Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Megatron: “Galactus my former ally, what brings you here? What have you done to your new herald? I’m surprised he hasn’t obliterated you yet.”
Galactus: “We allied once, Megatron and it was the most profitable thing that happened to me. I got a herald who didn’t need my Power Cosmic to move across the galaxy to find worlds for me to devour. This herald, on the contrary, has been feeding me these two years with his inexhaustible energy. He has been more loyal than any other herald I’ve had in the past. It’s because of him I’m here. He will speak with you.”

Broly came out of Galactus’ armour and the sight of him put the Decepticons on high alert, and they all pointed their guns at him.
Galactus: “Hands down, Decepticons; we come in peace. Broly doesn’t want to fight but to talk with you, Megatron.”
Starscream: “Broly himself and as mild as a cub. Galactus, how did you manage to control him without the crystal? I guess he’s your puppet now. We’re go for anything you ask but in exchange, we’ll use Broly against the Autobots to gain control of Cybertron.”
Galactus: “What you’re seeing isn’t of my making. It’s all about that fight we fought together with Nootra and defeated him. That’s what changed him. But as to what your right-hand robot said, Megatron, we can’t pronounce ourselves until you hear us.”
Megatron: “Disregard Starscream’s comments, Galactus. I alone will decide on the matter. You can go on, Broly.”

Broly: “I came to propose a bargain with you, Megatron. I heard you were in possession of a tech you used in the past to penetrate Nootra undetected. I want you to provide me with the same. In return, I’ll fill up a thousand Energon cubes with my energy.”
Megatron: “So you haven’t changed after all. But what makes you think Blur1 will work in your case? Octane invented it and I used it once when I sent the Insecticons and Stunticons to Nootra against Secret Base L4. We couldn’t use it again, as NSF created a counter dome, which pushed it back anytime it reached their spatial influence. Tell me Broly; you sure have an idea of how you’re going to use it to penetrate Nootra.”
Broly: “You don’t know what I want to use it for, and you don’t need to know how I’m going to use it. I’ve proposed a contract. The energy I’ll furnish you with can keep you and the Decepticons for the next three years and you won’t have to go looking for more. So, have we got a deal?”
Megatron: “That’s a very generous offer and it does awaken my curiosity. Well, for the good of the Decepticons, I accept but it will be done on my terms. You fill the Energon cubes first, and then I give you Blur.”
The condition Megatron gave angered Galactus and he warned him, frantically.

Galactus: “Don’t try to deceive me, Megatron or you’re going to get it. This is my energy I’ll be sharing with you. If you double-cross me in any way, I promise this base will go down and I’ll personally see that you run out of energy.”
Megatron: “Why the sudden fit, Galactus? I’ll do as you wish only that it’s you who begins. You proposed the deal; you’re the one who want Blur1. What have I to lose? And nobody told you it was impolite to come to somebody’s place and threaten them? And if you think your size impresses me, you know nothing about the power of Decepticons. I assure you there’s more to us than meets the eye.”
Galactus flew into a fury at those provoking words but Broly calmed him down.
Broly: “He has a point, Galactus. Why would he trust us if we can’t trust him first? And we’re the ones who need his help, not the opposite. Megatron, I am ready to fill the Energon cubes.”

Astrotrain, Octane, Skywarp and Thundercracker with Ravage, Rumble and Laserbeak led Broly to the Decepticons’ warehouse where they stored their energy. The Constructicons immediately went to work and produced a thousand cubes, which they brought to Broly. Broly had to transform into Legendary Super Saiyan to fill the cubes yet the moment he transformed, the Decepticons opened fire on him and alerted Megatron of the danger. Megatron ordered them to hold back their fire, as he understood the manner of the transfer. Although hit by the heavy artillery of the Decepticons, Broly wasn’t hurt for it required much more to harm the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Rumble, the most sensitive of Decepticons, apologized to Broly for the misunderstanding. The Saiyan went to work and started stuffing the Energon cubes. Each time he finished filling up any, a Decepticon took the cube away and stored it in a different place while another was ready with an empty cube for the infilling. Broly poured himself out and took no rest but he continued fuelling the cubes until evening. When the thousandth cube was filled, he was exhausted and sank onto the ground. Rumble was still the one who carried him from there and took him to Galactus who placed him in his armour, and his energy replenished Broly. While Broly was recovering, Megatron held a briefing with fellow Decepticons.

Starscream: “The fools. They think we shall stick to the deal and give them Blur1 when we Decepticons never keep our word. It serves them right to have trusted us.”