jeudi 23 avril 2015

ANOTHER DIMENSION: Best MAC Super Villain – Series

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jeudi 9 avril 2015

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mercredi 18 mars 2015

ANOTHER DIMENSION: Best MAC Artist/ Penciller – Series

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lundi 5 janvier 2015


Happy New Year 2015. May every one of us be conscious this year that we are the beloved sons of God; the one in whom the Father delights. We are aware this year that each and every one of us on this earth is loved by the Father in the Son and our awareness of this fundamental truth heals the creation. Creation at long last has seen the yearning of her heart, even the manifestation of the sons of God on earth. Friends, fans, readers, do not be afraid to say to yourselves boldly and with confidence this year that you are the beloved son of God, the one in whom the Father is pleased, the one the Father cherishes for you are the son God has always wanted. You are perfect in His eyes, you are righteous as God Himself is righteous, you are holy, not because of anything you do but simply because you share this Father-Son relationship with him.

Welcome to the year of your ruling together with Christ. As He is Lord over all, so also are you lord over all in Him. This is good news my friends and it is so good because our Father loves us. If we had thought otherwise in the past, we won’t as from this year 2015. Christ Jesus is our relationship with God and what is true about Him is equally true about us.

The Good News before the Good News is that the Father, who is the lover, loves the Son who is the Beloved in the bond of love who is the Holy Spirit. The Father placed all men in the Son and now all men are His beloved because they are in the Beloved. There is therefore no way the Father can love Jesus without loving us since we are in Christ, and I mean all men, not a few, not only the Christians for Christ Jesus did not come to earth to save certain people in a religious group. Jesus Christ the Savior came to save the World, meaning every man that has ever existed, every man that exists and every man that shall ever exist. This is the universality of the gospel: it is all inclusive and no man is excluded. How is this possible? With Love all good things are not only possible but they are true. What is impossible is that Love cannot produce anything other than good. And God is love.

Who is this God; what is He? He is the Father who is in love with the Son in the union of the Holy Spirit. This is God: the lover, the beloved and the love. This is God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And He loved so much that He created us to include us in this love which overwhelms Him. Christ Jesus did not become a man to take away our sins. Christ Jesus became a man so that the Father may place all men in the Son so as to make all men sons of God. Now that we are in the Son, the Father is in love with every man, the same as He is with Jesus Christ. Who is God? He is the Father who is in love with His Son, who is Man, in the union of the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing the Father wants from us, there is nothing the Father asks from us except to know ourselves as His sons. That is the desire of His heart. He called Jesus His Beloved and now that He placed everyman in Him, every single man in this world is equally what Jesus is to Him. This is our conviction and our constant consciousness in 2015: “I am the beloved son of God and my Father is pleased with me. Full stop.”

Christ would have still come even if Adam had not sinned. This is because the purpose of his coming was not to resolve the sin issue, even thought he did resolve it. The purpose of his coming was to make man son of God and this happened when the Son of God took on flesh and reconciled both God and Man in his human body. Now the union between God and Man has been made perfect in Jesus Christ who is truly God and truly Man and since in him is every man, every man now is Son of God.

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