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What did you do to become a sinner? Nothing.
How many sins do you have to commit to be a sinner? None.

You needed only to be born by a man to be a sinner.
Anyone who’s got a biological father is a sinner.
It’s not because of the sins he has committed.
He was just born that way.
The seed of his father contained a nature, not human, but sin
And that sin nature was transferred to him at his first birth.

What did you have to do be called righteous? Nothing.
How many good deeds did you perform before you became righteous? None.

You needed only to be born by God to be righteous.
Anyone who believes in Jesus and confesses Him as Lord is righteous.
Not because of his righteous deeds
He was just born again.
The seed of God, Jesus Christ, contains a nature, not human, but righteous
And that righteous nature was transferred to him at his second birth.


How does this born again come about?
Jesus Christ, the gene of God, comes in and dwells in you
and gives you the nature of God
And you become a son of God

Everything He is, you are
Everything He has, you have
If you want to know who you are presently
If you want to know your identity
Look at Jesus, because He’s your only life


You died when Jesus died
You paid the punishment for your sins on the cross
For it is impossible to judge a crime in the absence of the criminal
To believe in Jesus as your saviour is to believe in Him as your substitute
You were present in Him 2000 years ago at Calvary
And when He was judged by the Father for your sins
He was standing as you
And the Father saw you and judged you for your sins
The wages of sin is death
So you died and YOU paid the full penalty of your sins
But that was a painless death for you.
Since the pains were felt by your saviour, your substitute, Jesus Christ.
If God should judge you again for your sins
That would be double-jeopardy and outright injustice
A man cannot be punished twice for the same crime.


You now live though you died
How is that possible?

It is because Jesus Christ your substitute rose from death
And He came and dwelt in you and revived a dead man
Now He lives in you as your only life

You’re presently the New Man in Christ
The unprecedented species that was unforeseen from the time the world began
No one knew such a species could exist
God kept this in his heart until 4000 years after the creation of the world
That new specie was born the day Jesus Christ rose from death
And it took God all His power to give birth to the New Man in Christ
More than the power he used to create the whole multiverse
And everything in heaven and on earth
That’s the same power that is working in you presently
The New Man in Christ, that’s God ultimate
That is who you are if you are in Christ


The unprecedented, the unforeseen,
New as that which never existed before
The species which was not there when God created the world
The species that came into being only 2000 years ago
Yet he was the motivation for why God created everything
The species that God Himself gave birth to
The New Man in Christ.

The New Man in Christ is God's ultimate
Because it is ONLY IN CHRIST
That Father God births His Children
Apart from being IN CHRIST
No man can become a son of God


He is a man who died but who lives through the life of Jesus Christ
He is a man who is a son of God
He is a man who is as righteous as God Himself
He is a man whose father is the Almighty God
He is a man whose nature is the nature of God
And since the nature of God is His glory
The New man in Christ has as his nature the glory of God


The New man in Christ didn’t need to do anything to be who he is
He was a sinner, he was born in Adam, he was only a man
But he was a man who believed in Jesus Christ,
the son of God, the righteous one, the heir of everything
And Jesus Christ came in and dwelt in him
And made this once sinner, this once ordinary man
everything that He, Jesus Christ, is presently

The old man died.
He was buried,
There’s no trace of him
There’s no evidence in the eyes God that he ever existed
Adam is no more.

It was through the sin of one man, Adam
not the sins of many men
that death entered into the world
It is through the righteousness of one man, Jesus Christ
not the righteousness of many men
that eternal life was given to the world

To many who have appropriated Him
Who have believed in His Name
He gave them power to become the sons of God
The New Man in Christ

There is only one New Man in Christ, JESUS CHRIST
Since He is our only life now
Since we are included in Him
He has made us Who He is
The New Man in Christ

Only a man in Christ
can be a son of God

As He Is, So Are We.

Margaret Newmeli (believes in the gospel of grace expounded by Dr Shawn Smith)

Follow the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith and know more.

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