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Welcome to my blog. I am Newmar and I live in Cameroon. I’m just like you and I’ve got a lot to share with you. Sorry the blog is not very rich, it’s only my debut. This site will be more equipped as time goes on. Why the creation of this blog?

I would like to share my experience in life with you. I will be grateful if you read some of my articles and know me better. But the articles are not only about me. You could find strength, courage, hope in these messages.

Well, what have we got here?

Check out some articles.
You can find articles about my personal experiences. I’ve got many as everyone though all are not written down.

When Living Becomes an Exploit
When Living Becomes an Exploit talks about difficulties people find in living everyday life. It is a subjective analysis on people who find it hard to live. Sometimes, living can be just so hard. My days haven’t always been bright. Yet for a year and a month, I had a really hard time when I traveled to Europe. I had often felt bad in the past but never that way. It wasn’t that place but it was me who was totally out of place there. You will find what I mean if you read the article.

I wrote this article especially for those who might be thinking suicide. I had thought about it myself but after a few years, I found something. I have been where you might be right now. I know I have no right to tell you anything. Who am I to try to tell you anything about your situation? I don’t know anything about it. But since you are here, why not try and read this article! I wrote it for you. I will be happy if you read it a little. Come on, Just a little…

A Hard Time
A short account of what happened to me between 18 September 2007 and 18 October 2008.

Is there no Dignity in Failure?
Not that I am here trying to promote failure but rather to make some people understand that they don’t have to scare others by placing their high hopes on them. Sometimes they expect so much from you so that you are scared to death when you think of disappointing them. It’s not that you want to disappoint, it’s only that you can’t fulfill their expectations. I am for success. No human being can be otherwise minded since it’s in our nature to get the best for ourselves. But what happens if you haven’t succeeded the way they mean 'succeeded'?

The Dutch Team & Me
Now if you are a football fan, I mean soccer fan, of Oranje, the Dutch national football team; if you would like to know what happens to people when they become sports fans; if you care to know what happened to me when I supported the Dutch national football team, this is the place to be.
Seriously, I don’t have information about football or Oranje but I’ve got The Dutch Team & Me, In Your Loveliness, Kluud van Oranje and some hidden questions for the Dutch players which I would like to ask them in person. And how I wish the Dutch players read these articles! Maybe you can tell them about their greatest fan in Cameroon. Can you imagine that I have written two songs for Oranje!

Articles en Français
Vous pouvez trouver des articles en Français, comme Evangile, Message aux Jeunes du Cameroun, un résumé des objectives de la Saviour of the World Ministry sur l’évangélisation. Il y a aussi quelques lettres aux gouvernements du monde ainsi qu’aux organisations internationales sur le développement de l’Afrique et sur la misère du monde.

Saviour of the World Ministry
Check out some Christian articles. I have a vision: the creation of a ministry called Saviour of the World. There are three things I believe all of us are called to do: believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, love one another as he commanded, and proclaim the Gospel which is Jesus Christ Saviour of the world. I am no super Christian but I’m conscious of what our destiny is. There is something that I believe, that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. I don’t really know why it has occurred that it should be him and no other. But what is certain is that it is him and no other. Maybe you would not like to hear Christian or religion or something of that kind. I’m not talking about those but about somebody who has been given to each and every human being as their Saviour.

We all have a common destiny. One God created us and when we leave this world as all of us agree we shall, we are going to stand before him. What also we know is that our human nature is inclined to sin and that we have sinned from the beginning. We had been separated from our holy God because of sin. But our God who created us still loves us and he has sent his Son Jesus Christ to be our Saviour. We do have a Saviour who became one like us, who revealed the heart of God to us, who died for our sins and who rose from the dead for our justification. This isn’t religion, it’s acknowledging that we need a Saviour and believe in him.

In 2012, I've received a deeper revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The phrase 'as righteous as God' has changed my life forever. Now I know I was created to be fathered by God and become his son through Jesus Christ. I have known what grace is through the teachings of Dr. Shawn Smith of Gospel of Christ Ministries. I used to ask questions about he purpose of my life. Now I know why I live.

Man’s destiny is to be born on earth (that’s when he becomes man), to be fathered by God and become son of God. To be son of God means to be placed in Christ and Christ in you. The destiny of man is to give expression to God on earth; to be the vessel wherein God can be physically manifested on earth. The destiny of man is to be Christ. Christ is the fullness of the Godhead – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, living in a man. The future of Christ is to subdue all things and having subdued all things, God shall be all in all. That’s where true happiness lies.

Project: Album, Books, Movies
I have another project. I would like to release the songs I have written. I’m looking for people to help. If you can, please do. These songs carry a message of hope, of peace for mankind. I wrote some a long time ago and i continue writing. I've released an album: savior of the world. I’ve also got a film project. You won’t believe some exciting scenarios I have here. I’m also fan of cartoons. There’s an unbelievable story of all my cartoon heroes in one world. Stay connected and you'll get the best of me.

Letters to World Governments, International Bodies, NGOs, Multinationals, Influential People, Film Producers, Music Producers, Actors and Actresses, Sports people. There are letters for the development of Africa and the third world, Requests for the realization of my music and movie project, Letters to my favorite actors, actresses, and sports people.

Thanks for visiting this blog. Hope you come here often.

Well, enjoy your stay. You are blessed in Christ.


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