jeudi 9 août 2012


Hey guys, I want you to really help me here. My book ‘Another Dimension,’ which consists of a prelude, 20 chapters and an epilogue, shall be published online as from September through my facebook account, my blogs and .

I’ll paste the links on your walls and I’d like you to paste the same on those of at least 10 of your friends and if possible on those of as many people as you can – the number is unlimited. And you can even go further by publishing the links on other websites, blogs, pages, servers etc. My objective is to get a wide readership all over the world. I’d like you to be my direct partners in the distribution of this work.

You are involved in this project. You’re my partners. Who told you anyone ever amounted to anything alone? You’re indispensable for the success of this work. Your gain – you have contributed for the realization of my dream. We were made many, not only to be united despite our differences, but also to sustain each other. We are held by God through every man in this world. I know you know these things but I must say them – how can something take place without a speech?

This is the beginning of the influence of the most fascinating book of the decade. “Another Dimension” is a world where your favorite comics, cartoons, mangas, animes characters co-exist and they are real as you and I. It’s a remarkable work of imagination. It’s from me – my dreams, my faith, my love. More ample information about the publication will be revealed subsequently. You can just pass it on by pasting this somewhere(s) and that’s how we shall be unstoppable. Hit ‘Like’ or leave a word if you think you can do this for me partner. You guys have done a lot here – you’ve read this till the end. You are blessed in Christ.

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