Tuesday, February 20, 2018


It was soon evening and the children had to return home. They walked together to the residential area and as they were going, they spotted Hawkeye from afar coming in the opposite direction. Broly knew the danger of meeting a security agent so he lingered behind and having distanced himself from his teammates, he activated the tech and turned invisible. Rain ran to the arms of her father and eagerly told him the scoop of the day.

Rain: “Dad, dad, I want you to meet someone. He’s our new teammate and his name is Roy. Come on, dad; you must meet him. I want you and him to be friends.”
Hawkeye: “Slow down, my treasure; we’ll get there. Rain, I said, slow down.”
Rain couldn’t do what her father was asking and she dragged him to her companions. But on reaching the band, she didn’t find their new friend among them.

Rain: “Guys, where’s Roy?”
Ruud: “He was here just a second ago.”
Rain: “He left without saying goodbye? But I wanted to present him to my father.”
Natsuba: “He must have received a call from NSF. Remember, he’s an agent, and as is often the case, they don’t have time to hang around with children.”
Rives: “Yeah. We were lucky he spent the whole afternoon with us.”
Anna: “Don’t pull that long face, captain. We’ll meet him again the day after tomorrow.”
Hawkeye: “What have become of kids nowadays? You’re no longer excited to see a hero? That wasn’t so in our day. In my day, we were elated each time we saw a hero pass by; not downcast as I see the six of you are.”

Rain: “Dad, we formed our team at last - Always One Nootra. Our new friend Roy from the South gave us a hand. He’s so talented. He was here before you came and now he’s gone. You’ll see him on Supermanday. It could be you know him already.”
Hawkeye: “Your friend must have been in some rush that I should miss him so narrowly when, as you know, I never miss a thing. But little girl, Supermanday is after tomorrow and I’ll be on mission. But I promise to meet your friend when I’m back. You say he’s as good as Ben?”

Rain: “When did I say that? No one can rival Benjamin. Benjamin is the best player in the galaxy. Cesare will never hold a candle to him no matter how hard he tries.”
Moon: “When are we going to have our archery lesson as you promised, Hawkeye?”
Hawkeye: “One thing at a time, kid. See that your team is established first and then I’ll give you lessons.”
Natsuba: “We all with Roy included? Roy and we are teammates now and we want him to participate in all of our activities. A team is a team and we stick together no matter what.”

Hawkeye: “Copy that, champion. All of you with Troy included.”
Rain: “Not Troy, dad; his name is Roy. Never forget that again.”
Hawkeye: “Sorry, my treasure; with Roy included. But who the heaven is this Roy? You said he was an agent from the South. I know no agent of NSF South going by that name.”
Ruud: “Of course, you don’t know him by his real name. He’s a superhero and has a secret identity like you, though we know yours since you’re Rain’s dad. But Roy can be anybody; Superman, Cyclops or Spider-Man.”
Rives: “He can’t be any of those three, Ruud.”
Ruud: “I’m telling you he can be them.”
Rives: “No, he can’t. Superman is sturdier than him, Cyclops’ eyes emit rays even when he’s not in costume and Spider-Man isn’t as tall as Roy.”

Ruud: “Suppose his build changes when he transforms. He could grow studier or even smaller. Superheroes are never predictable when it comes to their disguise. And how can you assert that Cyclops’ eyes emit rays without his X-Men’s costume? You’ve never seen him in civilian outfit.”
Rives: “I just know Roy can’t be them. He knew nothing about football whereas those three do.”
Hawkeye: “Cool down, kids; you’re wasting your breath for nothing. I can assure you that your friend is none of those you mentioned or any hero from this Side for the obvious reason that he didn’t know you. What’s more; I know the secret identities of those three and none of them goes by the civilian name Troy.”

Rain got mad at her father for making that mistake again. Hawkeye quickly corrected himself and carried her on his shoulders to appease her. So continued the children and the hero after the departure of the mysterious Roy. Hawkeye accompanied the other children to their homes then he and his daughter went home. As for Broly, he was caught up in third heaven because of this meeting with the Nootrans. He wore a big smile as he flew back to Galactus in space. He entered the armour and vigorously replenished his host.

Galactus knew something good had happened to his Broly for the energy he gave him was of the purest form. He also noticed the satisfaction of the Saiyan who appeared to be living for the first time. The former devourer of worlds was happy that Broly finally got what he wanted.

After loading Galactus, Broly lay in the comfortable bath of energy overflowing the armour. Grace and gratefulness inundated him that night. His nightmares disappeared and he had the happiest of sleeps with pleasant dreams. Broly was living his dream and for the first time in his life, he had friends.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Anna: “You’re génial, Roy. Guys, this is the player we’ve been looking for. Roy, will you join No Limits West 3 of Nootra?”
Broly: “I don’t understand. What’s this all about?”

Natsuba: “It’s a football team we created and it has its place as any other in the city. We created it because Westside 3 didn’t have a football team. But we couldn’t register because we lacked a player. This team is a new thing in Nootra and comprises players of all age groups who will play on equal terms with professional teams. If we have a complete squad, we’ll join the Football Fellowship and participate in the championship like Nootra’s Wings. So Roy, will you be part of our team?”
The proposal amazed Broly. It was the open door, which would give him full access to Nootra. He didn’t let it slip through his fingers but seized the opportunity without hesitation.

Broly: “I would be honoured to play with you if you want me.”
Moon: “Hurray! Our team is complete.”
Rives: “Now let’s get an original name. No Limits West 3 Nootra sucks. We won’t get anywhere with that. Let’s customize our team with something that symbolizes us. I propose the Big, the Small and the Rest.”
Ruud: “That isn’t original; it sounds stupid. How about the Lions of Nootra?”
Rain: “Are you out of your mind? We’re not taking that for anything. I know what we’ll call our team: the Archers of the West. My father would call it the same.”
Natsuba: “He may be your father but I don’t want Hawkeye on this team. If we used that, it would be as if it was his team. Moon, what do you suggest?”
Moon: “Nothing comes to my mind. Hey Roy, maybe you have an idea. Adults always suggest something they think is creative. What’s on your mind, big guy?”
Broly: “I’m new here. I don’t think I can help you.”

Anna: “Yes, you can. There’s nothing like a newling on this team. Once you’re included, you belong, like each one of us. And because you’re in the squad, you’re part of us. This is Nootra; there are no strangers here. Whether you come from West, East, North, South, Mid or even from space, you belong to Nootra and are a full citizen, like Captain Nootra himself. These five sides and their countless divisions are only illusory and do not exist in reality. You’re a Nootran once you’re in this city and every part of Nootra is your home. You can live wherever you want and do things in any place since there are no transport costs for the Aerialbots are here to take you to the horizons.”

Broly: “You didn’t have to remind me of that, Anna; I know it very well. I told you I’m an NSF agent.”
Ruud: “So what name do you propose for the team?”
Broly: “I love what Anna said; it highlights the oneness of Nootra. You children may not know it but that’s precious to me. If you’re giving me the privilege of proposing a name for our team, the only thing that comes to my mind is Always One.”
Rain: “Oh Roy, you’re good.”

Ruud: “Always One Nootra. Simple yet straight to the point. It summarises everything.”
Natsuba: “I vote for it too. It shows that Nootra is one regardless of age, gender, power, abilities, generation, space, time or the illusory division of people. We all belong here and are all part of this city. Nootra is Always One.”
Rives: “Well done, Roy. Anna and I will go to the Football Fellowship tomorrow to register our team. Guys, now that Roy is with us, I see Always One rise as champions of Nootra this time next year.”

Moon: “You’re our trump card, Roy. I can only imagine the faces of the other players when they learn you’re in our squad.”
And like the hand of the Agape was upon him, Broly became a member of a football team of Nootra, which he also gave the name. He found it hard to comprehend what just happened and he was in the clouds because of this great miracle. After settling matters regarding the creation of their team, the footballers of Always One played another round together. They later treated themselves to the goodies Nootra Restaurateurs put at the disposal of citizens in the park. Then they lay down on the meadow and talked of the incoming greatness of Always One Nootra.

Monday, February 5, 2018


Broly touched Nootra ground on West Side and suspended the invisible mode and walked the city like everybody. He had taken precautions not to draw suspicions to himself. He dressed normally to avoid distrustful looks and so walked around. The scenery of what he discovered as the most beautiful place in the world stunned him. He did come to the city on two occasions but then he was misled by rage and had no consideration for beauty. Now he was appreciating the paradise of the galaxy; and this filled him with great joy.

He spent four hours touring Westside though one thing was missing from his experience - he hadn’t talked to people yet. It wasn’t just talking to people; he had to make friends with them. Many greeted him as he walked along but he kept the hood and especially a low profile until he came to a playing ground with many children. He stopped there for the arresting scene. It was actually the first time Broly was aware of the younglings of men. He had spent those hundreds of years of his existence without being conscious of the presence of children in the world. All he knew was fighting and destruction, and so he was completely charmed by the sight of children playing. He folded his arms over the enclosure surrounding the park and watched those little men who captured all his attention.

While the rest of the children were engaged in other activities, Rain and her friends played football. Being the daughter of the vigilante Hawkeye, the costumed footballer Rain was smart enough to notice the watcher. She reported him to her companions Moon, a little girl, Natsuba and Ruud, little boys and Rives, a teenager.
Rain: “Look at that guy over there; he’s been watching us for a while now. And he’s doing so without any tact. I’ll go talk to him, but you watch my back, okay?”
Her companions nodded yet before Rain made a move in his direction, Broly outstripped her and walked towards them. Broly was determined to be part of the citizens and he knew the one thing to help him accomplish that was to establish friendship with them. And according to his observation, friendship meant interacting with other humans by talking to them, mixing with them and being included in them. He didn’t come to Nootra just to watch the city; he came to be with the Nootrans. This prompted him to take this bold step and though scared because it was the first time he approached people in a friendly way, he still pushed his feet forward for he had not come so far just to be withheld by fear.

Broly came to the little footballers and asked to play with them. The children looked at him and took fright because of his imposing build. But Rain wasn’t intimidated. She spoke out.
Rain: “Why were you looking at us that way? Nobody told you watching people was a bad thing?”
Broly: “I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t my intention.”

Rain: “You’re not from this side, are you? I’ve never seen you before. Are you one of NSF’s agents?”
Broly: “Yes, I am. My name is Roy and I am from South Nootra. What are you children doing?”
Rain: “What a question. We’re playing football as you can see. You guys of the South know no football. That’s why your team can’t do anything to Westside. Nootra’s Wings have been champions three times in a row and if the other Sides don’t wake up, we’ll remain the forever champions of Nootra.”

Broly scratched his head for he could not make head or tail of what the insolent child was saying. Fortunately for him, Rain’s companions intervened and Moon proposed something Broly first thought was a trap.
Moon: “Hey guys, we’re six of us; why not play a game of football? I team up with Rain and Roy. I bet we three are better than you, boys.”

Natsuba: “Hey, that’s not fair. You girls are good and teaming up with an adult will give you an extra advantage over us.”
Moon: “Come on, Natsuba; don’t tell me you’re this scared to be beaten by girls?”
Rives: “If we play, let’s say this round is just for fun. I don’t want you to go about shouting everywhere that you beat us.”
Rain: “You admit defeat even before the game is played, Rives.”
Moon: “Roy, show me what a man from the land of dinosaurs can do.”
Broly: “Children, I think I don’t know how to play.”

Ruud: “What do you mean you think? Either you know how to play or you don’t.”
Rain: “I told you Southerners are dull when it comes to playing football. Roy, hit the bench and watch us play. For the next ten minutes, your job is to observe us keenly, as you did earlier; only this time it’s to get the basics of the game. Copied that?”
Rives: “Don’t worry, sir; it’s not as hard as Rain put it. It’s only controlling the ball with your feet, passing it to your teammates, advancing to the opposite side and trying to put the ball in the opponents’ nets. That’s all.”

Anna: “Yeah; football is as simple as that. What were you trying to do, boys; play three against two girls? Good I was passing this way. Now tell me who our new recruit is.”

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Starscream: “The fools. They think we will stick to the deal and give them Blur1 when we, Decepticons never keep our word. It serves them right to have trusted us.”
Megatron: “You’re mistaken, Starscream; we’ll stick to our word this time. It’ll do us no good if Galactus holds a grudge against us. I don’t want him on the list of our enemies. Who knows; we might still need him in the future.”

Blitzwing: “I refuse, Megatron. We’re Decepticons and we betray people. And despite them knowing it, they keep coming to us, like those two, thinking we’ll be faithful. Deceit is the essence of being a Decepticon. I’ve enjoyed doing it for thousands astro-years and I’ll enjoy doing it again today.”

Octane: “I agree with Blitz. If we keep our word, we will fall short of our reputation. Imagine kids who respect us for what we are. They’ll say we’ve failed in everything we stand for.”
Shockwave: “Yeah; Decepticons never play fair with anyone. We double-cross all and sundry, whether they be Galactus or Broly. Those two will only have themselves to blame. They should have known better than to propose a deal with the Decepticons.”

Megatron: “I’m disappointed that I’m surrounded by incompetent fools who know not how to make the most of an opportunity. What do you think Broly wants Blur for? To enter Nootra, of course! If he wants the Blur to access the city, it means he’s working on how to penetrate Nootra undetected. But he was foolish to think I wouldn’t uncover his true motive. This brain that has lasted thousands astro-years can read the mind of a man without exercising psychic powers. Listen, Decepticons; we will be monitoring those two from now on. Soundwave, when he comes to take Blur1, place a tracer on him, and let Laserbeak and Ravage trail his steps. Once we get the information we need, we’ll build Blur2 and insert the technology he used to get to Nootra and overthrow it. Then Autobots will bow to our feet.”
Soundwave: “Well done, Megatron.”
Starscream: “Not bad for that brain of yours.”

The wise strategy of their leader won over the Decepticons and when Broly and Galactus came back, Megatron gave them Blur1 without making any fuss. They too were surprised at Megatron’s promptness in honouring the deal and suspected something foul. Nevertheless, Blur1 was in Broly’s possession and when he and Galactus left Decepticons’ stronghold, he went working on it to concretize his plan. In a pratical sense, Blur1 was a hi-tech suit that prevented chakra, aura and any energy from escaping the body of the wearer. It hid his presence, making him untraceable to scanners, radars and sensors, and so enabling him to penetrate secret locations unsensed.

Broly made one of Galactus’ wires his workplace and stayed there for several days, upgrading the tech the Deceptions gave him. Suspecting the Decepticons of planning something, Galactus entered a black hole to keep away enemy spies from staking them out. Ravage and Laserbeak did not dare approach the black hole for fear of being dissolved. This wasn’t the case of Galactus whose armour was of darker energy, superior to the one the black hole exerted. Having lost their target, the Decepticon spies reported to base without any significant information about the work of Broly. As to the Saiyan, the negative discharges of the black hole didn’t affect him, as Galactus shielded him within his armour.

Broly dissected Blur1 and removed the disc on which the technology was engraved. He joined it to another device, which made matter invisible. All this was finalized by the magical effect of the Power Cosmic. By the end of the manoeuvre, Broly and his partner had invented a technology that made both human bodies and chakra invisible and undetectable. The tech was powerful enough to penetrate Nootra’s dome, which Galactus scanned during their brief visit to the threshold.

When Broly tested it and saw that it worked, he wasted no time but launched an operation of infiltrating the city. He fixed the gadget to his belt and an invisible suit covered him. Galactus subsequently consumed the black hole while Broly travelled until the edge of planet Nootra. He penetrated the atmosphere concealed from the protective dome, and the security systems didn’t capture his presence. So Broly, former nemesis of Nootra, entered the city of his dreams.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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