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This is the grace of God. This is the gospel and it is in the form of an equation:


At Gospel of Christ Ministries, 2013 has been declared the Year of ACQUISITION. You shall receive all that for which Christ Jesus died for if you agree with the gospel.

The time has come for the manifestation of the sons of God and we shall not be hidden anymore. The world shall see the rising of the glorious church and the present evil systems of this world shalll crumble one after the other. The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ and we shall reign in the earth.

Rejoice creation, shout for joy all the peoples of the earth, for this is your ultimate deliverance - the sons of God have come to full maturity and they have been invested by the Holy Spirit with the executive powers to represent the Father on earth. The Father's will is that all men be saved and that they come to the full knowledge of the truth.

The church of God is here on earth to preach the gospel. This is the gospel:

JESUS CHRIST + NOTHING (no works, no performance, no efforts, no resolutions) =
EVERYTHING (salvation, heaven, earth, all your craziest dreams and you fill in the blanks).

The Gospel is intricately related with what Christ did for you at the cross. In it the genius of God is revealed in that Christ became exactly what you were in spirit, so that God viewed him as being you. At the cross, Christ was identified and treated as you and what he did there has been accredited into your account and attributed as your own. (From Jesus Christ + 0 = Everthing by Dr Shawn Smith)

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Jesus, Son of the Father
We love You
And give You our hearts

Jesus, You are so beautiful
You love us by giving Your life

Jesus, be glorified
Be exalted in every heart
Jesus, You are so great
You are all that mankind longs for

Jesus, all that I’m looking for
You’re the greatest treasure of my heart
Jesus, You are so wonderful
By Your love You have saved the world

Jesus, all adoration
All glory, all honour and praise
All grace, all worship
Of the Earth belong to You

Jesus Christ is Lord

From Margaret Newmeli

Special Homage to the One, who by His one sacrifice once and for all, has saved the world. I’m so proud of Him; I’m sooo proud of Jesus Christ who has shown me that He loved me in truth. I have put my trust in the love of God towards me. Nothing, not even sin, can separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. As He is so am I in this world. Blessed be the Lord, the Master of time and history in 2013 and forevermore.

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: CHAPTER 1: MEETING DENVER AND FRIENDS: 1 . Denver, the last dinosaur, and his friends were playing in the fields. They lost their ball so Denver went looking for it. He found four...

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Religion is the most evil thing in the world. It claims that a man is saved by his works when the gospel says that a man is saved by faith alone in Christ alone.

The salvation that God won for us in Christ is the greatest thing that has ever been done in this world. Sin cannot do anything about that. If you’re staying away from God because of your sins, you’re placing sin above what Jesus did for you.

Never take the salvation God offered you for granted. The death of Jesus Christ cost God everything and he died to save you. The resurrection of Jesus Christ cost God all his power, beyond the power that he used to create man and even the whole universe. The sitting of Christ at the right hand of the Father proves the unconditional love and the unparalleled dignity that God has for man.

By placing Jesus at his right hand, God showed that he has elevated man from inferiority and hostility to equality with him. Jesus Christ didn’t need to be exalted since, as God, he’s the highest and the exalted one. But he was raised to glory at the right hand of majesty for our sake. And that is our place. A man is seated on the throne and because he is our substitute in every regard, we are also seated with him.

Grace is that chosen word that qualifies the love of God for man. SIN does not have any say in grace. And only faith can appropriate what grace has offered. God tells you that you are righteous in Christ. This is logical in the sense that Jesus Christ, though he never sinned, became sin by imputation. In the same way, we who were sinners have become righteous by the righteousness of Christ which God imputes on anyone who believes in Jesus Christ.

Nothing evil is coming, no fear for the future or for the day of wrath, no end of the world; for the world ended the day the son of God walked the earth as a man. His kingdom is here now and the future is only bright as nothing you’ve’ ever seen: it is the rising of the glorious church; the manifestation of the sons of God; the eradication of evil in the world by the subduing of this present evil system. Sin, sickness, poverty, misery, depression, pain, war, death, hell and every form of evil, bondage or fear were destroyed in the body of Christ 2000 years ago on the cross at Calvary.It is time you believe it and put your trust in the love of God towards you.

How could sin separate you from the love of God when Christ Jesus died for your sins to reconcile you with God? It cost God his life as a man to save you and do you think your sins can outweigh the life of God? Trust God when he says he loves you for he means it and if you check, you’ll see that this is the only truth in the world and apart from it, there is nothing.

God loves man; that’s why he created him; that’s why he saved him; that’s why he fathered him in Christ and put all things under his feet. If you’re man, it’s you that these things refer to. Man, your God loves you and you didn’t need to do anything for that; no works, nothing. You didn’t ask him to create you but he did because he loved you. He is the one who first promised to save you even before you cried to him for help. He’s the one who has saved you and what a price he paid for that!: Christ for you; his son’s life instead of your life. He’s the one who made you son of God when such honor never crossed your mind.

Man, your God, who alone is God and whose name is Jesus, loves you and there’s nothing you can do about that. You only have to believe that it is true.

Merry Christmas to you all. May you never forget that the son of God became a man so that man might become a son of God. This is the very purpose of our existence. We are here for the Father’s dream. His dream is to have all men as his sons. We are destined not to be just men. We are men in order to become sons of God. This is the truth and that is why he came to us at Christmas. May you and your entire family receive the blessing of the savior of the world, the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

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Do you know that God created man and never told the latter why He created him? He allowed the world to run for 4000 years without letting anyone know the reason for their life. That was the mystery which until He Himself revealed, could not be discovered by any man. For 4000 years God gave dispensations throughout history and conducted experiments to see if man could choose God out of his own free will and guided by the specific elements of that dispensation.

God gave the dispensation of innocence to Adam, that of conscience from Seth to Noah, that of governments after Noah, that of a promise to Abraham, then that of the law to the Jews. The Law is does not constitute the ultimate will of God but it falls under the dispensation of which about 3/4 of the Bible consists of. When the fullness of time came, God sent His Son to close the dispensation of the Law and to inaugurate the dispensation of grace.

It is to Paul, who was called to be the Apostle of grace, that God revealed His ultimate intention for creating man. The ultimate intention why God created man was that He should give birth to His own sons through the process of the indwelling of Christ in men. God used the Jews as He used the Babylonians, the Greeks and every people throughout history to put into effect His eternal plan, which is the mystery.

This is the mystery: Christ in man makes man son of God and gives man the nature of God. The nature of God is the glory of God. A man in Christ is the dream of God fulfilled. He is 100% the same as Jesus Christ who dwells in him. This is what we were foreordained to be and called to believe to walk in the consciousness of it. The image of God on Erath is a man in Christ; he is the full representation of his heavenly Father and he lives to propagate the kingdom of God on Earth. That is man’s destiny; that is man’s fulfillment.

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mercredi 26 septembre 2012


God created every species with a specific nature of its own. Through its seed, the species reproduces after its kind. God didn't have to create many men; he created only one man and from him came 7 billion men. There is no alteration. Every specie reproduces after its kind. Pay attention to these statements.

1. The nature of a thing is derived from the life of the thing.
2. Every nature produces according to its nature - kind begets kind.
3. The prototype of a nature becomes the source of its kind.
4. The nature of a given thing cannot exceed its prototype in quality.
5. Every nature possesses a predetermined expression.
6. To understand the predetermined nature, you must examine the source from which the seed derived.

Neither creation nor evolution is of importance but engendering. God created man so that man might become son of God. To possess the nature of a kind, his seed must indwell you. That is how God begets His children; by placing Jesus Christ, His seed, in man so that man may posses the nature of God.


Who is man, why does he exist? Before you ask these questions, you must go to what preexisted creation. What preexisted creation is God. The reason why God created man was to place him in Christ so that Christ might be His only life. Man was created without a nature of his own. There's no human nature. There is only the sin nature and the God nature.

Man was created to partake of another nature, the nature of God. The first man used his freedom to partake of a foreign nature - sin, which he wasn’t predetermined for. That’s what caused the fall of the human race. God uses the one man principle. When Adam fell, all men fell because all men were present in his loins at his fall. When Adam partook of the sin nature, that nature was transmitted to his offspring through his seed.

There are only two men on earth; Adam and Christ. Jesus Christ is son of God and possesses the nature of God. The process whereby man acquires the nature of God is by being born of God; man could not be a legitimate son of God if God’s seed does not abide in him. Jesus Christ is that only Seed that came out of God’s loins. The process by which man is born by God is when Jesus Christ, the Prototype Son of God and the only Seed of God, comes and dwells in man and automatically makes a man a begotten son of God.

By His death on the cross, Jesus put an end to the first man, Adam and He came in to dwell in man as his only life. Those who are in Christ are no more in Adam. You can’t be in both at the same time. Either you are an Adam or you are a Christ. And this excludes any performance on your part. Naturally, every man is born a sinner because the sin nature was transferred to him by his biological father. Spiritually, Man is born righteous because the righteousness of the Son God is transferred to him through Jesus Christ.

Man was created to be indwelt by God and become the son of God in Jesus Christ. This is the answer, this is the reason. This is our destiny.

Follow the teachings of Dr Shawn Smith and learn more.

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We are thankful to God for the remission of sins but this was not the primary reason why Christ came as a man. The main reason why Jesus Christ became a man was to make us sons of God. That was God’s intention before the beginning of creation. He wanted to give birth to His own children. The only means through which God could give birth to His children was to place His seed, Jesus Christ, in them. Even if Adam didn’t sin, Jesus Christ would have come because Adam was not God’s ultimate intention. Adam was created not born by God. A man born of God possesses the same nature as God just as a man born of a man possesses the nature of a man. The same degree to which Jesus Christ partook of humanity is the same degree to which the believer in Christ partakes of divinity.

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Reconciliation in the Gospel means two hostile parties have been brought together and the superior has negotiated certain terms through a mediator to take the once hostile party from inferiority and enmity to equality. Once you become a citizen in the government of God, you have equality with God.

God has made peace between the world and Himself through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. God in Christ is not imputing men’s sins against them; their sins do not go into their account but in the account of Jesus. When Jesus died, it wasn’t the death of one man; He died for all men. So all men have died and have paid the wages of sin which is death.

All men have been reconciled with God through the substitution of Jesus Christ. God is not angry with us anymore. His wrath has been fully satisfied. The Gospel is the good tidings of the hilarious God.

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The gospel means good news. It is good news to every man who hears it. If you’re hearing the gospel and it’s not good news to you, then it’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ; it’s another gospel Gal 1: vs. 8. The gospel is too good to be true. Some people can’t take it as it is and are trying to make it hard by imposing the defunct law and commandments to rob it of its beauty.

The good news which is too good to be true but which is true is that the man who believes in Jesus Christ partakes of the nature of God in the same degree that Jesus Christ partook of humanity. The believer in Christ is son of God and the glory of God is his nature. The glory of God is the highest thing that God can give a man; there exist nothing higher. And that is what He has given us, not by any doing on our part, but only by our believing in Jesus His Christ.

Whatever God says of Christ is equally referred to the believer. As He is, so are we. This is the gospel and it is all inclusive. All you ever wanted, all you’ll ever want have been supplied by His grace. Too good to be true yet True and there’s no exaggeration here for this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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My intention for teaching you is not only to liberate you from the consciousness of sin; I want to replace your sin consciousness with righteousness consciousness. The moment you believe you are righteous, then you will begin to believe of what is already true of you and your faith will empower you to act like who you are. The only way for the believer to sin is to become weak in faith. You are righteous based on the One you are in union with.

You must transit from that carnal mind which causes you to continue to see yourself in Adam without Christ. A carnal mind is when you think you can be perfected by the works of the law.

(Dr Shawn Smith, As Righteous As God)
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The gift

On the 1st of July 1976
a gift made its way to the earth
It crossed nations, traveling
through lands and seas
It found no one worthy
to bless with its treasures
About returning to its place,
passing above the Dutch sky,
it was seized by an amazing sight
Two babies were to be born
These were pure beauties
It decided to impart its treasures on them
There was a problem though,
The gift was for one person,
Thus, for either of them,
Yet both were lovely
The gift was in a dilemma
But soon, it found a solution
But there was still a condition
Both will be talented
Yet never at the same time

Ruud and Patrick
On the 1st of July 1976
Un-identical twins were born
One was black, the other, white
Yet you could pass them for twins
They were lovely babies
They didn’t know each other
Named Patrick and Ruud
Each grew on his own side
Each had his own story
But the gift was the one thing
that united them
Ruud and Patrick had the same
passion - football
Their talents were immense
They knew they would become
great football players
Yet each had to shine
on the shadow of the other
Each had to have his time of glory
Though they had the same gift,
They were not to play together
That was the sad condition of the gift

The gift was first revealed in Kluivert
while Ruud remained in the shadows.
And so at a very tender age,
Patrick marvelled the football arena.
At 18, he became a football star.
Kluivert did not spare his talents
He was “Kluivert in the zone”,
“Kluivert the incredible goal scorer.”
And Patrick scored goals
No one could stop him
By 25 he was the record man in Oranje
And we thought that no one
Whosoever could rival Kluivert

At the time of the glories of Patrick Kluivert,
Ruud was unknown to the world.
He did not know that what was
in Patrick was also found in him
He was admiring “Kluivert the king”
Not knowing that he would
soon take his place

Suddenly, Patrick lost
his exceptional talents
What had all along been so easy for him
Became the most difficult task to do
Patrick ‘lost the zone’
No longer could he make the nets tremble
The gift left Kluivert
And dwelt in Ruud van Nistelrooy

It was at Manchester United
that we discovered him
Was he coming from space
How come such a phenomenon
was known only at 25?
Where had he been all this while?

Though a late-comer,
Ruud ‘the man’ proved his worth
He was simply ‘VanGol’,
The fox at the area, the goal seeker
The right man at the right place
at the right time
That was how Ruud scored his goals

It was fascinating to see
Ruud scoring goals
Van Nistel scored and scored,
Ruud scored goals!
He was perfect in his performances
He emerged victorious over every injury
attempting to get the best of him
Ruud became top-scorer in championships
Even at an age strikers often lose their abilities
It was the gift at work
It had to fulfil its contract with him too

The gift had worked in Kluivert,
when he was younger,
It was now working in Ruud,
when he was older
It could not work in both at the same time
It was either Patrick or Ruud
Never Ruud and Patrick
Thus excluding them
from playing together

Imagine the delight of seeing them playing together!

Common destiny
Twins were born on the 1st of July 1976
They were of different races
They were unknown to each other
for many years
They hardly played together
But their story began
in Patrick Kluivert in the mid 90s
and continues in Ruud van Nistelrooy

I only see one thing in either of them loveliness
When Kluivert left, I had him back
in van Nistelrooy

I was mistaken to think
Frank and Ronald de Boer
were the only twins in Oranje
Ruud and Patrick are one also

They are not like the identical de Boers,
The Inseparable Brothers,
Neither like Rijkaard, Van Basten and Gullit, the triplets who always played together,
Ruud and Patrick are united by the gift
That extraordinary capacity
of scoring goals, given to them
on the day they were born

Though Patrick had been so talented
Ruud had claimed the same right
And could have removed Patrick
from our memory
If not that Kluivert was his clone
Or is Ruud the clone of Patrick,
Since first things first.
This is enigmatic.

I have only found loveliness in Oranje
Even those who don’t play together
Still come together
True, they have many differences,
Yet they are also so united
If not anywhere, they are
in my heart!

At the time that I am giving up
my passion for Oranje,
that I have exhausted myself,
having no more strength
to continue searching for you,
I can still find some strength
some inspiration, to write this last poem
on your loveliness
Still fascinated at what I can see in you

Kluud van Oranje
Ruud and Patrick
Destiny has brought you together
What is your unity?
That extraordinary capacity
of scoring goals
You are lovely at the area,
You are lovely when you score goals,
You are lovely when you
celebrate your goals,
You are lovely in Oranje,

And you are lovely
when I see only one person
in you - Kluuuuud van Oranje!

Happy Birthday Ruud and Patrick,
Or is it Kluud van Oranje?

To Patrick Kluivert and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

To Oranje To Oranje
Margaret Newmeli
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02 July 2008.


Welcome to my blogs. I am Margaret Newmeli. I manage two blogs: Newmar and Another Dimension. I am a son of God by faith in Jesus Christ. I’m so honored to share with you the many things that are in these blogs.

Why the creation of this blog?
I would like to share my experience in life with you. I would be happy if you read some of my articles and know me better. But the articles are not only about me. You can find strength, courage, hope and above all, salvation in these messages.

Well, what have we got here?

Check out some articles.
You can find articles about my personal experiences. I’ve got many but all are not written down.

When Living Becomes an Exploit
When Living Becomes an Exploit talks about difficulties people find in living everyday life. It is a subjective analysis on people who find it hard to live. Sometimes, living can be just so hard. My days haven’t always been bright. Yet for a year and a month, I had a really hard time when I traveled to Europe. I had often felt bad in the past but never that way. It wasn’t that place but it was me who was totally estranged from it. You will know what I mean if you read the article.

I wrote this article specially for those who might be thinking suicide. I had thought about it myself but after a few years, I found something. I have been where you might be right now. I know I have no right to tell you anything. Who am I to try to tell you anything about your situation? I don’t know anything at all. But since you are here, why not try and read this article! I wrote it for you. I will be happy if you read it a little. Come on, just a little…

A Hard Time
A short account of what happened to me between 18 September 2007 and 18 October 2008.

Is there no Dignity in Failure?
Not that I am here trying to promote failure but rather to make some people understand that they don’t have to scare others with their high hopes for them. Sometimes they expect so much from you so that you are scared to death when you think of disappointing them. It’s not that you want to disappoint, it’s only that you can’t fulfill their expectations. I am for success. No human being can be otherwise minded since it’s in our nature to get the best for ourselves. But what happens if people consider that you haven’t succeeded?

The Dutch Team & Me
Now if you are a football fan, I mean soccer; a fan of Oranje, I mean the Dutch national football team; if you would like to know what happens to people when they become sports fans; if you would like to know what happened to me when I supported the Dutch national football team, this is the place to be.
Honestly, I don’t have information about football or Oranje but I’ve got The Dutch Team & Me, In Your Loveliness, Kluud van Oranje and some hidden questions for the Dutch players which I would like to ask them personally. And how I wish the Dutch players read these articles! Maybe you can tell them about their greatest fan in Cameroon. Can you imagine that I have written two songs for Oranje?

Articles en Français
Vous allez trouver des articles en Français, comme Evangile, Message aux Jeunes du Cameroun, un résumé des objectives de la Saviour of the World Ministry sur l’évangélisation. Il y a aussi quelques lettres aux gouvernements du monde ainsi qu’aux organisations internationales sur le développement de l’Afrique et sur le monde.

Saviour of the World Ministry
Check out some Christian articles. I have a vision: the creation of a ministry called Saviour of the World. There are three things I believe all of us are called to do: believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, love one another, and live the life of Christ. We must proclaim the Gospel which is Jesus Christ Saviour of the world. I am no super Christian but I am son of God thus superwoman in Christ and I’m conscious of what our destiny is.

There is something that I believe, that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. You might ask yourself why it happened that it should be him and no other. But what is certain is that it is him and no other. If you read my articles and go to my references, you'll get the answer why it is Jesus Christ alone who is qualified to be our saviour. I’m not talking religion; I'm talking about somebody who has been given to each and every man as their Saviour.

We all have a common destiny. One God created us and there is a purpose why he did that. We inherited the nature of sin from Adam and we've been generated with a fallen nature. We were separated from our holy God due to the sin of one man, Adam and he transferred that nature to his children when we were born. But our God who created us and whose purpose was to make us his sons, loved us still because sin could not annul his purpose. He sent his Son Jesus Christ to be our Saviour.

We do have a Saviour who became one like us, who revealed the heart of God to us, who died for our sins and who rose from the dead for our justification. He made us sons of God and gave us the nature of God which is his glory. It would be insulting to call this religion; this is the gospel. Read through the articles and you'll know more. The world needs a Saviour and we've got one, even Jesus Christ. It's time the world believed in him and experience that true deliverance that it has been looking for.

Project: Album, Books, Movies
I have another project. I would like to release a few songs. I’m looking for people to help. If you can, please do. These songs carry a message of hope, of peace for mankind. I wrote them a long time ago and they shall be released soon. I’ve also got a film project. You won’t believe the exciting scenarios I have in hand. I’m also fan of cartoons. There’s an awesome story talking about all my cartoon heroes who exist in one world. You can find my album at and Another Dimension, my novel at

You’ll also find some photos and videos of my world. You can find Naruto and Naruto Shipudden soundtrack videos locally made, TMNT, Avatar etc. Fans will love it.

Letters to World Governments, International Bodies, NGOs, Multinationals, Influential People, Film Producers, Music Producers, Actors and Actresses, Sports people …
There are letters for the development of Africa and the third world, Requests for the realisation of my music and movie project, Letters to my favourite actors, actresses, and sports people.

Thanks for visiting this site. Hope you come here often.

Well, enjoy your stay.

Blessed in Christ,


Grace is more than unmerited favor. It can be defined as the new policy of God towards the new man in Christ – the believer of Jesus Christ. Grace causes God to deal with man as he has always wanted. God did not create man so the latter might suffer, and go through pains and misery. God created man to become His son so that He might indwell the latter and live His life through him.

In other words, man created in the image of God, was intended to be the physical expression of God. For man to be indwelt by God, he had to possess the same nature as God. And how do you possess the nature of someone? By fathering him so his gene dwells in you and so you are of the same nature. God, (the logos) came out of Himself (expressed in another dimension) and became a man, carrying the gene of God in Him. He was born of a virgin, meaning the seed was not from a man (thus He was born without the sin nature).

Every man is born with the sin nature and transfers it from his gene to his children and thus every man fathered by a man is a sinner not out of performance but by inheritance. Man doesn’t sin to become a sinner; man sins because he is a sinner; that’s his nature. Man was not created to have a nature of his own. He was created to be the expression of another. There’s no human nature. There are only two natures: the sin nature and the God nature.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth accomplished the law and on the cross, there was an exchanged that took place. Jesus Christ for every man. He was handed over by His own Father to be the substitute of every man. He took the sins of man with all its consequences - sickness, poverty, pains etc - and died with these on the cross. In the eyes of God, when Jesus died, it was every man that was paying the punishment for his sins, for the wages of sin is death. That’s what is referred to as substitution – the victim here was Jesus but He was standing as every man that has lived, is living and will ever live.

After that Jesus died and went to hell, God justified Him since God was pleased by Jesus’ sacrifice and thus Jesus was declared righteous. God elevated Jesus high above all else and gave Him the name above all names – the only name given to men to be saved. Since He died for everyman, He became the only Savior of every man. And then, God set a policy for the salvation of mankind – grace.

Grace is receiving the best of God; living the predestined life God had towards man. Grace grants you the nature of God because the gene of God, Jesus, comes and indwells your spirit and makes you a son of God. Grace grants you the gift of righteousness with its fruits which are health, wealth, joy, happiness, peace, all things. Since you are son of God, you are heir of God, co-heir with Christ. You are heir because you are firstborn son of God since being born again from the unique gene of God, Jesus Christ, as He is, so are you. Heir of God means you’re possessor of heaven and earth, the universe; its resources are yours. God’s calling for you is that you subdue all things. All things are placed under the feet of Christ and Christ is the head of his body, which you are. Consequently, all things are placed under your feet.

But these things were done not only to be heard as good stories. They were done to be appropriated, to be lived, to be experienced by every man. Jesus didn’t do that for His own sake. He was not a man so He needed not to be justified and made righteous. He is God and possesses the nature of righteousness. The substitution was done for our sake – to be appropriated by man since man left to himself, could not save himself. God came down in the likeness of man and performed all that was needed for our salvation and offered it to us as a gift.

Grace has supplied all things but only faith can appropriate what grace has supplied. Salvation is receiving the righteousness of God by believing in someone, Jesus Christ, the savior of every man. Righteousness cannot be attained by any other means. Self-righteousness is an abomination before God. Self righteousness is man trying to attain salvation through his own works and efforts, even from the sincerity of his heart. These works are considered dead works before God for our righteousness are like filthy rags; man in his best has not attained the least of what God wants. The only means to be saved which includes to be righteous, to be prosperous, to be whole, to be happy is not by doing things to please God but is by believing in Jesus Christ. Faith alone in Christ alone is what is acceptable to God. All the rest is useless.

The new policy of God, grace, is receiving the gift of righteousness, the righteousness of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. By faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, we are justified from all the things that we could not be justified from from the law and commandments. Grace is the substance for the fulfillment of man’s destiny.Man’s destiny is to be born on earth (that’s when he becomes man), to be fathered by God and become son of God. To be son of God means to be placed in Christ and Christ in you.

The destiny of man is to give expression to God on earth; to be the vessel wherein God can be physically manifested on earth. The destiny of man is to be Christ. Christ is the fullness of the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, living in a man. The future of Christ is to subdue all things and having subdued all things, God shall be all in all. That’s true happiness.

The future of the world is that everything comes under the obedience of the will of God. God has placed His sons on earth to occupy the earth, its resources, to take over its systems, to deliver creation from bondage and corruption, to eradicate evil on earth. The mission of the sons of God is to bring everything under the jurisdiction and the obedience of the kingdom of God. Once this is done, then Jesus, the king of the kingdom, who is living in the believers, will appear from within them. Then all things shall be placed under Him and He Himself shall subject the kingdom to God, the Father. Then God shall be all in all.

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jeudi 9 août 2012


Hey guys, I want you to really help me here. My book ‘Another Dimension,’ which consists of a prelude, 20 chapters and an epilogue, shall be published online as from September through my facebook account, my blogs and .

I’ll paste the links on your walls and I’d like you to paste the same on those of at least 10 of your friends and if possible on those of as many people as you can – the number is unlimited. And you can even go further by publishing the links on other websites, blogs, pages, servers etc. My objective is to get a wide readership all over the world. I’d like you to be my direct partners in the distribution of this work.

You are involved in this project. You’re my partners. Who told you anyone ever amounted to anything alone? You’re indispensable for the success of this work. Your gain – you have contributed for the realization of my dream. We were made many, not only to be united despite our differences, but also to sustain each other. We are held by God through every man in this world. I know you know these things but I must say them – how can something take place without a speech?

This is the beginning of the influence of the most fascinating book of the decade. “Another Dimension” is a world where your favorite comics, cartoons, mangas, animes characters co-exist and they are real as you and I. It’s a remarkable work of imagination. It’s from me – my dreams, my faith, my love. More ample information about the publication will be revealed subsequently. You can just pass it on by pasting this somewhere(s) and that’s how we shall be unstoppable. Hit ‘Like’ or leave a word if you think you can do this for me partner. You guys have done a lot here – you’ve read this till the end. You are blessed in Christ.


Listen to Dr Shawn Smith revealing the true gospel of Jesus Christ and tell me it’s the first time you’ve ever heard the gospel. This is too good to be true but it is true and that’s why it is the gospel – the Good News. All your deepest fears, all your worst nightmares, all your greatest despair are wiped out all at once at the knowledge of the true grace of God in the person of Jesus Christ. All your wildest dreams, your craziest hopes, all your biggest plans are realized with the knowledge that you are son of God, that you are as righteous as God, that you’re in heaven now on earth. I’m overwhelmed; this is the best news I’ve ever heard in my life. Trust me guys, you’ve never heard something as good as this gospel that Dr Shawn Smith teaches which was first preached by the Apostle Paul and revealed by the glorified Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

dimanche 18 mars 2012


Rencontrez Ryan, Zach, Noah et Alan. Ces gars sont spéciaux parce qu'ils ont la foi qui déplace les montagnes. Ils se consentent à demander une chose du Tout-Puissant: rencontrer leurs héros préférés de dessins animés, bandes dessinées, mangas et animes. Et leur voeux est accordé. Voilà comment ils se déplacent à «une autre dimension» où ils rencontrent Saiyans et Tortues Ninja, Autobots et Decepticons, X-Men et nombreux encore. Check this out en Avril et c'est exclusivement sur


Avec toutes les audaces, Noah, Alan, Ryan et Zach se lancent dans un voyage périlleux à l'espace qui se révèle être l'accomplissement de leurs rêves. Guidés par la foi, ils sont pris dans un monde qui est la réponse à leur quête. Les rêves se réalisent si vous croyez, d'espérez et aimez de tout votre cœur. Retrovez les dans mon roman "Une Autre Dimension" cet Avril.

dimanche 29 janvier 2012


With all boldness, Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach embark on a risky journey to space which turns out to be the fulfillment of their dreams. Guided by faith, they are taken to a world which is the answer to their quest. Dreams do come true if you believe, hope and love with all heart.


Open the frontiers. Globalization should not only function in terms of market but much more in terms of movement and interaction among people. They talk of a global village – open the frontiers instead so people can move freely around the world. The worst thing is that restriction of movement is placed only on certain people and not on others. What discrimination!

The West has failed the East (the third world). After plundering their wealth, they left them crippled with poverty and misery. And they close their doors. So one part of the earth lives in luxury and another part in poverty. And they don’t want the East to complain: forgive and forget.

We have forgiven but tell me how we can forget when every day we see the consequences of that robbery. How can we, when we see the tragedy in our streets and the comedy in their domains? Every child grows up watching TV and at a certain time, asks themselves: “Why is my world not like theirs?” The resentment is rebuilt each time every generation goes back to history and finds out that their predicament is the result of imperialism - the plunder of their land from the past up to the present by the west.

Today while the east is only waiting for a saviour, the west, trying to uplift all responsibilities from its shoulders, tells them that they must count on no one but build their nation themselves. When one of our kind became leader of the world, we thought he would save us. But he disappointed and we learned from that time not to trust in any man.

How can we build the nation when the economy is still in the hands of the West? The west continues to grab everything from the east through their multinationals. They don’t let anything go. The west doesn’t want to trade its technologies with the east. My people are reduced to the state of beggars all their lives. They take 100 millions from you and give you back 10 millions and you bow to them. And upon all this, they close their doors so we can’t get to their beautiful land. If we had done the same in the years of exploration, where would they have gotten their wealth?

As for us, after waiting for a long time for the west to save us, we came to realize that they weren’t our saviour. Neither is their leader, who is one of us. We have realized that there is only one saviour for us – Jesus Christ. He alone can restore us. We are so tired; for all our labour to build the nation has been in vain. We wake up early every morning and work hard all day and the wealth of our hands goes to the multinationals. What? We’re in a bad situation.

Why should they be feasting when we’re starving? And they show it all through the window. And the dream of every child in the east is to get to the west. But they shut their gates.

Only a saviour can remedy our situation. And we have found Him. Thus we wait on you Jesus. We believe that You’re the Saviour of the East, the Saviour of the world. You make no distinction among men for you honour your word in every man. We have believed that the Father sent the Son as Saviour of the world. Thank you for restoring the fallen, the broken, the poor, the sick and the sinner. You have saved the whole world and made us whole. Blessed be God who has blessed us with all blessings in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus our Lord.


The world is looking for a saviour and Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. The world suspects God of what He can’t be. At the appearing of Jesus Christ, the Bible says that all people shall weep and mourn. Because at that moment, each and every one of us shall KNOW how much He has loved us and how much we have despised Him. Take God at His word when He says He loves you. If you do not believe, it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. How can you reply to someone who tells you he loves you that he was telling a lie?

Jesus Christ has been appointed, dedicated, set apart for saving man. Take a look at the world and see how man has failed to save it. Man has rejected his saviour and tries to do things on his own. If he could save himself, God wouldn’t have given him a saviour. God, who created man knows him more than he knows himself. There is no need to be proud and reject God’s salvation since you can't save yourself, not even the person you love. Jesus is the only name that has been given to men to be saved. How shall He save us if we don’t want to recognize Him as the one He says He is – the Saviour of the world?

Does modernism mean rejection of God? Let’s live a modern life with the knowledge of God. God is also for modernism, science and all that because He’s the One who’s given knowledge to man for breakthrough in technology.

I watch Naruto, bleach, One Piece and I believe in God. I live in a modern world and I believe in Jesus. I know that these things are accessories but Jesus alone is the reason for my life. If you are afraid to believe in Jesus because you think He’ll change your lifestyle, I tell you to trust Him and you’ll see how He works. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

As for me, I have put my trust in the love of God towards me. This is the truth I hold unto. I know that no matter how bad I might be, He still loves me. Instead of turning my back on Him because I’m bad, I instead trust in His love. And He says that I’m His righteousness in Christ Jesus. Check this out: the bad me has become righteous in Him.


Why is it that some people are afraid when they hear about God? You can talk about anything in the world but talking about God is taboo. This attitude is unbelievable since it is by God that we live, move and have our being. Yet we don’t want him mentioned. This reaction derives from our ignorance about who God really is. God is for man and wants him alive. God is never against us. That has never crossed His mind. We shouldn’t suspect Him to be someone who watches to see us fall and say, ‘aha, aha.” It’s the devil who does that. The truth in the whole world is that God loves us and anything apart from that is a lie. There is no cause to suspect God for He is our Father who loves His children.

Maybe this reaction stems from the fact that we feel guilty before Him. We then try to remove Him out of our lives or go far away from Him because our conscience convicts us of sin and we know that God hates sin. Maybe we should stop looking at sin the way we used to do but see it as something God forgives. God forgives our sins and if we don’t sin, God won’t be able to forgive. If we run away from Him when we sin, how is He going to forgive us? The logic here is that instead of trying to hide from God when we sin, we should rather come to Him for forgiveness, else who’s going to forgive us? This is even a greater exploit because we would have trusted His word, that His love for us is greater than our sin. There are conflicts even in the family, but we’re so courageous to forgive others, how much more God?

And all what is above is the old way. The new way is that God has dealt with the issue of sin in Jesus Christ His son. He has forgiven us our every sin and does not count sin against us anymore. Sin occurs when one transgresses the law but since in the new covenant there is no law, then man cannot sin because there’s no law to transgress. But only for those who’ve confessed Jesus as Lord. That’s the righteousness He’s given all those who believe Him.

Don’t be alarmed when you hear about God. It’s not about religion or denomination. It’s about God who is in you. He’s the ONLY One who loves you. You have been in His plan from eternity. He created you. He feeds and protects you everyday. He watches over you. He has given the life of His Son for you. Generally, our earthly fathers love us and want our good. How much more God who alone is Father?

vendredi 13 janvier 2012


Meet Ryan, Zach, Noah and Alan. These guys are special because they have faith that moves mountains. They consent to ask a bold thing from the Almighty: to meet their favorite heroes and characters in the cartoons, comics, mangas and animes. And their request is granted. That is how they move to 'Another Dimension' where they meet Saiyans and Ninja Turtles, the Autobots and the Decepticons, the X-men and a whole lot more. Check this out in March and its exclusively on