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While these things were happening, Zach was at home with his younger brother. Chris was the only one in the family who believed his big brother’s adventure in Nootra. The child went to his brother’s bedroom every evening to listen to him talk about Nootra and the friends he met there. That particular evening, Chris was with his brother as usual and this one was telling him of their adventure in Nootra. Zach was narrating the story Rahan told them when they spent the night in the Frightful Forest. At the end of the tale, Chris asked his brother a favour.
Chris: “Niisan, take me with you the next time you’re going to Nootra. I want to meet Captain Nootra and his friends.”

Zach: “I can’t do that Chris for you’re still a child. Mom and dad won’t allow you to take such a journey.”
Chris: “But you did it without their permission and they weren’t that mad at you.”
Zach: “My case is different. I’m grown up and you know dad and I aren’t the best friends in the world. On the other hand, you are everything to him and he won’t forgive me if I took you to Nootra.”
Chris: “I don’t understand why it’s different. You may not be the best friends in the world but I know he loves you. There’s only a misunderstanding between you two and I haven’t yet succeeded in making all things right.”
Zach: “It’s not your fault Chris. You needn’t worry about that.”
Chris: “You say I shouldn’t worry when the people who mean everything to me are tearing themselves apart each day? Zach, I want you to believe that dad loves you the same as he loves me; and everything will be so, I promise.”

Zach turned his face away from his little brother for what he was asking was impossible for him to do. He and his father had not started on the right foot and that was as long as he could remember. It was a situation that had persisted from his childhood until the present. He felt a sense of injustice when he saw the privileges his younger siblings enjoyed which privileges were not shown to him when he was their age. Yet that didn’t stop him from loving his siblings and especially Chris who he considered the best gift his parents gave him. As for his father, he wasn’t mad at him anymore. He had come to understand that there were certain things that happened of which there was no explanation and over which no one had power. He had asked questions why it had to be that the person he was supposed to be closest to, even his father, was the one who appeared as his adversary in the world.

Though he was badly hurt by that situation and couldn’t see the end of it, it still happened that he sometimes gave thanks. As Ryan told him, whether they liked it or not, the things that happened to people contributed to the shaping of their character and the fashioning of their personality. Yet it was them to choose whether those things fashioned them for better or for worse. It was not the situation to determine its outcome but the people were the ones to determine the outcome of the situation. And there was one thing they always had to be conscious of – that they had mastery over the course of their lives. Zach understood that the most important thing one had to do in any of such situations was not to consider oneself a victim otherwise one’s life might take a course of perpetually blaming the other for the wrong they did. Ryan told him that when people gave thanks and continued living without offence, they were redeeming the situation and making it right irrespective of what it appeared on the surface. That would prevent the tragedy of suffering loss since they would have never allowed themselves to be victims of the situation. This knowledge made Zach live the best of him and be unvictimized despite the nature of his relationship with his father.

But what his brother wanted him to do at that hour was beyond him. Just like his father, he would not expose Chris to any danger because he loved him. He was prepared to venture on a risky journey himself but he would not allow his beloved brother to take any risks. The affections of his father towards Chris were the same as his affections for the boy. That was how he knew his father loved Chris more because he too loved Chris more. Yet Zach could not grasp the totality of the picture for a sibling’s love for their sibling was nothing compared to a father’s love for his son. The love of a father was what gave life to a man and consequently made this one his son. And tragedy was inevitable when a father failed to be what he was to his son.

Excerpt from Another Dimension 2 by Margaret Newmeli (in production).
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