dimanche 29 janvier 2012


Open the frontiers. Globalization should not only function in terms of market but much more in terms of movement and interaction among people. They talk of a global village – open the frontiers instead so people can move freely around the world. The worst thing is that restriction of movement is placed only on certain people and not on others. What discrimination!

The West has failed the East (the third world). After plundering their wealth, they left them crippled with poverty and misery. And they close their doors. So one part of the earth lives in luxury and another part in poverty. And they don’t want the East to complain: forgive and forget.

We have forgiven but tell me how we can forget when every day we see the consequences of that robbery. How can we, when we see the tragedy in our streets and the comedy in their domains? Every child grows up watching TV and at a certain time, asks themselves: “Why is my world not like theirs?” The resentment is rebuilt each time every generation goes back to history and finds out that their predicament is the result of imperialism - the plunder of their land from the past up to the present by the west.

Today while the east is only waiting for a saviour, the west, trying to uplift all responsibilities from its shoulders, tells them that they must count on no one but build their nation themselves. When one of our kind became leader of the world, we thought he would save us. But he disappointed and we learned from that time not to trust in any man.

How can we build the nation when the economy is still in the hands of the West? The west continues to grab everything from the east through their multinationals. They don’t let anything go. The west doesn’t want to trade its technologies with the east. My people are reduced to the state of beggars all their lives. They take 100 millions from you and give you back 10 millions and you bow to them. And upon all this, they close their doors so we can’t get to their beautiful land. If we had done the same in the years of exploration, where would they have gotten their wealth?

As for us, after waiting for a long time for the west to save us, we came to realize that they weren’t our saviour. Neither is their leader, who is one of us. We have realized that there is only one saviour for us – Jesus Christ. He alone can restore us. We are so tired; for all our labour to build the nation has been in vain. We wake up early every morning and work hard all day and the wealth of our hands goes to the multinationals. What? We’re in a bad situation.

Why should they be feasting when we’re starving? And they show it all through the window. And the dream of every child in the east is to get to the west. But they shut their gates.

Only a saviour can remedy our situation. And we have found Him. Thus we wait on you Jesus. We believe that You’re the Saviour of the East, the Saviour of the world. You make no distinction among men for you honour your word in every man. We have believed that the Father sent the Son as Saviour of the world. Thank you for restoring the fallen, the broken, the poor, the sick and the sinner. You have saved the whole world and made us whole. Blessed be God who has blessed us with all blessings in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus our Lord.