lundi 29 août 2011


Ronald & Frank de Boer
You are lovely because you are twins
And because you are always together
And so united
“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity”
One cannot think of Ronald without thinking of Frank
God has given you a precious gift in making you two
And in that you are so lovely
Blessed be your Creator the Lovely One

Dennis Bergkamp
Loveliness, simplicity, strong character, man of integrity
Emblematic figure of the generation of Dutch players I have loved
It is Bergkamp’s Generation though de Boer was captain
O Bergkamp blessed be your Creator
Who has poured out his gift of loveliness on you

Edwin van der Sar
Van der Sar, legendary keeper of the orange nets
Big and lovely
You have outlived generations of Dutch players
Is it not because he bestowed so much talent in you?
Surely your Creator must be very Big
He made you so lovely in your height
And blessed is He

Patrick Kluivert
Lovely, that word is simply Kluivert
All have known your talents
I remember that teenage face and those talents
That attitude of being always ‘in the zone’
Companion of Dennis Bergkamp,
You two were unbeatable at the area
You have remained lovely
And blessed is He who keeps Kluivert always lovely

Ruud van Nistelrooy
Superman, Ruuuuud, what else - lovely
Passionate, courageous, brave, confident, goal seeker
Haven’t you proved your worth in the orange team?
A new van Basten has emerged, nobody please but Ruud
Determined, confident, concentrated,
Always in the right place at the right time,
Master of goals like your twin clone
Blessed be the Lovely One who keeps you always Ruuuuud.

Marc Overmars
You should have been an athlete in the 100meters
Rapid, Speedy G., it was a delight to see you play
Once Overmars had the ball: “Kluivert, Bergkamp get ready”
A direct transition from Frank’s defence to Kluivert’s attack
Wasn’t it a great loss that you had to retire so early?
Wasn’t it because you gave all you had for the game?
We were blessed to see you play
And blessed is He who made you so lovely in the game

Philip Cocu
Discrete, yet brain behind the game
You would disappear only to emerge decisive
Philip Cocu, always at the top after so many years
Who could doubt your efficiency?
Blessed be the One who guards your talents

Clarence Seedorf
technician of the game
always at the top
The name of Seedorf commands respect:
What, how many Champions’ League titles?
Aren’t you the most decorated Dutch player ever?
Blessed be He who has made you master in the game

Frank Rijkaard, Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten
Here are three united friends
I heard in 1988 they were the same
who gave Oranje its first international trophy
You have played together,
Today, you are coaches of great teams
Compatriots, team mates, coaches, friends
You have taken a similar path in life
Blessed be the Lovely One who has united the three of you
In your endeavours on earth
And in that, you are lovely

The Dutch Team
Where do you come from, Who is your maker?
How come you are lovelier than any other football team in the world?
Whether you win or lose, there is only one word for you


Unity, beauty, phenomena
Old and young players come together to form Oranje
From Johan Cruyff to Winston Bogard, From Ronald Koerman to Edgar Davids
From Gus Hiddink to Michael Reiziger, From Louis van Gaal to Arthur Numan
From Ruud Hesp and Ed Goey to Sander Westerfeld
From Aron Winter to Wim Jonk and Pierre van Hooijdonk
You make a family of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren
I love that unity of yours
Each player is lovely in his peculiarity
And when you come together in the orange team,
you form a group so lovely that no other can rival.
Why in the world haven’t you won titles for yourselves in orange?
But what an adage: Your miseries have made you even lovelier
What team in the world has been so talented and has never won a trophy?

Only Oranje
Aren’t you unique?
And does it mean that there is also a certain beauty in defeat?
Who is your maker?
I want to praise him in what he has done in you

Blessed be the Lovely One
He endows mankind with His gift of loveliness
He has filled the Dutch team with loveliness
O that the Dutch players would praise the name of the Lovely One
For it is He who has made you so lovely
Remain lovely and always united

Always Oranje
To Oranje
Newmeli Margaret

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