dimanche 3 juillet 2011


I would like somebody out there to help me make a television movie. I have written
stories which I would like to turn into films. Please, do help me and plead my case to people, structures, TV or associations, fellowships and companies.

I have written scripts on Jesus Christ as a modern boy. The originality is that Jesus, his disciples and those directly involved in the story are children. The story is a lengthening of some passages like that of the healing of the lame man.

I also have a story on a collection of cartoon heroes like Denver the last dinosaur, Batman, Captain Marvel, Rahan, Tarzan, Dragon Ball heroes, the transformers and many more. I also have a script on a boy, Orin and his friends who live in an ideal city. Something bad happens to Orin who moves out of the city. Outside the city, he gets into contact with people who are not like the people in his city. The second part of this story talks about the invasion of the good city by a warrior clan.

Let the stories which the Lord has given me be beautified and be appreciated by all through your help.

Hoping you will help me, I remain,
Yours faithfully,

Newmeli Margaret
Email: newmar81@yahoo.com
Tel: +237 70 55 24 15
Douala, Cameroon.

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