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newmar: MY DREAMS WITH CHRIS EVANS: I’m writing this because I want Chris Evans to notice me. I didn’t write it when I had the dreams some one, two years or so because I though...

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newmar: DES TERRIENS A NOOTRA II: Batman était debout au-dessus des portes avec les bras croisés et il regarda les neuf enfants s'approcher. Fixant les yeux sur eux, il a...

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Megatron: “Galactus my former ally, what brings you here? What have you done to your new herald? I’m surprised he hasn’t obliterated you yet.”
Galactus: “We allied once, Megatron and it was the most profitable thing that happened to me. I got a herald who didn’t need my Power Cosmic to move across the galaxy to find worlds for me to devour. This herald, on the contrary, has been feeding me these two years with his inexhaustible energy. He has been more loyal than any other herald I’ve had in the past. It’s because of him I’m here. He will speak with you.”

Broly came out of Galactus’ armour and the sight of him put the Decepticons on high alert, and they all pointed their guns at him.
Galactus: “Hands down, Decepticons; we come in peace. Broly doesn’t want to fight but to talk with you, Megatron.”
Starscream: “Broly himself and as mild as a cub. Galactus, how did you manage to control him without the crystal? I guess he’s your puppet now. We’re go for anything you ask but in exchange, we’ll use Broly against the Autobots to gain control of Cybertron.”
Galactus: “What you’re seeing isn’t of my making. It’s all about that fight we fought together with Nootra and defeated him. That’s what changed him. But as to what your right-hand robot said, Megatron, we can’t pronounce ourselves until you hear us.”
Megatron: “Disregard Starscream’s comments, Galactus. I alone will decide on the matter. You can go on, Broly.”

Broly: “I came to propose a bargain with you, Megatron. I heard you were in possession of a tech you used in the past to penetrate Nootra undetected. I want you to provide me with the same. In return, I’ll fill up a thousand Energon cubes with my energy.”
Megatron: “So you haven’t changed after all. But what makes you think Blur1 will work in your case? Octane invented it and I used it once when I sent the Insecticons and Stunticons to Nootra against Secret Base L4. We couldn’t use it again, as NSF created a counter dome, which pushed it back anytime it reached their spatial influence. Tell me Broly; you sure have an idea of how you’re going to use it to penetrate Nootra.”
Broly: “You don’t know what I want to use it for, and you don’t need to know how I’m going to use it. I’ve proposed a contract. The energy I’ll furnish you with can keep you and the Decepticons for the next three years and you won’t have to go looking for more. So, have we got a deal?”
Megatron: “That’s a very generous offer and it does awaken my curiosity. Well, for the good of the Decepticons, I accept but it will be done on my terms. You fill the Energon cubes first, and then I give you Blur.”
The condition Megatron gave angered Galactus and he warned him, frantically.

Galactus: “Don’t try to deceive me, Megatron or you’re going to get it. This is my energy I’ll be sharing with you. If you double-cross me in any way, I promise this base will go down and I’ll personally see that you run out of energy.”
Megatron: “Why the sudden fit, Galactus? I’ll do as you wish only that it’s you who begins. You proposed the deal; you’re the one who want Blur1. What have I to lose? And nobody told you it was impolite to come to somebody’s place and threaten them? And if you think your size impresses me, you know nothing about the power of Decepticons. I assure you there’s more to us than meets the eye.”
Galactus flew into a fury at those provoking words but Broly calmed him down.
Broly: “He has a point, Galactus. Why would he trust us if we can’t trust him first? And we’re the ones who need his help, not the opposite. Megatron, I am ready to fill the Energon cubes.”

Astrotrain, Octane, Skywarp and Thundercracker with Ravage, Rumble and Laserbeak led Broly to the Decepticons’ warehouse where they stored their energy. The Constructicons immediately went to work and produced a thousand cubes, which they brought to Broly. Broly had to transform into Legendary Super Saiyan to fill the cubes yet the moment he transformed, the Decepticons opened fire on him and alerted Megatron of the danger. Megatron ordered them to hold back their fire, as he understood the manner of the transfer. Although hit by the heavy artillery of the Decepticons, Broly wasn’t hurt for it required much more to harm the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Rumble, the most sensitive of Decepticons, apologized to Broly for the misunderstanding. The Saiyan went to work and started stuffing the Energon cubes. Each time he finished filling up any, a Decepticon took the cube away and stored it in a different place while another was ready with an empty cube for the infilling. Broly poured himself out and took no rest but he continued fuelling the cubes until evening. When the thousandth cube was filled, he was exhausted and sank onto the ground. Rumble was still the one who carried him from there and took him to Galactus who placed him in his armour, and his energy replenished Broly. While Broly was recovering, Megatron held a briefing with fellow Decepticons.

Starscream: “The fools. They think we shall stick to the deal and give them Blur1 when we Decepticons never keep our word. It serves them right to have trusted us.”

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newmar: DES TERRIENS A NOOTRA: Zach, Ryan, Alan et Noah se sont embarqués dans un voyage risqué à bord de la navette RM XIX qui a quitté la Terre et leur ville natale Aven...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


On experiencing the horrible pain of rejection, Broly and Galactus moved away from the premises of planet Nootra. The Saiyan was coming to the city with high hopes, expecting to be received as a Nootran. But his dreams were shattered when the Council of Heroes denied him. This response plunged Broly into dejection and though he reflected on the matter again and again, he found no way to make the heroes accept him. He thought of walking away from the galaxy and finding people who didn’t know his past. These would accept him like every man was accepted in the world.

Yet the consideration alone of this was too painful for he spent the past two years visualizing his stay in Nootra. The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly had a dream for the first time: living in Nootra. He wanted to know that friendship the people partook of, which he idealized whenever he contemplated the city. And the faces of the heroes were always on his mind; all of them mighty men of honour. These were the people he knew and the people who knew him. These people changed him and he wanted to belong to them. These were his people.
Broly was certain of this; Nootrans were peculiar because they were living a civilization that made them experience the essence of life. If any people were open to all men without discrimination, it was them. Yet though so open, they were prepared to forgo their fundamentals for the sake of one of theirs. Their response came to him as rejection yet that was the first moving moment he lived after his conversion. He, who was presently ardent to witness the beauty in human relationship, experienced it firsthand when Nootra stood as one to honour one of them. Though willing to accept everybody, they were not prepared to sacrifice their own for a mere ideology.

Could he hold anything against them? He nearly caused the loss of their city on three occasions due to his madness at the one he declared his enemy, though this one did nothing against him. Son Goku was the one who saved Nootra and it was right that his colleagues honoured him when it concerned that particular case that was his.

Still, Nootra was the place Broly wanted to live. Those were the people he had been cherishing since the day he became Galactus’ herald after the Battle of Agnam. He remembered one of them making a speech during that last battle. When their champion was down and could no longer retaliate, he believed in him and this act alone gave them the zeal, motivation and strategy needed to defeat him, culminating in their victory. That was the solution - to believe the impossible, to hope against hope and not to give up when all appeared lost. That was how Broly unconsciously used one of the virtues of Nootra to win his place among them. He had faith he was a Nootran and even before he lived in the city, he made Nootra home.

His determination opened his brain, enlarging his spectrum to find a solution to the dilemma. It didn’t take long for a bright idea to creep into his mind. He thought of entering the city stealthily, without NSF’s knowledge. When Galactus heard his plan, the former devourer of worlds knew the right person to help them do that successfully. Galactus enabled a secured line, which led the two fighters to the location of some dreaded villains of the galaxy. After his last invasion attempt of Cybertron, which turned out a failure, Megatron deserted his old lair and established his headquarters on an asteroid called Lebu. The Decepticons had settled there since then while waiting for an opportunity to conquer their home planet and take over the galaxy. Megatron heard that Galactus wanted to see him and he received him heartily.

Megatron: “Galactus my former ally, what brings you here? What have you done to your new herald? I’m surprised he hasn’t obliterated you yet.”

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newmar: A LA RENCONTRE DE DENVER ET SES AMIS II: Jeremy: "Vous connaissez mon nom? Votre histoire me déconcerte. Eh bien, Wally; ils sont dans un pétrin." Wally: "Puisqu&#39...

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Jean Grey: “Cap, you’re choosing for us.”

The Council unanimously agreed to let Captain Nootra, their ancestral figure, decide for them. He was the one who wielded the Nootra Shield, first brandished by Captain Universe, patriarch of the city. He had his spirit and the heroes believed that would guide him to do what was right. However, Captain Nootra didn’t like that the final decision came back to him. He had tried to shift his responsibilities onto others but as Galactus said, it was a decision he alone had to take. He was afraid for he remembered having taken a decision once, which turned out to be his worst nightmare. Yet he couldn’t allow that failure to hinder him forever. He looked at Batman and like in other cases, wanted him to remove him from there. Yet he knew it wasn’t what Batman wanted that he had to say but what he considered right. His peers encouraged him on this one.

Thor: “We trust you, Captain.”
Wolverine: “Don’t pressure him, bob. Kid, responsibilities require you to be at the helm always.”
Piccolo: “Be confident, Nootra. Whatever you settle on shall be the right thing.”
After these words from his best friend and two of his masters, Captain Nootra closed his eyes and entered a minute’s meditation where he considered everything revolving around that case. When he opened his eyes again, he spoke without hesitation and affirmed his verdict.
Captain Nootra: “Son Goku is the one who defended us the three times Broly attacked Nootra. If it were not for him, we wouldn’t be here presently. Our civilization asks us to receive everyone but if we had been wiped out, there would be none to receive anyone. I, Captain Nootra, speaking from my deepest convictions and with the most sincere love for my people and my faithfulness to Nootra, say we do as Goku says. He saved Nootra and if he doesn’t want Broly in, Nootra too doesn’t want him. We’re not letting down our own, whether citizens or heroes.

‘This civilization doesn’t only mean accepting people who’re willing to be part of us; it also means being loyal to every single one among us. We don’t forsake our own. It would be treason if we welcomed Broly and go against the expressed will of the one who fought for us at the peril of his life. Heroes, the sons of Goku, Gohan and Goten, are the ones Broly threatened. Son Goku was still the one who cast out the menace. Though some may want to fight alongside Broly and though he may be an asset, we refrain from him. If Broly has to be one of us, it will happen when Goku accepts him. As to the Supreme Fighter, what’s certain is that he will be defeated. The Agape won’t let the enemy erase this civilization. This is His city. He gave us the Nootra Shield so we’re bound to win all of our battles, with or without Broly. This is Nootra’s response to Broly’s request.”

The answer of Captain Nootra settled the matter, closing all debates and putting the heroes in one accord. He united them all with the enlightenment he brought to that issue and they knew that was the answer. The Council adjourned and Captain Nootra suspended the force field and once again, the Council met with the two redoubtable fighters. Captain Nootra gave this answer to Broly.

Captain Nootra: “Broly, we stand by Son Goku and decline your request. We’re sorry but after what you did to our world, we can’t make you one of us. We recognize that you’ve changed; the reason why we trust you’ll understand this. You’re transformed into good and we praise you. Spread this good everywhere. Broly, you find family, friendship and you live in happiness. Life is good to you. Broly, you find people who accept you. This is our blessing to you and it is so. Now we’re obliged to ask you and Galactus to leave this space sector.”

Broly was disappointed on hearing the ruling of Captain Nootra. He turned to Son Goku and pleaded with a dejected visage and eyes full of tears but Goku turned his look away, having promised to himself not to reverse the case of Broly by feeling pity for him. Broly looked at the other agents and there was such resoluteness on their faces that he turned around and walked away. He moved to Galactus and asked that they leave. Galactus was angry about the Council’s response and he wanted to speak but Broly stopped him.

Broly jumped on Galactus’ shoulder and this one retraced his steps. They flew away from Nootra’s gravitational influence under the unyielding gaze of the heroes. Yet though their outward expression showed intransigence, the hearts of the heroes smote them inwardly for it was the first time they rejected a man who wanted to join them. They returned to the city and on their minds was the dejected visage of Broly when they gave him that answer, the cruellest that could be given to a man: No.