dimanche 12 juin 2011


I took paper and pen
went to the seaside
I wanted to write about you
I knew it would be inspiring
to write about my lovely orange team
at an orange sunset on the beach

But I could not write any word
I had no time, no inspiration for that

There was One who captured me
I could not but contemplate
at the work of His hand
and magnify Him in his might

Yes He took pre-eminence over all
It is but his due
For He is glorious in everything

I forgot you for the moment
for at such wonderful a sight
I only had to pay homage
to the power of the One who made the sea

Every now and then the waters,
with great might proclaimed His praise
I was astonished at the power
of their worship
of the One who made them
They would not stop

Powerfully and mightily,
the waters praised God

And I meditated on these things
The sea was immense
I could not see the end thereof
But as far as I could see
There was the sky
it was at the end of the sea

Then I remembered the scriptures,
the words of His mouth
“Let there be a firmament
to separate the waters
beneath the firmament from the waters
above the firmament.” Gen 1:7

The waters and the sky were one
Space only separated one from the other
But on the horizon they joined together

I perceived by the seaside
that from generation to generation,
the waters praised their maker,
and that mightily

How great are the waters,
they constitute 70 percent
of the earth’s surface,
and they display so much energy,
how powerful they are
Their maker surely must be powerful
to have made something so enormous
He must be a giant
Mightier, bigger, greater
than the waters themselves
Why, because He created them

And this is only Earth
what about the whole universe?

And the One who made the waters
tells me in the secret of my heart
That he will rebuke mountains, vales,
and even these great waters for me

‘Though the mountains be removed
and be cast into the sea,
though the sea should roar
and the foundations be shaken to its roots
We will not fear
for the Lord of Hosts is with us
and God is our refuge.’ Psalm 46

Isn’t it a wonderful thing
that He is so strong and mighty?

In Unity with the waters,
the sky, the breeze the sand,
the trees, the birds
I lifted up my voice
and sang the might of his praise

But could I rival the waters,
they still praised him mightily,
and loudly they roared:

“Blessed be God,
who was, who is and who is to come,
the Almighty, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.”

Sorry Oranje, do win your match.
I was struck by the loveliness of One
He who gives you victory
Join me in praise
for He is your loveliness
and of all that is lovely

The Loveliest of all
To Oranje
Newmeli Margaret
Written in Kribi,
Brest, 13 May 2008

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