dimanche 29 janvier 2012


The world is looking for a saviour and Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. The world suspects God of what He can’t be. At the appearing of Jesus Christ, the Bible says that all people shall weep and mourn. Because at that moment, each and every one of us shall KNOW how much He has loved us and how much we have despised Him. Take God at His word when He says He loves you. If you do not believe, it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. How can you reply to someone who tells you he loves you that he was telling a lie?

Jesus Christ has been appointed, dedicated, set apart for saving man. Take a look at the world and see how man has failed to save it. Man has rejected his saviour and tries to do things on his own. If he could save himself, God wouldn’t have given him a saviour. God, who created man knows him more than he knows himself. There is no need to be proud and reject God’s salvation since you can't save yourself, not even the person you love. Jesus is the only name that has been given to men to be saved. How shall He save us if we don’t want to recognize Him as the one He says He is – the Saviour of the world?

Does modernism mean rejection of God? Let’s live a modern life with the knowledge of God. God is also for modernism, science and all that because He’s the One who’s given knowledge to man for breakthrough in technology.

I watch Naruto, bleach, One Piece and I believe in God. I live in a modern world and I believe in Jesus. I know that these things are accessories but Jesus alone is the reason for my life. If you are afraid to believe in Jesus because you think He’ll change your lifestyle, I tell you to trust Him and you’ll see how He works. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

As for me, I have put my trust in the love of God towards me. This is the truth I hold unto. I know that no matter how bad I might be, He still loves me. Instead of turning my back on Him because I’m bad, I instead trust in His love. And He says that I’m His righteousness in Christ Jesus. Check this out: the bad me has become righteous in Him.

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