lundi 24 décembre 2012


Religion is the most evil thing in the world. It claims that a man is saved by his works when the gospel says that a man is saved by faith alone in Christ alone.

The salvation that God won for us in Christ is the greatest thing that has ever been done in this world. Sin cannot do anything about that. If you’re staying away from God because of your sins, you’re placing sin above what Jesus did for you.

Never take the salvation God offered you for granted. The death of Jesus Christ cost God everything and he died to save you. The resurrection of Jesus Christ cost God all his power, beyond the power that he used to create man and even the whole universe. The sitting of Christ at the right hand of the Father proves the unconditional love and the unparalleled dignity that God has for man.

By placing Jesus at his right hand, God showed that he has elevated man from inferiority and hostility to equality with him. Jesus Christ didn’t need to be exalted since, as God, he’s the highest and the exalted one. But he was raised to glory at the right hand of majesty for our sake. And that is our place. A man is seated on the throne and because he is our substitute in every regard, we are also seated with him.

Grace is that chosen word that qualifies the love of God for man. SIN does not have any say in grace. And only faith can appropriate what grace has offered. God tells you that you are righteous in Christ. This is logical in the sense that Jesus Christ, though he never sinned, became sin by imputation. In the same way, we who were sinners have become righteous by the righteousness of Christ which God imputes on anyone who believes in Jesus Christ.

Nothing evil is coming, no fear for the future or for the day of wrath, no end of the world; for the world ended the day the son of God walked the earth as a man. His kingdom is here now and the future is only bright as nothing you’ve’ ever seen: it is the rising of the glorious church; the manifestation of the sons of God; the eradication of evil in the world by the subduing of this present evil system. Sin, sickness, poverty, misery, depression, pain, war, death, hell and every form of evil, bondage or fear were destroyed in the body of Christ 2000 years ago on the cross at Calvary.It is time you believe it and put your trust in the love of God towards you.

How could sin separate you from the love of God when Christ Jesus died for your sins to reconcile you with God? It cost God his life as a man to save you and do you think your sins can outweigh the life of God? Trust God when he says he loves you for he means it and if you check, you’ll see that this is the only truth in the world and apart from it, there is nothing.

God loves man; that’s why he created him; that’s why he saved him; that’s why he fathered him in Christ and put all things under his feet. If you’re man, it’s you that these things refer to. Man, your God loves you and you didn’t need to do anything for that; no works, nothing. You didn’t ask him to create you but he did because he loved you. He is the one who first promised to save you even before you cried to him for help. He’s the one who has saved you and what a price he paid for that!: Christ for you; his son’s life instead of your life. He’s the one who made you son of God when such honor never crossed your mind.

Man, your God, who alone is God and whose name is Jesus, loves you and there’s nothing you can do about that. You only have to believe that it is true.

Merry Christmas to you all. May you never forget that the son of God became a man so that man might become a son of God. This is the very purpose of our existence. We are here for the Father’s dream. His dream is to have all men as his sons. We are destined not to be just men. We are men in order to become sons of God. This is the truth and that is why he came to us at Christmas. May you and your entire family receive the blessing of the savior of the world, the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

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