mercredi 8 janvier 2014


This year has been declared by Dr Shawn Smith of Gospel of Christ Ministries as the year of operation Kubernesis which is Operation Sons at the Helm. This means that the sons of God, being the heirs of the world, have been given the responsibility of taking care of the world. Jesus Christ is the heir of the world for he is the seed of Abraham to whom God gave the world. Now that we are in Christ, we partake of everything that is his and so we are the heirs of the world. The world is the planet, its systems, its resources, its inhabitants, its organization, institutions, everything that is found in creation.

The gospel says creation is waiting and groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God on the earth so that they might liberate it from bondage, corruption and vanity. Creation was subjected to vanity not of its own accord but by the will of the one who subjected it in hope. If the things in the world are not serving their purpose, it’s not because they want it so but they were forced into servitude at the fall of man. But now that the Son of God has redeemed man, we are free but creation is still in bondage by the fact that it is not yet serving the purpose of Christ. That is the reason why there is evil in the world. The flaw is not in the world, its systems, resources, banks, governments, institutions, inhabitants; the flaw is in the way they have been directed to act so that instead of serving the good cause, they serve the evil. The purpose of the inhabitants of our planet was never to fight each other; the purpose of governments or politics was never to create wars; the purpose of industrial development was never to pollute the earth and provoke catastrophes which harmed people. Creation is not willing to serve the cause of evil and it is groaning because it is not fulfilling its purpose of existence.

That’s where we the sons of God come in; we the heirs of the world in Christ. What is the purpose of possessing the world? It is to remove it from harm, from evil, to take care of it, to tend it and give it the purpose of its existence. Each and every one of us has a world in which we belong; it’s there we are to operate and remove everything we find which is not serving the purpose of Christ. We give it purpose by removing it from evil and make it enter into our glorious freedom. This is not the time to complain about ourselves, whether our projects are working or not; it’s not the time to cry when we may ponder upon ourselves and maybe see the miserable conditions of our lives. We are now responsible and just as parents who care for their children, we too are called this year to be responsible towards creation for it is our inheritance and it is groaning and only we can save it by virtue of the fact that we have been saved in Christ Jesus.

The time of maturity has come through this mission that has put us at the helm of our world so that we are seen by all and we cannot show any form of weakness by pondering over ourselves. For in truth, we are the heirs of the world and all things are ours presently and tomorrow has nothing in store for us for we are in Christ, in whom is the fullness of God bodily. And whatever we may consider as our dreams is nothing compared to what Christ wants to bring to the world. His dream surpasses ours by far for even after our dreams were fulfilled, we realized they were not the ultimate.

The ultimate is the dream of the Father; the mystery which he has revealed to us by His Spirit that in the fullness of the dispensation of time, he may gather all things in heaven and on earth under one head, even Christ Jesus. As long as there is anything in the world that is not subject to the lordship of the man Christ Jesus, it has not yet fulfilled its purpose. And the sons of God have risen up on the earth to remove it from harm, to take care of it like a mother takes care of her child and give it its purpose of existence by bringing it under the lordship of Jesus Christ so that it produces good everywhere, every time and for everybody.

Sons of God, we’re not to stay back this year. There is a prophecy concerning my country which consists of a massive conversion of people to Christ and I know it is the same for your country. This is the rising of the glorious church; the perfection of Jesus Christ shall be seen in our lives according to the words of the man of God. It is not forever that people shall be denied; it’s not because the evil has persisted that it shall be perpetuated for ever. We remove the evil from our worlds and we introduce them to their purpose of existence by their entry into our glorious freedom.

We are free because we were chosen by grace to confess the lordship of Jesus over our lives; that’s where the freedom of man lies and the freedom of creation is it coming under the lordship of Jesus, its creator and heir. We shall not complain even if things appear to us otherwise for we know that as He is so are in this world. We will not trust in what our eyes see but in Him whom we believe and who has said that all things are ours presently, though they may appear otherwise. For the truth is that we are the heirs of the world and that’s how our walk, our talk, our thoughts and our confession shall be throughout this year that the Father has placed his sons at the helm of our worlds.

Margaret Newmeli inspired by the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith

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