for good and you won’t hurt the people I love again.”

When Son Goku finished this farewell speech to Broly, he lifted up his hand, which illuminated from the concentration of energy. When he brought it down again to deal Broly the deathblow, Galactus intervened and swallowed the Legendary Super Saiyan.
Galactus: “I won’t allow you to destroy such limitless energy reserve. Broly will live in me and supply me with the energy of a galaxy.”

Son Goku stared nervously at Galactus, and shouted aggressively.
Son Goku: “You don’t know the power of Broly Galactus. He’ll destroy you someday and come back to threaten the universe. We have to close this chapter permanently.”

Galactus: “I refuse. I helped you and you owe me one, and this is it. You’ll be surprised to see me do more. I spare your friends and break the barrier for my Silver Surfer to cross to his own galaxy. Even my other heralds are free. I don’t need them anymore now that I have a wealth of energy in Broly. I also dissociate myself from Megatron’s goals. You won’t be in my way Goku, dare you?”

Galactus looked straight at Son Goku and Son Goku glared at him in return. While his eyes were on Galactus, Son Goku noticed someone standing in one of Galactus’ eyes. It was Broly in his normal form. He was restored after bathing in the energy flowing within Galactus’ armour. He stood there looking at Son Goku. Then he turned his eyes to the other warriors present on Agnam. Son Goku got ready, thinking a third round of the fight was inevitable.

Surprisingly, when Broly transformed into Legendary Super Saiyan, his eyes produced irises. They were blue like the view of Earth from space, and beautiful like Nootra from Agnam. He said something to Galactus and this one turned around and flew away from the fighters. Galactus and Broly left together to the remotest parts of the galaxy. As they were going, Broly turned to look at Son Goku with those sparkling eyes full of life. Son Goku stood there watching. He didn’t stir as the two drifted away from his sight.

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