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ANOTHER DIMENSION: 8. L4, THE SECRET BASE: Ryan, Noah, Zach and Alan were living the miraculous as a result of their supernatural presence in Nootra, home world of comics’ heroes. The...

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: 7. FIGHTING IN THE FOREST: A battle opposing the Alliance to the villains was being fought in the Forest. These combats started when the villains attacked Gohan and hi...

mercredi 13 juillet 2016


Come read Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam free on my site. This book shows the various cartoons and animes heroes in a dimension where they exist for real. All of them are here: Son Goku, Naruto, Batman, Superman, the Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Thor and you name the rest. Five teenagers supernaturally reach this world and they see their dreams realize as they meet their favourite heroes.

Another Dimension is a project of many books. The Ultimate Amalgam is the first in the series. It’s so revolutionary, so profound, so committed to all the causes of our generation. This is my contribution to peace for humankind. I want to see people happy but this is my dilemma, I have no power to save the world. How can you say you care when you’re powerless? Yet it would be a lie if I said I don’t just because I can’t help.

I’ve carved all my good intentions in this book; all I believe in, all I hope for, my dreams and aspirations. I can only write my ideas yet if someone reads them and they feel good, I’d be glad to have served something in this world. I’d be glad to have impacted someone and placed a smile on their face. Is this only how far I can help?

I want to draw the attention of the world on Another Dimension. Help me by telling your friends about it, or recommending it to your circles. It would be funnier when we discuss it with many people. Let’s make it best reader if we can’t make it best seller.

Will you please read my book? Please, please, please? I’m not that transparent, am I? Contact me after reading and tell me what you think.
Margaret Newmeli

Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam (ANDTUA) by Margaret Newmeli is a book relating the story of Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, who grew up believing that cartoons are real. These 4 teenagers intrude into an airship and are accidentally projected into outer space. Destiny leads them to the world of their dreams where they meet their favorite heroes: Denver the Last Dinosaur, Batman, Ninja Turtles, Goku, Vegeta, Tarzan, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Autobots, X-Men, Superman, Broly, Thanoseid, etc. ANDTUA brings all cartoons’ and animes’ heroes in one world. Super powers, fantasy, humor, debates on questions of human existence are its subjects. It’s friendship, family, identity, purpose, villains, heroes… the sacred blended with the secular to produce the masterpiece which is MAN. In ANDTUA, we believe in a world where the dreams of the child we all are are realized. For adults & children.

Another Dimension is a project of writings and songs with the aspiration to have animated movies. I am looking for partners so that this dream may reach as many people as there are. You can partner with me by recommending it to the people in your circles. You can equally buy the printed copy of the book at or an eBook at I would be grateful for your support. I am currently developing the sequel to this wonderful adventure. This is our project. I am one of you and together with you we’re changing the Earth with our revolutionary endeavors. We won’t stop until we touch our dreams so hang on.

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Be transported to the world of your wildest dreams as you read. Thanks. Margaret Newmeli Tel: 00237 699 55 85 57 / +237 670 55 24 15

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: 6. REINFORCEMENTS: Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, four teenagers from planet Earth, found themselves in the world of cartoons and comics’ heroes. They made friends...

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: 5. NIGHT IN THE FRIGHTFUL FOREST: 5. NIGHT IN THE FRIGHTFUL FOREST Noah, Ryan, Zach and Alan ventured into the home dimension of cartoons and comics’ heroes - the city of N...