lundi 13 juin 2016


Generally, people seem to be afraid of bliss or to enter a state of bliss. People may have all things they desire but they’re still sad like there was some ecstasy in sadness. The fear of losing something makes one sad though they are with what they want. People could enter bliss using psychedelics but the government doesn’t allow that. Some say Yoga procures a powerful bliss yet some are still afraid of that bliss.

A lady prayed and was filled with joy, rapture but she was afraid of that. Some people think they have to sacrifice, live difficult things, strive, and suffer as if they don’t want to live rapture in this world. We knew this bliss when we were kids and we’re still in it; it’s before us. But why can’t we live it again: are we afraid of it?

Some masters say we shouldn’t bet on the bliss, and call other disciples bliss junkies, meaning those who entered the path just for that reason. The question is what are we looking for in this world? Isn’t it bliss? How can we stigmatize those who live in search of happiness? Isn’t happiness the what all men desire? Society supposes a dignity, or honor in suffering, misery or hard work.

Why? Those things are negative, and no man wants them willingly. Man’s bliss is what all governments, religions, economies and institutions should be promoting, instead of restriction, frontiers and fear.

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