mercredi 29 août 2012


The gospel means good news. It is good news to every man who hears it. If you’re hearing the gospel and it’s not good news to you, then it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ; it’s another gospel Gal 1: vs. 8. The gospel is too good to be true. Some people can’t take it as it is and are trying to make it hard by imposing the defunct law and commandments to rob it of its beauty.

The good news which is too good to be true but which is true is that the man who believes in Jesus Christ partakes of the nature of God in the same degree that Jesus Christ partook of humanity. The believer in Christ is son of God and the glory of God is his nature. The glory of God is the highest thing that God can give a man; there exist nothing higher. And that is what He has given us, not by any doing on our part, but only by our believing in Jesus His Christ.

Whatever God says of Christ is equally referred to the believer. As He is, so are we. This is the gospel and it is all inclusive. All you ever wanted, all you’ll ever want have been supplied by His grace. Too good to be true yet True and there’s no exaggeration here for this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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