dimanche 9 juin 2013


The Father saw His Son and loved what He saw. He saw His reflection in His Son and had faith in what He saw. Now that I am in the Son, He sees me and loves what He sees. He sees His reflection in me and has faith that I am truly His son. For His Son, even my Lord Jesus Christ, has done it all so that I receive the fullness, the totality of God in me. As He Is, So am I in this world. When He appears, I will have confidence; for I will see that He and I are one and the same. For He has loved me even before the foundation of the world and has placed me in the One His soul delights in, even in His Son Jesus.

I am overwhelmed, overcome; this love is beyond me. It is has shaken my world and left me with tears of awe. Now I know that I am the reason for everything. It's because of me that He created the world, nature, elements, animals. It is because of me, a man who walks the earth who is in Christ, that everything exists. This revelation fills me with joy unspeakable for my eyes have been opened to see that the Father loves the Son and has given Him all things. I am in the Son of God and my Father loves me and has given me all things.

i got this revelation through the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith. Christ, the Lord, has sent His son to declare these things to our generation. This is the rising of the glorious Church of Jesus Christ; this is the eradication of evil; the transforming of all things into good. We have seen the beauty of existence: the Father's love for His Son in the Holy Spirit. This is the gospel, the perfection of beauty.