Monday, November 13, 2017


In all of the campaigns of the Supreme Fighter, his elder brother Abel, and his younger sister and commander of his army Enam, accompanied him. A group of faithful companions from his childhood, from planet Zoe, and from his dimension, unreservedly adhered to his cause. Notable among them was Asvran of Rak, chief of the Special Forces of Ablom Empire. The Supreme Fighter also had a number of men walking by his side, some of whom were among the most redoubtable warriors of the universe.

Now the fall of Galaxy 7 shook the entire dimension, particularly the second galaxy. The ten inhabited planets were troubled seeing their galaxy was the next on Ablom list. It was in Galaxy Brave, second galaxy of Dimension 2C519, that Nootra, home world of superheroes, was found. Having raised a civilization of four thousand years, which experimented freedom, justice, love and truth, the Supreme Fighter’s campaign principally affected the Nootrans, as his demands went against everything their city stood for. Surrendering to him would mean the end of their culture and render obsolete everything their ancestors lived for.

The Nootrans were a people not ruled by an individual, a system or entity. They were people who trusted in their civilization with their countless heroes as champions of their cause. These had committed themselves to upholding those values, which citizens experienced in a practical way on a daily basis. Because of who they were, it was therefore impossible for them to give up their values by surrendering to someone whose will wasn’t the mind of their ancestors. The essence of Nootra Civilization was their freedom. They wouldn’t relinquish what liberated them from all servitudes, which permitted them to enjoy the unlimited treasures of existence.
So when the Supreme Fighter contacted NSF and gave them the ultimatum, the heroes left him no room for illusions. The Council stood as one and gave him a categorical no. Nootra’s response stimulated the other planets and they too refused to comply with the conqueror’s demands. Galaxy 2 then proceeded to launching a secret program aimed at raising a fighting unit to frustrate the enemy’s plans.

After receiving the response of the Brave, the Supreme Fighter moved the Ablom to Galaxy 1, which was loosely populated. With his multifaceted technologies, Kainos Ablom conquered it in no time, and made it his base of operation. He shortened the deadline against the Brave to three months. Whenever he threatened the total destruction of a galaxy, the Emperor of Rak had this habit of issuing an ultimatum accompanied by a deadline. He considered himself strongest man of the world and none had proven him wrong so far, for none of the fearsome fighters he confronted ever defeated him. So he never acted impulsively, but he gave time for his victims to weigh up the odds.

Following the present threat of the Supreme Fighter, the securities of the ten planets of Galaxy 2 convened a series of inter-planetary meetings, held in secret locations. They talked of attacking the Supreme Fighter in his ship. The most important point on the agenda was the creation of a galactic force to comprise warriors from the ten planets. Representatives of the different worlds kept in absolute secrecy what was discussed in these meetings, as the success of the operation depended on the element of surprise. Their dealings were held in complete confidentiality until their actualization. The delegates returned home after any of such meetings and reported the conclusions in the ears of the prominent people of their worlds.

The delegates from Nootra returned home and NSF called a meeting with its renowned heroes. These made up the Council of that session: Captain Nootra, Son Goku, Superman, Ancient One of Heyas, Ms Marvel, J’onn J’onzz, Iron Man, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Optimus Prime, Bulma, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier, Batman, Vegeta, Thor, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and other citizens. It was in the underground hall of Central Headquarters of Nootra Security Forces of Mid Nootra that they gathered. No sooner had they opened the session than L5 contacted the Council. The agents working in the spatial secret base of Mid Nootra reported having sighted Galactus approaching in their direction with a white flag tied to one of his fingers. The Council immediately dissolved and all agents present hurried to space, some using their flight mode, others through anti-gravitationals. They rushed to the edge of their planet to stop Galactus before he entered Nootra’s atmosphere.

The five headquarters and secret bases among other bases, agencies and security centres of Nootra had their weapons targeting the incoming villain while following his progression through their snipers. J’onn J’onzz had ordered his commanders not to shoot until they knew the intention of the planet devourer. A protective dome was activated the moment NSF captured the menace and a force field covered the whole planet, turning the sky over Nootra into yellow. This indicated to citizens to stay indoors. If the sky turned green, they were to carry out an evacuation plan they had been trained onto. This protection was only an indicator for NSF set up a greater defence since the time they heard of the menace of the Supreme Fighter. This invisible barrier enveloped the city to keep the people safe.

The agents reached the planet’s threshold and moved further away to keep Galactus as far off as possible from the city. Galactus collided with the superheroes while travelling to Nootra and NSF stood in his way and showed him they were not allowing him to gain any more space in that direction. Galactus stopped. He observed that the entire Council had displaced themselves to give him a cold welcome. Captain Nootra, Storm, Cyclops, Batman, Son Goku, Invisible Woman, Piccolo, Vegeta, J’onn J’onzz, Jean Grey, Iron Man, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Mr. Fantastic, Wonder Woman, Thor and Superman all stood on full alert and followed the least of the devourer’s movement through their techs and sensorial faculties. He too passed his eyes on each one of them, staring hard at them.

Captain Nootra separated from the group and stepped forward to get closer to Galactus. He addressed their guest in an unfriendly tone. Galactus’ visit was undesirable. NSF didn’t want another villain to deal with now that the Supreme Fighter was behind their back.

Captain Nootra: “Why are you here, Galactus? Express your intention clearly and avoid being sarcastic for we’re not in the mood.”

Captain Nootra was impulsive so Piccolo followed him to the front to obtain a clear-cut reason for the coming of one of the dreaded super villains of the galaxy to the city.

Monday, November 6, 2017


This happened two years after Nootra’s forces eliminated the threat of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Galaxy Brave was not ready for what was coming against it. The ten inhabited planets found themselves in a danger far bigger than any their world had ever faced. It came from the Hidden Dimension and turned out to be the biggest menace of all-time. The Hidden Dimension was the Closed Realm, as opposed to the Open Realm, which were the known parts of the universe. The mystery of the Hidden Dimension lay in the fact that no radar from the Open Realm could trace it.

The Braves were aware of the existence of this dimension for there were proofs confirming its reality. Still, they couldn’t locate it on the map of the universe. People who ventured out of there called it Dimension 1J414. These were trapped in Other Dimensions, as the location of their world was unknown to the Open, the reason why it was named Hidden. Adventurers from the Hidden Dimension told stories of their magnificent world and of its powerful leader. These stories sounded like fables in the ears of the Open Realmers for the splendour of that world seemed grossly exaggerated.

The mystery of the Hidden Dimension was unveiled when its emperor entered the Open Realm and announced his goal of conquering each planet, system, galaxy and dimension of the universe and rule as Emperor of the World. This man, Kainos Ablom and Emperor of Rak, was also known as Supreme Fighter. Though his face was veiled to many, his fame had spread through all civilizations for the ingenuity of his person, the dreadfulness of his techniques, the advanced quality of his technologies and the vastness of his empire. Kainos Ablom was The Phenomenon. He alone boasted of not having only subdued a whole dimension, but also of maintaining its galaxies in a technological state unprecedented in the world.
After conquering his native planet Zoe and Galaxy Bold, the Supreme Fighter took upon himself the audacious ambition of lording over the world. He launched a campaign of incorporating all galaxies of the Hidden Dimension into Ablom Empire. He achieved this when he conquered Telem, strongest and most advanced galaxy of the Hidden Dimension. Despite its technologies and the fearlessness of its warriors, Telem was helpless in front of the might of the Emperor of Rak and of his fierce companions.

At the report of the conquest of Telem and the desertion of Master Seth, the hearts of the people sank. Though they fought relentlessly against Rak domination, one after the other, the galaxies fell to the Ablom. The Ablom was the warship of the Supreme Fighter, a created mobile sphere of the size of an asteroid, which harboured the might, power and ingenuity of the Emperor of Rak.

After sweeping aside all galaxies of his dimension, the Supreme Fighter included them in his domain and sat as absolute monarch of Dimension 1J414. Having consolidated his rule over the Hidden Dimension, Kainos Ablom turned to the outside world and launched the second phase of his expedition. He planned to achieve this in stages because of the vastness of the universe. Having observed the many dimensions of the world, he was attracted to one in particular. Dimension 2C519 gained his attention once he knew it harboured the most powerful warriors of the world. So he began his conquest there. The Supreme Fighter appeared in the Open Realm with a desire to prove his superiority over all other human, artificial or intellectual resource.

Dimension 2C519 sheltered nine galaxies and for this universal phase of the campaign, the Ablom embarked on a mission to subduing the nine galaxies. Instead of directly attacking the second galaxy, as was his desire, the Supreme Fighter went against Galaxy 7, most populated in the dimension. He fought there for three days and the galaxy fell under the superior war tactics of the Ablom. One of his revolutionary technologies was a time bending kit, which distorted information. With this, the Ablom isolated the seventh galaxy from the rest of the world and the eight neighbouring galaxies received false information on the situation of the seventh until the siege and conquest were over.

Rak Empire eventually incorporated Galaxy 7 and Kainos Ablom became ruler of one of the galaxies of the Open Realm. When the rest of the galaxies saw how fast and how easily he subdued the biggest galaxy of their dimension, the rumours about the Hidden Dimension and its mighty leader were confirmed. Then the people feared for their world.

The Supreme Fighter published his victory to the rest of the galaxies and told them to surrender their sovereignty to him or face annihilation. He addressed himself particularly to the second galaxy, his next target. He gave the Braves six months to surrender, warning them that their refusal to comply would result in the destruction of their world. In all of the campaigns of the Supreme Fighter, his elder brother Abel, and his younger sister and commander of his army Enam, accompanied him.

A group of faithful companions from his childhood, from planet Zoe, and from his dimension, unreservedly adhered to his cause. Notable among them was Asvran of Rak, chief of the Special Forces of Ablom Empire.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


After being to their respective homes, the children came together one starry night at Alan’s place. Alan was lying on the roof of his house and watching the stars. One after the other, Ryan, Noah and Zach joined him. Without saying a word, they silently gazed at the sky for long. They noticed a galaxy that glittered exceptionally and recognized it as the galaxy of their friends. Then they began to voice what their experience in Nootra produced in them.

Alan: “I now know all things are possible.”
Ryan: “When you believe.”
Zach: “When your cause is just.”
Noah: “When you love unreservedly.”
Alan: “When you never give up your dream.”
Ryan: “He has fulfilled our dreams, all we ever prayed for. Alan walked in space, Zach had his duel, Noah met her superheroes and I received revelation of Him as the Man who defines all men.”
Zach: “Son Goku and all the heroes believe Him. Although they’re strong, they acknowledge the Agape for what He is.”
Noah: “Even Vegeta recognizes His authority.”
Ryan: “J’onn J’onzz and Professor Xavier speak of Him with great admiration. How did they grasp that knowledge which many of us haven’t?”

Zach: “After this experience, I’ve realized the Agape is the ultimate dream. He’s the hero. Who can fulfil dreams like He does? Who would do this for us if not Him? Who could beautifully bring our many dreams together in one like He did?”
Ryan: “I’m amazed at His love; He cares about our dreams. By placing everything good in us, He is pleased to see us acknowledge what He has become to us, and so we receive whatever we want. He brought us to experience what we’ve hoped for all our lives. Man is so lucky the Agape is his champion.”
Alan: “But this isn’t luck for it’s not by chance that He is what He is. He’s faithful to Himself and we benefit from what He is, even His goodness.”

Noah: “All our dreams are in Him. This is where I see Denver, Rahan and Vegeta always. Like Iron Man, I acknowledge all the good things in me. I acknowledge that cartoon heroes are in me because He is in me and they are in Him.”
Zach: “Superman said man is the representative of the Agape in the physical world. Wolverine said He has committed the building of our world to us. We’re the ones to bring forth the good and make this world a place of bliss. Son Goku entrusted me with this mission and I can’t fail him.”

Alan: “We’re all heroes and can bring about a change for the best in our world. Let’s promise that with our trust in the faith of the Agape in us, we shall make Earth the place of happiness for ourselves, our families, relatives, friends, neighbours and all humanity.”

The four children brought their right hands together and made that promise to each other. After the solemn exercise, they continued.
Noah: “There’s a world where we, our loved ones and our heroes live together. This is the place to be manifested, where all villains are good. We saw how Megatron allied with Optimus Prime and they won together. Galactus also did a good job when he prevented Son Goku from killing Broly. And Broly didn’t attack Son Goku when he changed into Legendary Super Saiyan within Galactus’ armour. The evil will soon vanish since it has already been defeated. The greatest enemy is despair. Rahan said we should think the best of and for everyone. I pray that all villains turn good and become heroes.”
Ryan: “If we live to make this place the best place in the world, we will see appear even here, the place of the dreams of every man. And we shall see Him face-to-face. Invisible Woman said that would be fulfilling. Meeting the Agape face-to-face is the ultimate of man.”

Alan: “Remember the words of Captain Nootra. We can experience satisfaction right now by knowing ourselves as we’re known, even as the Son. Son Goku said that’s our destiny.”
Noah: “What He asks us is to trust Him. It’s by trusting Him that we can experience the fullness of Him.”
Zach: “Archangel said our mission is to transform everything into good. We’ll turn every man, every creature, every speech, every situation, every matter, every element, every object and the whole world into good as we live fulfilled, entire, complete and satisfied knowing that the Agape has been made to us everything good, just and beautiful.”
Alan: “I am righteous for my family.”
Ryan: “I believe for my friends.”
Noah: “I love for the Earth.”
Zach: “I live for humanity.”
Ryan: “I know myself as son of the Agape.”

As the children were making these declarations, they heard beeps coming from the backpack of Alan.
Noah: “You’d better change your ringtone. I know you don’t like mobiles but Al, you’re using an old-fashioned stuff in a modern world.”
Alan: “Check this out, guys; it’s coming from the com Batman gave me.”
Noah: “You’re bluffing. Come on, let me see.”
Ryan: “Hey, it’s really from the communicator.”
Zach: “Do you think it’s from Nootra?”
Alan: “There’s only one way to find out. I think you have to press the blue button.”
Noah: “What are you waiting for, Al? Press it.”
Ryan: “Guys, are you sure you want to do this?”
Zach: “Where did your faith go suddenly?”

Noah eagerly stretched out a hand and pressed the button, and they all listened attentively. It was silent for a while and then there were some sound vibrations, and soon the link became good. Then they heard an audible voice at the other end of the line.
Voice (through com): “Alan, come in; it’s Batman. Have you four arrived safely on Earth?”
Alan, Noah, Zach and Ryan remained speechless and stared at each other in bewilderment…

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Noah: “It’s because we were never here but in Nootra, home planet of cartoons.”
Alan’s Father: “Children, you can’t get away with that story. I think I’ve been telling you this since you were small: cartoons don’t exist.”
Agent 2: “How irresponsible! You allowed them to get addicted to that stuff and here’s the result. That’s why I forbade my children from watching those shows, which come from the evil imagination of people’s minds.”

Director: “Zachary’s arguments are logical and sound credible, but what you’re saying is completely impossible. Let’s even suppose you made the journey to space. Will you do such a hazardous thing only to come up with a story to prove that what you believe is true?”
Ryan: “We’re not trying to prove anything to anyone; we’re only living our dreams. You may believe us or not but you won’t stop us from saying what we know; or else we would be hypocrites just because we fear you wouldn’t approve of what we say.”

Alan’s Father: “Children, your action was daring yet risky. If a space shuttle had to land here anytime, you could have been hurt. You must be responsible. Son, if you wanted to spend a few nights in the astronomy base with your friends, you should have asked me. Did you even think of how worried we could be? Your mother was terribly distressed these two days.”
Alan: “I can’t believe you of all people don’t want to believe us even after hearing Zach’s explanation. Aren’t you all rationalists? What then do you answer to that logic? You’re the astronomers, those in quest of life in space. But look at your reaction when we tell you there are men up there. How do you want to meet people from other worlds if you don’t even expect their existence? It’s like you’re not sincere as regards the grand aspiration of your profession.”

Alan’s Father: “I’m puzzled but your story is too unlikely that my mind can’t take it. Even if I have to believe, then your journey to space would be the most unkind thing you would have done to us, son. What if you didn’t come back? Did you think about that?”
Alan: “Dad, you had to know Ryan was with us. We knew we risked nothing since the faith of the Agape in him would save us. And that worked out well for we met our superheroes and Iron Man asked me to take care of you, mom and the two brats.”
Lady: “Child, this is your imagination. Superheroes come from people’s minds. They’re drawn, manipulated and animated by men and computers. They can’t exist.”

Zach: “People’s imaginations bring things into being through the operation of faith. The whole world was once the imagination of the Agape and He called it forth into existence through His faith. Men have His nature and they do the same.”
Noah’s Mother: “What you say is hard to believe, Zach. Do you mean man can give life to an inanimate object?”
Ryan: “Not man, madam; the Agape. It’s the divine power that gives life to all living things. Man’s part is to agree with what the Agape believes about him. All that the Agape believes about Himself, He equally believes about us. The supernatural occurs by the power residing in a man who acknowledges that the Agape has received everything on his behalf. Our part is to take from Him what is rightfully ours.”
Agent 3: “There is no such thing as the supernatural. We believe what we see. If I can’t see it, if I can’t hear it, if I can’t smell it, if I can’t feel it, if I can’t touch it, then it doesn’t exist.”
Zach: “That’s your reality, sir and not truth. If you can see something, what’s the need believing it? Believing means trusting what human senses and logic can’t prove. If you trust in facts, that’s only what you will see. Besides, you’ve heard it already but you still don’t want to believe.”

Noah: “Truth is greater than what you can perceive with your senses. When you believe in love, love is going to be your reality. You believe what you see, we see what we believe. Our faith breaks limitations and takes us to our dreams.”
Director: “Foolishness. It’s complete nonsense. I don’t want anyone spreading such trash in this city. You insinuate that cartoonists bring their characters to life on other planets? That’s against the law of creation. Watch out what you say and fear His wrath.”
Alan: “Sir, we do not fear Him; we trust His love, which is good towards us. And we know He’s pleased with us.”

Ryan: “Although man has the power to call things into being, it isn’t the cartoonists who gave life to the people we met. Our writers and artists were only inspired to represent a people that already existed. Cartoons’ heroes are humans like us and we testify to Earth that they’re real because we’ve met them.”

Zach: “It’s no use, guys. Remember, they’re adults and have given up their dreams.”
Director: “Their parents should take them home. Apparently, they’re in good condition and need no medical assistance, except for their crazy story. You two, make sure to tell the parents of the other two to teach them to keep their mouths shut, lest other children believe and try something similar. Now everybody disperse before the media comes.”

Monday, September 18, 2017


The next time Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach opened their eyes, they were on the lawn on the roof of the astronomy base in the city of Aven on Earth. Many people surrounded them and they were looking at them bizarrely.
Noah: “Where’s Denver, Shades, Wally, Trunks, Goten? Where are my superheroes?”
Ryan: “We’re home, Noah. Look; there’s your mother.”
Alan: “Just one step from the Mokuton user. It’s so unfortunate.”
Noah: “You mean I just missed Sasuke-kun? Nooo...”
Noah’s mother fell on the neck of her daughter and pressed her against her chest.
Noah’s Mother: “It’s a miracle we have you back safe and sound. We looked for you everywhere until Alan’s father found you four up here. What have you done, children?”
Full of excitement, Noah unfolded their miraculous adventure to her mother.
Noah: “Mom, what happened to us is beyond amazing. We travelled to a planet called Nootra and found Denver and his companions. They took us to the city where cartoon heroes live and we met Batman. Then Yann and Cesare stopped us and Shredder captured Denver but the Ninja Turtles came to our rescue. Rahan, Tarzan, Iron Man and all the superheroes were present. Broly attacked them and Son Goku came to save everybody. It was fantastic, mom.”

The people looked at her in stupefaction, feeling sorry she might be out of her senses.
Agent 1: “She hasn’t recovered yet. You’d better take her to hospital, Madam.”
Noah: “It’s true; believe me. Where do you think we’ve been these many days?”
Agent 1: “It took us not many but a day and some hours to find you here.”
Alan: “You mean we haven’t been away for days?”

Alan’s Father: “You’ve been lost for about forty-six hours, son. I thought you four executed your crazy plan of travelling to space so I went with a crew of rescuers to the site of the detachment but we found no trace of you. We came back and then I had the idea of looking for you up here since I knew you loved staying on the roof. And guess what?”
Ryan: “This is more intriguing, guys. We spent a longer time in Nootra.”
Zach: “Seven days precisely.”

Alan: “Dad, we did take the trip to space onboard RM XIX and we were in the third compartment, which was detached. But that was the best thing that ever happened to us. We were transported to another dimension and we met our favourite heroes.”
Director: “No, you were not onboard RM XIX. If you were, there’s no way you could be here now. The team is still on space station VEX M21 and the crew didn’t signal taking you along. I’m the director of this base and I’m aware of everything happening here and in the vicinity. You were not part of RM XIX crew because I didn’t put you there. Your dad only made us waste money by taking a group of rescuers to space to look for you when you had been hiding here the whole time.”

Zach: “It was a secret intrusion, Sir and we didn’t expect you to know we were onboard. You need to reason out something, intelligent folks that you are. Number 1: this is an astronomy base and it’s under maximum security; how do you explain we got in here and stayed unnoticed for forty-six hours when you’re aware of everything happening?

‘Number 2: air vessels patrol this area every now and then; why didn’t they see us if we’ve been here the whole time? Number 3: why is it only now and not earlier that Alan’s dad received the intuition to look for us here if it’s not because the Agape told him that when we arrived? Number 4: how come you found us unconscious if it’s not because we just arrived from another world?”
Noah: “That’s because we were never here but in Nootra, home planet of cartoons.”

Sunday, September 10, 2017


As the crew travelled in space aboard Skyfire, an incoming meteor approached them at high speed. Skyfire brushed past it and scratched himself. He lost control and transformed from a shuttle into a giant human robot. But his passengers were projected into outer space. Silver Surfer rescued Denver and his companions but the Earthlings were drawn apart from them.
Silver Surfer: “Hang on, Alan; I’ll get you out of there.”

While Skyfire sheltered the Band of the Green Dino, Silver Surfer, Trunks and Goten tried to get to the Earthlings in vain. It was like the four children had crossed to another part of space where the rest couldn’t reach. No matter how hard the Saiyans and the cosmic human tried, they couldn’t get any closer to them. At that instant, a light shone behind the Earthlings and gradually moved towards them. Then they started fading away. Ryan understood what was happening and showed it to his companions.
Ryan: “Guys, let’s get our hands together.”

After holding hands and connecting to each other, they cried out to the Nootrans.
Zach: “Friends, give our greetings to everyone and tell them we’re privileged to have met them all. Goten, tell Son Goku I’ll be at the service of the people of my planet. Say goodbye to Dende for me. Thanks for everything, Shades. Tell Cesare to wait until our next visit.”
Noah: “I’ll never forget you, Denver; you’ll always be in my heart. Goodbye Mario, Wally. Trunks, give a hug to your dad and Rahan for me.”
Alan: “Trust me, silver head; Shalla-Bal has been waiting for you all this while. Farewell Jeremy. Tell Iron Man to take care of his family as I take care of mine.”
Ryan: “Now I know He’s the Agape who fulfils our dreams. Guys, we’ll be back for we must see Naruto. Skyfire, it was an honour.”
Son Goten, Trunks and the rest waved at them as they watched them fading away in overwhelming brightness. Denver and the boys wept for the separation.

Shades: “When I just started to like them! Goodbye Zach, Ryan, Noah, Alan.”
Mario: “I’m sorry for being rude, guys.”
Jeremy: “Take our greetings to fans on Earth.”
Trunks: “We learned a lot from you. Thanks buddies.”
Silver Surfer: “Alan, I’ll read the book you gave me every day. You’re my friend.”
Goten: “We’ll meet again. Nootra and Earth have made contact. We’re one people from now on.”
Wally: “We’ve always been friends since you knew us even before you came here. We’re the ones who’ve been blessed by your faith. Farewell for the moment pals.”

Denver (mimicking): “Bye-bye Noah. Come back soon.”
Skyfire: “We’ll take your greetings to Captain Nootra, Optimus Prime and all the citizens. You’re the friends of Nootra. Earth is welcome here.”

Silver Surfer: “I promised to take you to Konoha so don’t delay, Alan. I’ll be waiting for you.”
Mario: “They came to look for the Agape; instead they permitted us to experience Him. We’ve been with the people the Agape showed Himself to when He became the Man. I can say I’ve seen Him after meeting Earth, His beloved.”
Jeremy: “Nootra has received divine visitation. We too are chosen because of our encounter with the chosen.”
Trunks: “The Agape takes you safe back home, Alan, Zach, Noah, Ryan.”

The moment Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach held each other’s hands, the bright light that flashed started shading them progressively, until it submerged them. When this was happening, they had a wide smile on their faces as they watched and heard their friends shouting out words of love to them. They were confident about everything and when they couldn’t see them anymore, they closed their eyes in total faith.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Zach: “You mean Naruto is Hokage? That’s news.”
Mario: “That guy is no more intelligent than me. He brings the proud renegade back and they make him Hokage. Konoha of the Shinobi World is a real case.”

The Earthlings turned to the Saiyans and stared at them, surprised that the two seemed unconcerned by what moved them so passionately.
Alan: “Hey Goten; why don’t you say something?”
Goten: “Say something like what?”
Ryan: “Do you know Naruto and his friends? Has Naruto ever fought your father? Who’s better, Son Goku or Naruto?”
Trunks: “Naruto is a friend and we don’t fight him.”
Noah: “You mean you know him personally? You’re so lucky.”

Goten: “We know him just as we know citizens, samurais, benders, knights, ninjas, superheroes and four Earthlings. It’s not a hard thing to know people. In the case of the Shinobi, there’s an annual inter-planetary tournament for all fighters of the galaxy. Vegeta has always obliged us to participate ever since we were kids. That’s how we met the Twelve of Konoha and we became friends.”
Trunks: “The planets of this galaxy followed the example of Nootra and dissolved barriers among them. They interact with each other, and their representatives meet to discuss matters. Competitions, tournaments, festivals are organized to strengthen the bond between us. In Galaxy Brave, you can meet anybody you want and travel to other planets as you wish. You only need to tell NSF and they’ll inform the security of the other planet that you’re coming.”

Noah: “No frontiers and I guess no fares as well.”
Jeremy: “Just ask any superhero to take you there or a Decepticon if he isn’t bent on deceiving you.”
Skyfire: “Don’t trust me on that last one, Jeremy. Decepticons always deceive.”
Ryan: “You’re far more advanced in human relationship and foreign affairs than we are. This civilization is the best in the world.”
Mario: “Love looking at people’s stuff and never appreciating yours.”
Zach: “What do you mean, Mario?”

Shades: “Mario means it was on your planet that the Agape came, not in Nootra. This implies that Earthians are the chosen and it’s from you the universe is saved.”
Ryan: “That’s what Tarzan said when we were in the Forest. How did you come up with that, Shades?”
Mario: “It’s from me, Ryan. I bring up an idea, Shades develops it and receives all the honour. Thank you Mario, you’re welcome and don’t even mention it.”
Noah: “I’ll be resting on Denver. Wake me up when we get to Konoha.”
Trunks: “Noah...? We’re going first to Cybertron.”
Noah: “Are we obliged to go there first?”

Skyfire: “Do you want to play a trick on J’onn? I bet you he won’t like it.”
Jeremy: “Say hello to the strategist when you’re there. It’s a long time since we met. We used to solve riddles together when we were kids but he was far too craftier than me and before I knew it, he had become a graded Shinobi.”
Mario: “He was also a Shinobi whose faculties derived from his heredity but you were only a Nootran who didn’t and still doesn’t know how to fly.”

Wally: “I’d like to go to Earth someday. It would be great meeting people who know me and be admired by them, as you four admire us. How do we get there anyway?”
Zach: “With faith and a good heart.”
Shades: “That’s too easy. I have both.”
Jeremy: “What about your return? Has Optimus found a way to take you back home?”
Alan: “Not yet, Jeremy. But don’t mention it for fear it brings some bad luck. We’re not in a haste to go back; not until we’ve met the master of Byakugan.”

Trunks: “I see each one of you has a favourite among the Twelve. No wonder; they’re gifted and the Hokage did well to make them his councillors.”
As the crew travelled in space aboard Skyfire, an incoming meteor approached them at high speed. Skyfire brushed past it and scratched himself. He lost control and transformed from a shuttle into a giant human robot. But his passengers were projected into outer space. Silver Surfer rescued Denver and his companions but the Earthlings were drawn apart from them.
Silver Surfer: “Hang on, Alan; I’ll get you out of there.”

While Skyfire sheltered the Band of the Green Dino, Silver Surfer, Trunks and Goten tried to get to the Earthlings in vain. It was like the four children had crossed to another part of space where the rest couldn’t reach. No matter how hard the Saiyans and the cosmic human tried, they couldn’t get any closer to them. At that instant, a light shone behind the Earthlings and gradually moved towards them. Then they started fading away. Ryan understood what was happening and showed it to his companions.

Ryan: “Guys, let’s get our hands together.”