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This is the legend of Captain Nootra. A superhero was chosen among his peers as protector of the city for a period of one hundred years. The Nootra Shield, weapon of the ancestors of Nootra, distinguished one among the noble fighters to make them guardian of the city. The elect was endowed with all magnificent powers for the purpose of protecting the people. His presence among them guaranteed the security of citizens, the prosperity of the land and the realization of people’s dreams. A transitional period occurred between the times the current Captain Nootra went out of office and the next one came in. The Nootra Shield solely designated the new Captain Nootra and as long as it didn’t let any man brandish it, that was the Interval where Captain Nootra wasn’t seen in the city.
Civilization Nootra also bred an incalculable number of heroes, who like Captain Nootra, acquired formidable abilities and committed themselves to protecting people. They upheld the city during the transition, while the Nootra Shield rested in its safe, even the ground on which Captain Universe placed his feet as he landed on the planet. It was around this place that Nootra Security Force Central, chief general headquarters of NSF, was built. The Nootra Shield released an influence from there, protecting citizens while awaiting the manifestation of Captain Nootra. According to legend, Captain Nootra never left the city for at a fixed time, the shield clothed the elect with the same form and its wielder was the same Captain Nootra who was from the creation of the city.

A hundred years had passed since the current Captain Nootra took office and as the day of his departure neared, Alexander Rogers visited Bruce Wayne in what looked like a farewell visit. When he arrived at Wayne Manor that afternoon, his host treated him well and they spent the day together, chatting about many things, especially of the past. After playing with little Steven and shooting hoops with Bruce, Alex Rogers met Steven again in his bedroom to bid him goodbye more privately. Being the best friend of Bruce Wayne, Alexander Rogers was very close to Steven who became his nephew. And as it turned out, he and the child were linked by vocation even though Bruce besought his silence on the matter. And Captain Nootra enjoyed the father-son relationship of the two, the same blessing he came to transmit to them, as he was leaving. On hearing of his departure, the child didn’t like it and he turned sad.

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: THE BAND OF THE GREEN DINO V: Wally: “Roy, welcome to our group. Thanks for accepting to help us. What are your powers already?” Broly was taken unawares and he didn’t k...

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Steven continued with his uncle until this one was called for duty. Each time the child and his uncle met, their communion released pleasant aroma seeing both had the same destiny, the smaller being the future of the bigger. Now Alexander Rogers was the fortieth Captain Nootra since the creation of the city. Like his predecessors, he took the office with lots of charisma though it came at a time when his peers were leaving the world. This long line of Nootra’s captains began with Captain Universe who moved from his home planet, torn apart by internal wars because of the failure of the inhabitants to discern their oneness.

With faithful companions by his side, Captain Universe went about the universe looking for a place to make a new beginning in the world. When he announced the founding of a civilization rooted in love, the Agape gave him the Nootra Shield as token for the realization of his dream. Captain Universe and companions traversed the cosmos, declaring their dream to all until they arrived on the planet, which would later become the city of Nootra. The shield illuminated the moment Captain Universe stepped his feet on Nootran ground, thus attesting it as the place the Agape wanted to raise their lofty civilization.
Planet Nootra was uninhabited prior to the arrival of Captain Universe and his peers. The globe was barren with no mineral or material resources for any human productive settlement. Yet at the contact of the shield with the ground, a dome enveloped the planet, transforming land and atmosphere. The globe witnessed a supernatural increase of all good things, from the lowest soil layer until the uppermost atmospheric sheet. A new world was born and Nootra became the most beautiful planet of Brave Galaxy. Three spatial bodies were attracted to its force and orbited around it. Captain Universe and his companions so founded Civilization Nootra, breeding ground of a people with no other principle in life than the love of the Agape towards them.

It was at his landing on Nootran soil that Captain Universe received the special abilities, which made him the first Captain Nootra. He was clothed with a unique form and vested with enormous power for the safekeeping of those he was entrusted with. This form wasn’t permanent on his body for he removed it at will. Yet it remained his for a period of a hundred years after which time he retired to the Chambers of the Divine. Then the office was transferred to another who wielded the Nootra Shield. The successors to Captain Universe took over the countless generations following his departure and protected citizens with unaltered zeal like the first Captain Nootra.

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ANOTHER DIMENSION: THE BAND OF THE GREEN DINO IV: Wally: “Silence, guys; Shades is getting close.” Broly was leaning against a tree and facing the direction of the children. He had been obs...

lundi 14 mai 2018


On the night of Thursday 19 to Friday 20 April 2018 I had a dream where I sang three songs that were heavenly. They seemed to be Easter songs. The last one was particularly striking. It was so beautiful that I wanted to know the lyrics and though it was late, I knew the choir was still rehearsing at Cinecam and I couldn’t help myself going out at that hour of night to get the lyrics. So I left home and took the road of Quartier Malien but passed through the other road behind. I ran, even like Naruto in one of the openings of the anime until I left the quarter and found myself on the big road. I continued like that until I reached Cinecam.

The choir was practicing in the same building that it used to do when I was part of it and the building, which was my primary school, was the same as it was 10 years ago. I climbed the stairs and passed the other classrooms and other groups were having their activities in the other rooms. When I finally got to the classroom where the choir was practicing, one of the choristers was singing the same song that I came to get the lyrics.

I stood at the entrance of the door, overwhelmed by the melody. I cried and sank on the floor, tellement it was good. I had never heard such a beautiful song before; it was heaven itself as I listened to it. I was helpless and when the girl finished singing, the choirmaster took me to another room and asked me to wait there until the end of the practice; for I told him I wanted the lyrics of that song. We stayed there and when I returned to the choir room, the practice was over and many choristers had left.
I met some who were still in the classroom. We talked and they asked me what the song I came to get the lyrics was. Now I tried to sing the song, I couldn’t remember it. Come on, I knew the song and I was singing it at home before I got there and the chorister also sang it, but now they couldn’t help me because I couldn’t remember the song. I was perplexed. I thought hard yet nothing came to mind. The song was gone.

It was then that I woke up from sleep and I tried to sing the song without success. I mimed melodies and it still wasn’t the song. In the dream I was certain I knew the song. I have received several songs in my dream over the years. Those songs were usually original not like the ones I compose. They came to me complete and I heard the perfection in the dream. It used to happen that I always wake up after I hear the song and so I could hum it, and so I would take the phone and taped what I could remember of it or before I had a phone, sing it endlessly in the night so that I don’t forget in the morning. The songs I didn’t record or sing disappeared in the morning and I couldn’t retrieve them.

Yet the songs are never as perfect as I heard them in the dream. In the dream, it is complete, the melody is clear, unwavering; the lyrics are pronounced accurately and sung in angelic voices. But when I wake up, I can only hum the melody, I don’t remember the lyrics, maybe just a few words and many times I sing wrong. I only collect bits and bristles of what I heard so that they don’t vanish. So I put my own lyrics and sing them. They’re still good for I enjoy singing them but they’re not even close to the beauty I heard in the dream.

There were three songs in the dream and they were like Easter songs. It used to happen that after Easter, like Easter Monday or Tuesday, I used to receive a song in the dream or a revelation that I would write down. It didn’t happen this Easter which was on April 1 yet something occurred in the night of the 20th. They were three songs that were so beautiful and the last one surpassed the two by far.

Once I had a dream where my brothers and I saw a cartoon that was the consummate of every cartoon I ever saw. It was total bliss. The setting was like a bright village; it was something between Naruto and Avatar. The script wasn’t traditional and there was no fighting. But it was so good. I remember we didn’t watch it at home. We were like spying through a window in a quarter with sand all over and dry. That’s how we watched it.
When I woke up, I tried to remember the script because it was sure I had a one-million dollar idea there if I could write what I saw. In the dream, I knew the story, but I tried to recall it in the waking state but nothing. All I had was the sensation of having watched something out of this world. I told my brothers about it and they marveled.

I have started writing Other Dimensions. The stories are more fantasy than Another Dimension. I am stuck now and there are chapters I began that I can’t finish. The idea is fantastic. Eight different stories with one theme. The Elites of the Supreme Fighter go two by two to the obscure worlds to get the Mex for their master and each pair live a magical moment with the people they encounter in the obscure worlds, which world itself is a mystery. I have finished some four of the stories, but I can’t get to finish the other four.

Each time I take the chapters and begin reading the story so as to get the inspiration for the continuation, I am mesmerized. But when I get to where I stopped, I can’t continue. I’m the first who want to know the continuation and end of the stories, but I’m stuck. I can’t get myself to writing it. And sometimes when I read the stories, I feel there are items of what I saw in the dream cartoon in them. Yet it is not it because what I saw was pure delight.

When I woke up on Friday April 20 after the dream, I thought this: The Lord is the song that I sing. I felt my divinity, I felt I was on top of the world, I felt life was beyond what we see and do in the waking state. I felt I was eternal and nothing could hinder me for I am a celestial being. I was so confident and assured, and I looked down on any circumstance because they were nothing compared to the song that I heard in the dream.

The Lord is the song that I sing. A day before or so, I went to the balcony and I didn’t want to sing. Each time I get to the balcony, I always sing. Now there was no new song I could sing. I didn’t feel like singing the old. There is Adoration, which I also got in the dream, my latest song. But I didn’t place the lyrics so I couldn’t sing it so as to enjoy it.

I love singing but it’s always the Lord’s song that I sing. Other songs don’t interest me to sing them. Even when I felt like I had strayed from the Lord, I couldn’t help singing Him when I get to sing. That was strange to me because I felt he and me were not in good terms because I didn’t behave as he wanted. But I love singing and I can’t sing any song except the Lord.

So I will find myself worshipping and lifting up hands while singing. It has always been like this since childhood. What is the Lord to me: He is the one that I sing for there is no song I can sing and be transported if not the Lord. So that is what He is to me. Of course, He’s much more for He is my father. Yet if I have to talk about my communion with him, the place I see him, I love him to the fullest, it is when I sing Him.

It’s incredible how I haven’t released my songs yet. They are so lovely and I believe people are going to be beatified on listening to them, just as they will on reading Another Dimension. When I got discouraged sometimes, I used to say to myself maybe those songs were not meant that I should release them or for people to hear. Maybe they were meant for me alone for truly I have sung them and enjoyed them to the fullest and blessed the Lord while singing.

But I know the beauty, I know the bliss and that’s why I want to share with the world; the stories that are narrated in Another Dimension and the songs that I sing to the Lord. That’s what I want to achieve in this world; to get people beatified by my songs and books.

I’ll seek the song that I had in my dream of April 20. It was heaven itself and that to me was the evidence. It was the Lord I met in the song.

Before I slept that night, I remember I spoke like I was in a television show where I exposed on me and my books and songs. I was constantly telling Chris Evans to contact me for now that he knows me, nothing can separate us for I love him so much. But what I want to say here is that in that show where I was speaking to the world without anyone hearing me, I said the question of sin, death, the law, what Christ abolished should not be mentioned anymore. Because the mentioning of something is its perpetuation.

Why talk about sin again if it was abolished 2000 years ago? We believe in Jesus, he is our God and we should live like that, rejoicing without having any notion of sin, death, the law and all the things he abolished. This generation knows about those things already yet as of now, we should willingly decide not to mention them.

I know it’s the foundation of Christianity and my songs talk about it, but we have understood that he brought into existence a new heaven and a new earth at his resurrection, even though the events were hard upon him. But it is past and he did that once and for all and he now sits at the right hand of the Father and we live in the resurrection.

We are by no means saying what he did was not important but a child won’t tell his mother everyday how much she suffered to deliver him. Because the suffering is past and it is the life of the child that matters now. What I’m saying is that we stop talking about the cross, the suffering and death of Christ but live his resurrected life, the life he suffered to give us.

We shouldn’t think he won’t like that we forget it, but bringing that episode back is bringing back what he abolished during that episode. The words sin, death, law should be eradicated from our vocabulary for them to totally disappear from the earth since those are the things He abolished. Now is the new heaven and the new earth and we rejoice in the Lord evermore.

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jeudi 22 mars 2018


Jeremy: “You may be right, Wally. From the way he’s looking at us, basic psychology tells me he wants to help but he may be shy to come near. We should motivate him. Hurry up, Mario; go talk to him.”
Mario: “Why me? Why do I always get to do the most difficult task in this group? You four are bullying me. I’ll report you to Cap.”
Shades: “The spoiled kid. I see you’re still the adorable little baby of your mother.”
Mario: “Repeat what you just said, Shades. You think you have more guts than me, huh? Why don’t you go talk to the watcher yourself? What are you waiting for, Shades? Don’t tell me the big guy scares you. Come on; prove for once that you have the grit.”
Shades: “What are you thinking, Mario? I’m going but if it turns bad, somebody use their faith to get me out of there ’cause I feel I have none right now.”
Jeremy: “Have you forgotten? Ryan said we didn’t need to have faith but to acknowledge that we have it since it isn’t our faith but that of the Agape, which is one hundred percent perfect. That’s what we use to change things.”
Shades: “Whatever you say, Jeremy; whatever you say. But promise you’ll only use the faith of the Agape for I don’t trust your faith a whit. Well guys, wish me good luck.”
Mario: “Denver, cover Shades in case Jeremy’s faith fails him.”
Denver: “Yeah, yeah, Mario.”
Jeremy: “If that’s how you want to proceed with faith, you’ll lose everything. With the faith of the Agape, there’s no plan B or second option: either it passes or it passes. Period! That’s what it means to trust Him.”
Wally: “Silence, guys; Shades is getting close.”

Broly was leaning against a tree and facing the direction of the children. He had been observing the boys for a while and everything they did aroused his curiosity. Like the previous day, the scene totally captivated him so that he forgot himself and watched them overtly. He followed their attempt to build the house and was sorry to see their clumsiness. He wished he could help but since they were more grown up than his teammates of Always One, he feared and dared not approach them. Now one of them was walking in his direction and not knowing what to do, he only stood up and watched him coming.

When Broly rose to his feet, Shades got the whole picture.

vendredi 16 mars 2018


Mario: “This is hopeless. The wind blew down everything we raised last time. This work is never going to finish. I’m done with it.”
Wally: “It’s in times like this that I’d give everything to be friends with the Constructicons. They’ll finish it in minutes.”
Shades: “You’d be deceived if you were their friend, Wally. Ask Omega Red and he’ll tell you. Constructicons are Decepticons and they’ll only trick us and dispossess us of our house at the end of the day.”

Jeremy: “This is no time to talk discouragement. Everyone, back to work or we’ll never finish this. Pass the shovel, Denver. Our monument didn’t stand the wind because we didn’t dig enough. We’ll have to dig even deeper if we want a strong foundation.”
Mario: “What do you know about building, Jeremy? I told you we had to ask for help but Mr Brain thought he could do without the Builders.”

Jeremy: “Who needs the Builders when we have this book? Everything is here, Mario. We can do it if we really put ourselves into digging, instead of hanging out exposing unbelief. Our only problem is the sand. We must handle it on a large scale if our house has to be solid. But I don’t know how we’re going to do it. No worries. I’m sure we’ll find something once we’re done digging; though I can’t help thinking that if Terrax the Tamer was here, he would quickly bend the sand for a firm foundation.”
Shades: “You’d be sorry for yourself if Terrax the Tamer was here. He’ll wreck this place with his cosmic scythe and turn it upside down. And you think he’ll stop there? Nooo. He’ll create a bolt to strike the sea and push the waters inland. Then the mighty waters will rise and flood the entire region. Our beach and whatever hut we managed to build will all disappear.”

Jeremy: “You’re not helping, Shades. Come on, guys; you want our dream house to be reality or just imagination? It’s as if I’m the only one who’s on the project. Denver, follow me and let’s start digging.”
Denver (mimicking fatigue): “I’m tired.”

Mario: “You see, Jeremy; even Denver is exhausted. If you can’t do something, you can’t do it. We tried several times in the past and didn’t succeed. I’m seriously thinking we should get help instead of relying on your book.”
Jeremy: “It’s your pessimism that will make us not have this house any time soon.”
Wally: “Guys, have you noticed the man under the tree?”

Shades: “Yeah; the watcher. And he’s not even trying to be discreet. A poorly educated kid.”
Mario: “Like you, Shades.”
Wally: “His build is like that of a superhero. Maybe he can help in the construction. What do you think?”