Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Starscream: “The fools. They think we will stick to the deal and give them Blur1 when we, Decepticons never keep our word. It serves them right to have trusted us.”
Megatron: “You’re mistaken, Starscream; we’ll stick to our word this time. It’ll do us no good if Galactus holds a grudge against us. I don’t want him on the list of our enemies. Who knows; we might still need him in the future.”

Blitzwing: “I refuse, Megatron. We’re Decepticons and we betray people. And despite them knowing it, they keep coming to us, like those two, thinking we’ll be faithful. Deceit is the essence of being a Decepticon. I’ve enjoyed doing it for thousands astro-years and I’ll enjoy doing it again today.”

Octane: “I agree with Blitz. If we keep our word, we will fall short of our reputation. Imagine kids who respect us for what we are. They’ll say we’ve failed in everything we stand for.”
Shockwave: “Yeah; Decepticons never play fair with anyone. We double-cross all and sundry, whether they be Galactus or Broly. Those two will only have themselves to blame. They should have known better than to propose a deal with the Decepticons.”

Megatron: “I’m disappointed that I’m surrounded by incompetent fools who know not how to make the most of an opportunity. What do you think Broly wants Blur for? To enter Nootra, of course! If he wants the Blur to access the city, it means he’s working on how to penetrate Nootra undetected. But he was foolish to think I wouldn’t uncover his true motive. This brain that has lasted thousands astro-years can read the mind of a man without exercising psychic powers. Listen, Decepticons; we will be monitoring those two from now on. Soundwave, when he comes to take Blur1, place a tracer on him, and let Laserbeak and Ravage trail his steps. Once we get the information we need, we’ll build Blur2 and insert the technology he used to get to Nootra and overthrow it. Then Autobots will bow to our feet.”
Soundwave: “Well done, Megatron.”
Starscream: “Not bad for that brain of yours.”

The wise strategy of their leader won over the Decepticons and when Broly and Galactus came back, Megatron gave them Blur1 without making any fuss. They too were surprised at Megatron’s promptness in honouring the deal and suspected something foul. Nevertheless, Blur1 was in Broly’s possession and when he and Galactus left Decepticons’ stronghold, he went working on it to concretize his plan. In a pratical sense, Blur1 was a hi-tech suit that prevented chakra, aura and any energy from escaping the body of the wearer. It hid his presence, making him untraceable to scanners, radars and sensors, and so enabling him to penetrate secret locations unsensed.

Broly made one of Galactus’ wires his workplace and stayed there for several days, upgrading the tech the Deceptions gave him. Suspecting the Decepticons of planning something, Galactus entered a black hole to keep away enemy spies from staking them out. Ravage and Laserbeak did not dare approach the black hole for fear of being dissolved. This wasn’t the case of Galactus whose armour was of darker energy, superior to the one the black hole exerted. Having lost their target, the Decepticon spies reported to base without any significant information about the work of Broly. As to the Saiyan, the negative discharges of the black hole didn’t affect him, as Galactus shielded him within his armour.

Broly dissected Blur1 and removed the disc on which the technology was engraved. He joined it to another device, which made matter invisible. All this was finalized by the magical effect of the Power Cosmic. By the end of the manoeuvre, Broly and his partner had invented a technology that made both human bodies and chakra invisible and undetectable. The tech was powerful enough to penetrate Nootra’s dome, which Galactus scanned during their brief visit to the threshold.

When Broly tested it and saw that it worked, he wasted no time but launched an operation of infiltrating the city. He fixed the gadget to his belt and an invisible suit covered him. Galactus subsequently consumed the black hole while Broly travelled until the edge of planet Nootra. He penetrated the atmosphere concealed from the protective dome, and the security systems didn’t capture his presence. So Broly, former nemesis of Nootra, entered the city of his dreams.