dimanche 10 novembre 2013


Wishing myself life and immortality
For as the prophet said
I am the generation of regeneration
And every day that passes by, I get younger and younger
Somebody sang Forever Young
That was also prophetic
For we are redeeming chronological time
with the power of His Word
So join me in wishing yourself life and immortality
for can't you see already
that the time has come
for the manifestation of this undeniable truth
that He has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality
to life through the gospel
Yea, we're living to experience these great things that have been announced to us
and that we also have believed
Yea, we are actively involved in it
by speaking forth His Words the same as He Himself has spoken
For the emergence of the new world
where all weapons have been stripped out of the hands of men and burnt down
where every rebellious ground produces the harvest of its season
where the dreams of the child that we are are made visible before our eyes
where our slums and ghettos are transformed into the beautiful gardens of our dreams
where no man feels any form of pain or sadness
where there is no more suffering
where corruption has disappeared from the face of the Earth
For we are the people who have not been denied
We are those who have not been rejected
For in the Son, the Father has accepted us
In Him, He has given His divine Yes
to each and every one of us
Fully equipped with this confidence that He's for us
we don't stop declaring His victory over time and place
over the cosmos and anything that might stand as opposition to us.
We are the generation of regeneration
and soon it shall be made evident to us
for us and through us
that mortality has been swallowed up by immortality
and that all tears have been wiped away from every cheek
and that the superheroes are among us
as well as the ones we thought we had lost to time
Wishing myself and you life and immortality
which the Son of God has already secured for us
and now He is seated and joyfully seeing the benefits of His work
become our vital experience
His own reward, His recompense and His joy
is man happy
For in our victory, our happiness, our rapture
Jesus, the Christ of God, the Lamb that was slain
receives the just recompense of His sacrifice

Happy life and Immortality Margaret

Written by Margaret Newmeli, inspired by the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith.
More here Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam http://ar.gy/58tJ
Dr Shawn Smith: www.drshawnsmith-org

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