lundi 19 août 2019


I travelled through worlds, plains, dimensions, universes. It was my life going all over these places, like a round, small, white light. I knew it was my life and it was going to the place where it came from.

I was being tossed here and there, my soul, spirit, the small white light, my life pushed from one place to another. I was like turning ceaselessly with no solidity, no place to anchor. As I crossed the passages, it was like I wound all over myself, like a ball rotating. I was rotating, revolving through the passages which were not round. The passages were linear, vertical, horizontal yet not circular and I was rotating, turning around myself being caught up in the flow, moving from one pattern to another, falling from a height, going through expanses and extensive passageways.

That place had none of earth’s properties; it’s indescribable and I use human terms, images and words to describe something out of this world. So what I say isn’t accurate because it was just there as I saw it, and I can only use metaphors, simile to describe the ineffable.

vendredi 21 juin 2019


Catapulted to another world, Another Dimension. Four teens secretly board a spaceship to the world of their dreams. An accident brings them to Nootra, city of superheroes. NSF considers them alien intruders and an unexpected turn has them facing the Frightful Forest. An old enemy becomes an ally. Firelord Zota seeks to wage war on his neighbors. Camp Aegels opposes him with its mightiest fighters and the world may still have a light that gleams.

The heroes must face the biggest menace of their lives. The Supreme Fighter of the Hidden Dimension enters the Open Realm to rule the universe. Resistance is the only option and the galaxy prepares to strike. Worlds Collide, heroes meet, champions are made. The dance of the mighty begins…

A man finds a baby on a devastated continent. He takes him home and Steven becomes the most loved child in the world. The boy however, shows signs of the supernatural. Bruce doesn’t want this future for his son yet destiny seems to call the child for something big.

dimanche 28 avril 2019


I'm a big fan of superheroes, comics, manga, cartoons, anime. My biggest dream has always been to meet them. As a child, I used to pray for them to exist. Now I know they are because I love them so much.

They haven’t come to me yet but in Another Dimension Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach have gone there and met them. These are the people we watch on TV as they live in the home world. Chris and his friends have fulfilled my dream and Nootra is the world as I’ve always wanted; where none hurts, where there are no frontiers, no poverty, sickness, racism, where people are happy knowing they're one man, and above all, where superheroes patrol downtown.

All my dreams and my hopes for humanity are in this series of books. Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam is the beginning of this amazing story

The Lord is the song that I sing, my family is my priceless treasure, my soul mate is my destiny, superheroes are my dream, the church is my vocation, I believe Dr. Shawn Smith, I write all these in my books Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam, Worlds Collide, Tales of Captain Nootra.

I want to meet @ChrisEvans. Help me get his attention. I left this world and by mercy, have returned. All I want now is tell him he’s the only man for me. There’s never been another. I disregard fear, shame and say what's true about me. Thanks - I’m alive in you.

jeudi 18 avril 2019


ANOTHER DIMENSION: HEROES: Superman and Captain Nootra raced until NSF Central and after showering and eating, fell into their beds and slept till noon. They were not ...

vendredi 1 mars 2019


Blue Beetle: “Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne; it sounds familiar. Are you a philanthropist or something?”
Bruce: “I fund some charities.”
Blue: “And you wanted to leave those to whom you bring happiness. I was in galaxy 1, on a planet where poverty ravaged the globe. Heroes went there to eliminate the suffering and I saw a little girl drinking a bottle of fresh water. She was happy, as she couldn’t drink as much water before. Children bathed in a swimming pool and continually refreshed themselves for they hardly showered there. I looked at the brand sponsoring the irrigation work on the planet, but it was no brand, only a humanitarian sharing out his wealth to the world: Bruce Wayne.

‘Son, you don’t know how many lives you saved in the universe. What happened to your parents is unfortunate yet it cultivated a heart in you, which has saved countless lives. Billionaires are inevitably charitable people, but not all have humanity’s cause at heart. That’s your purpose; to live and save lives with that immense fortune Tom and Martha left you. They worked for it and left it for you to use it for the purpose they got it and bring joy to the world. You’re a hero, Bruce Wayne and I’m happy to have met you.”

Blue Beetle took off and flew away and Bruce stood there puzzled.

mardi 26 février 2019


ANOTHER DIMENSION: STALKING: The two friends smiled even though Iron Man’s hardware covered his. But the grin of masked Bruce Wayne was the creepiest thing in the world....

mercredi 20 février 2019


Dear Sir or Madam,
I am highly honored to come to your authority to present this request. My name is Margaret Newmeli and I live in Cameroon. I am a woman of thirty-four and of Cameroonian nationality. I have a Masters in English as a foreign language. I taught as an English teacher in a francophone secondary school for three years. Now I am composing songs and writing books.

My dream has always been to migrate to the United States of America. This was since I was a child. America is my dreamland, the place I desire to be. Yet for many years, I have not had a chance of getting to your country. That is why I turned to the US Department of State and ask you to grant me asylum in your country, which I love very much. I’m committed to working for the growth of the country of my dream. I believe in the American dream and I know America is the place where all my aspirations will be realized.

I’ve sought to release my songs for more than twenty years, but to no avail. I am living in a French community and the message in my books and songs can’t be heard because I sing and write in English. I have always loved the United States. I remember when I was a child, I used to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July. I watched all American patriotic films and even wanted to be in the military to protect the American people. I read American literature at school and I’m a Marvel and DC Comics fans.

I love your country so much and I consider Americans blessed because they are in the country of all possibilities. I’m persuaded my writing and singing aspirations that got no attention because of no interest in my country will receive their attention from the Americans. I finally realized my songs, my writings were all written for the American people and I consider your people my people.

I am determined to contribute to the productivity of any American city I may find myself in. I speak English and French and I have worked in the sector of education before. I believe sound education for our children is the hope to make this world the place we all dream of. However, I am opened to every possibility. I can work in any sector for I have talents and much potential.

I spent a year in France where I obtained my Master’s degree and I visited the Netherlands. I returned to Cameroon after that period because Europe was not my dream; the United States is. I taught English Language to secondary school children. My salary was 100 dollars a month and the condition under which I worked wasn’t good. I was a part-timer and they let me go after three years. From that time, I concentrated on writing my books, which address situations of people in every domain.

Years have passed and I have not attained my dream yet. Please US Department of State, I beg for your compassion. I have no means to get to the United States except you the authority help me. I ask you to grant my wish. I feel like I was born in the wrong place of the world. Is my fate sealed because of that? Can’t I be where I want to be?

My destiny is to be in America and I have none to turn to but the United States government. Please, grant me the possibility to live my dream. I know this change of place is the breakthrough in my life. I just have to be at the right place for everything to work well.

I thank you Sir or Madam for reading my letter, and I hope with all my heart that you consider my case. I wish you all good things as well as the American people.
God bless America.
Margaret Newmeli