lundi 8 avril 2013


Adam was the prefigure of the one who was to come. Adam was a type, the man, whose actions defined every man. But Adam was not the intent of God. His role was to announce Jesus Christ. For as in Adam, all were made sinners, so shall all be made righteous in Christ. For Adam’s actions determined the condition of every man. All men died because of the sin of one man. Adam was the man whose actions defined all men. Now Christ, the last Adam, has destroyed the first Adam. Every man is defined by who He is and what He did as THE MAN who stood as every man. By the righteousness of one, Jesus Christ, shall all reign in life. As Christ is, so is every man. if you want to know who you are, what is the meaning of your life, what’s your destiny, get the revelation of Jesus Christ through the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith and tell me this is the best news you’ve ever heard.

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