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There were equally painful moments in their tour around the world. That happened when they came to places where men were fighting themselves. They tarried in one of the zones of conflict and the children were saddened by what they saw. Two opposing camps were fighting each other with arms and to these enlightened children, the situation was the same as a man fighting himself. They took cover on the surrounding rock and watched the horrible scene with great sorrow in their hearts.

Noah: “Surfer, can’t we do anything to help these people? Maybe we can stop this war.”
Silver Surfer: “Heroes are found, not only in our dimension, but in every planet, galaxy, and world. There are superheroes on Earth but they are not like the Nootrans because they are not Nootrans but Earthians. Piccolo warned me not to intervene in anything I see on Earth even if they appear as injustice. People with powers like us are not found on this planet so if a superhero showed himself and helped the people, he would be seen as a saviour and the people would rely on him instead of the Almighty. Yet he would only be a man who would not be able to save them for as long as the people don’t see themselves as one, they’ll still consider that they are different from each other and will be fighting themselves.”
Chris: “But you have the Power Cosmic Surfer. You can end this war with it in a second.”

Silver Surfer: “Little one, the battles we are fighting in our world are not like those of Earth. Villains in our dimension have super powers and that’s why heroes are using the same for combat. But this activity of fighting is not the primary function of super powers. From the little history of Nootra I received, it is said that their ancestors didn’t possess superpowers from the outset for the worlds they migrated from were like yours now. It was in Nootra that the supernatural manifested. Once they received those gifts, they used them to make their lives livelier until some men started using them for evil. These men applied the powers for what they were not intended for: to dominate people who were less powerful than them. It was to counter the activities of these men that superheroes appeared. Yet it’s not super powers that make a man a hero, it is his heart. There are men on Earth who have the heart of rescuing others. It is to them the Almighty has given the mission to solve the problems of the Earth. You are among those people children.”
Ryan: “Mr. Fantastic asked us to discover where we failed but it’s the most controversial issue among our people. There has been a widespread misunderstanding of the message and I don’t know where we are going to begin to correct this. However, there are people who are living the message and spreading it out so that ignorance may be wiped out for the Earth to walk in complete victory.”

Silver Surfer: “The Earth must get there Ryan for these people are fighting each other out of ignorance. Ignorance means not knowing the message for the message gives us the understanding of seeing ourselves as one with the Almighty and with every man. Nothing can account for a man to want to hurt another except ignorance. The Earth possesses the supreme knowledge which is the knowledge of the Almighty and in that knowledge is the power to change the heart of a man. All this disaster you see comes from the minds of ignorant men and it is ironical because they are convinced that they are doing the right thing. No man would deliberately go for the evil with the sheer motivation for being evil. His conscience cannot permit him to do that. Yet whatever they give as justification, they must know this one truth - we have not been born to destroy, to rob or to kill. We’re here to live the good life the Almighty has become for us in the Son. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. What matters is that the people of Earth live in peace, security and fulfilment. That can only be achieved when they see themselves as one people.”

Ryan: “I’m mad at many governments including mine in Aven. They waste large sums of money for space programmes which sometimes fail and on propaganda about nothing, like a game of fear. I don’t see how we can run after the future when we haven’t fed and sheltered everybody today and given them the true content of the message.”
Silver Surfer: “This notion of countries, kingdoms, nations on the same planetary body is not the best system for humanity. Comparing it with what Nootra is doing, I see we had it all wrong separating people who live on the same planet into nationalities. This notion automatically promotes division and makes people unconcerned about the situation of their own people simply because they do not belong to the same country. Worst still, it sometimes makes them think they have to be better off than others. This will inevitably lead them to rob other people in order to give comfort to ‘their’ people.”

Noah: “What you’re saying is pertinent silver head. When we went over the globe, there were no cuts between countries. Where then do the frontiers and restrictions of movement come from? I think the mind of the Almighty in creating the Earth without any demarcation is to tell us that the planet belonged to every man who found himself there and that being on Earth meant we could go everywhere we want. This notion of separating us into groups attempts to ruin our freedom but with the knowledge of the Almighty, we’ll break every barrier and live our fullest everywhere in this Earth which the Almighty has given to every man.”
Ryan: “Yea Noah. Every man living on Earth is one people. It’s not because we have been sectioned into countries that we are different from each other. The people of Earth derive from a common ancestor, even the Almighty, and the bond between us is strengthened as we see that.”

Silver Surfer: “Hearing you children talk like this gives me the persuasion that the Earth will solve these crises. I believe there are people like you all over the globe that have this love of seeing the world saved. Nobody should remain unconcerned even if it’s one person on Earth that suffers. Every man has to live whole, fulfilled and cheerful in the peace of the Almighty and at the same time be committed to the mission if there is yet a single thing that needs to be transformed into good. Earth is populated by superheroes of its own because you have in you that knowledge that transforms everything into good. I assure you children that the beautiful ones are already born and are here in our midst. And in just a little while you’ll see them rise up from among your people.”

Alan: “Silver, maybe we can do something for this particular conflict since we’re here. What if nobody in this land has the power to influence the people in authority? Shall we leave them to destroy each other when we’ve got the power to stop them?”
Zach: “We cannot stop the war with our fists but we can smash up their weaponry. I just hate to think that instead of using the money we have to save people by giving them food and drink, we rather use it to produce guns and bombs. This is the greatest folly in the world and I’d be proud to take part in a little sabotaging.”
The Silver Surfer agreed to Zach’s suggestion and they came up with a plan to destroy the weaponry of the two camps. There was a warehouse in the area which was guarded on all sides by soldiers. That was where was stored the arsenal of one camp. The Silver Surfer, Zach and Ryan left Alan, Noah and Chris on the rock and went for an operation they called ‘Passing the Message’. The three came stealthily from the sky and got into the warehouse without anybody noticing them. In that warehouse was found the most immoral things in the world: bombs, missiles, guns, grenades, knives and arms. These things showed the dark side of man for he used his wealth in ignorance to create tools for destruction. Such a custom resulted from fear, the most deceptive of emotions. This fear in man which stirred him to produce weapons was founded on the erroneous belief that a man like him wanted to harm him. So to have a sense of security, he invented destructive gadgets which he intended to use against another man. The presence of these weapons in themselves insinuated the evil for their existence connoted to harming a man who was the most precious being in creation.

Excerpt from Another Dimension 2 by Margaret Newmeli (in production)
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