mercredi 26 septembre 2012


God created every species with a specific nature of its own. Through its seed, the species reproduces after its kind. God didn't have to create many men; he created only one man and from him came 7 billion men. There is no alteration. Every specie reproduces after its kind. Pay attention to these statements.

1. The nature of a thing is derived from the life of the thing.
2. Every nature produces according to its nature - kind begets kind.
3. The prototype of a nature becomes the source of its kind.
4. The nature of a given thing cannot exceed its prototype in quality.
5. Every nature possesses a predetermined expression.
6. To understand the predetermined nature, you must examine the source from which the seed derived.

Neither creation nor evolution is of importance but engendering. God created man so that man might become son of God. To possess the nature of a kind, his seed must indwell you. That is how God begets His children; by placing Jesus Christ, His seed, in man so that man may posses the nature of God.


Who is man, why does he exist? Before you ask these questions, you must go to what preexisted creation. What preexisted creation is God. The reason why God created man was to place him in Christ so that Christ might be His only life. Man was created without a nature of his own. There's no human nature. There is only the sin nature and the God nature.

Man was created to partake of another nature, the nature of God. The first man used his freedom to partake of a foreign nature - sin, which he wasn’t predetermined for. That’s what caused the fall of the human race. God uses the one man principle. When Adam fell, all men fell because all men were present in his loins at his fall. When Adam partook of the sin nature, that nature was transmitted to his offspring through his seed.

There are only two men on earth; Adam and Christ. Jesus Christ is son of God and possesses the nature of God. The process whereby man acquires the nature of God is by being born of God; man could not be a legitimate son of God if God’s seed does not abide in him. Jesus Christ is that only Seed that came out of God’s loins. The process by which man is born by God is when Jesus Christ, the Prototype Son of God and the only Seed of God, comes and dwells in man and automatically makes a man a begotten son of God.

By His death on the cross, Jesus put an end to the first man, Adam and He came in to dwell in man as his only life. Those who are in Christ are no more in Adam. You can’t be in both at the same time. Either you are an Adam or you are a Christ. And this excludes any performance on your part. Naturally, every man is born a sinner because the sin nature was transferred to him by his biological father. Spiritually, Man is born righteous because the righteousness of the Son God is transferred to him through Jesus Christ.

Man was created to be indwelt by God and become the son of God in Jesus Christ. This is the answer, this is the reason. This is our destiny.

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mardi 4 septembre 2012


We are thankful to God for the remission of sins but this was not the primary reason why Christ came as a man. The main reason why Jesus Christ became a man was to make us sons of God. That was God’s intention before the beginning of creation. He wanted to give birth to His own children. The only means through which God could give birth to His children was to place His seed, Jesus Christ, in them. Even if Adam didn’t sin, Jesus Christ would have come because Adam was not God’s ultimate intention. Adam was created not born by God. A man born of God possesses the same nature as God just as a man born of a man possesses the nature of a man. The same degree to which Jesus Christ partook of humanity is the same degree to which the believer in Christ partakes of divinity.

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samedi 1 septembre 2012


Reconciliation in the Gospel means two hostile parties have been brought together and the superior has negotiated certain terms through a mediator to take the once hostile party from inferiority and enmity to equality. Once you become a citizen in the government of God, you have equality with God.

God has made peace between the world and Himself through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. God in Christ is not imputing men’s sins against them; their sins do not go into their account but in the account of Jesus. When Jesus died, it wasn’t the death of one man; He died for all men. So all men have died and have paid the wages of sin which is death.

All men have been reconciled with God through the substitution of Jesus Christ. God is not angry with us anymore. His wrath has been fully satisfied. The Gospel is the good tidings of the hilarious God.

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