Monday, November 6, 2017


This happened two years after Nootra’s forces eliminated the threat of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Galaxy Brave was not ready for what was coming against it. The ten inhabited planets found themselves in a danger far bigger than any their world had ever faced. It came from the Hidden Dimension and turned out to be the biggest menace of all-time. The Hidden Dimension was the Closed Realm, as opposed to the Open Realm, which were the known parts of the universe. The mystery of the Hidden Dimension lay in the fact that no radar from the Open Realm could trace it.

The Braves were aware of the existence of this dimension for there were proofs confirming its reality. Still, they couldn’t locate it on the map of the universe. People who ventured out of there called it Dimension 1J414. These were trapped in Other Dimensions, as the location of their world was unknown to the Open, the reason why it was named Hidden. Adventurers from the Hidden Dimension told stories of their magnificent world and of its powerful leader. These stories sounded like fables in the ears of the Open Realmers for the splendour of that world seemed grossly exaggerated.

The mystery of the Hidden Dimension was unveiled when its emperor entered the Open Realm and announced his goal of conquering each planet, system, galaxy and dimension of the universe and rule as Emperor of the World. This man, Kainos Ablom and Emperor of Rak, was also known as Supreme Fighter. Though his face was veiled to many, his fame had spread through all civilizations for the ingenuity of his person, the dreadfulness of his techniques, the advanced quality of his technologies and the vastness of his empire. Kainos Ablom was The Phenomenon. He alone boasted of not having only subdued a whole dimension, but also of maintaining its galaxies in a technological state unprecedented in the world.
After conquering his native planet Zoe and Galaxy Bold, the Supreme Fighter took upon himself the audacious ambition of lording over the world. He launched a campaign of incorporating all galaxies of the Hidden Dimension into Ablom Empire. He achieved this when he conquered Telem, strongest and most advanced galaxy of the Hidden Dimension. Despite its technologies and the fearlessness of its warriors, Telem was helpless in front of the might of the Emperor of Rak and of his fierce companions.

At the report of the conquest of Telem and the desertion of Master Seth, the hearts of the people sank. Though they fought relentlessly against Rak domination, one after the other, the galaxies fell to the Ablom. The Ablom was the warship of the Supreme Fighter, a created mobile sphere of the size of an asteroid, which harboured the might, power and ingenuity of the Emperor of Rak.

After sweeping aside all galaxies of his dimension, the Supreme Fighter included them in his domain and sat as absolute monarch of Dimension 1J414. Having consolidated his rule over the Hidden Dimension, Kainos Ablom turned to the outside world and launched the second phase of his expedition. He planned to achieve this in stages because of the vastness of the universe. Having observed the many dimensions of the world, he was attracted to one in particular. Dimension 2C519 gained his attention once he knew it harboured the most powerful warriors of the world. So he began his conquest there. The Supreme Fighter appeared in the Open Realm with a desire to prove his superiority over all other human, artificial or intellectual resource.

Dimension 2C519 sheltered nine galaxies and for this universal phase of the campaign, the Ablom embarked on a mission to subduing the nine galaxies. Instead of directly attacking the second galaxy, as was his desire, the Supreme Fighter went against Galaxy 7, most populated in the dimension. He fought there for three days and the galaxy fell under the superior war tactics of the Ablom. One of his revolutionary technologies was a time bending kit, which distorted information. With this, the Ablom isolated the seventh galaxy from the rest of the world and the eight neighbouring galaxies received false information on the situation of the seventh until the siege and conquest were over.

Rak Empire eventually incorporated Galaxy 7 and Kainos Ablom became ruler of one of the galaxies of the Open Realm. When the rest of the galaxies saw how fast and how easily he subdued the biggest galaxy of their dimension, the rumours about the Hidden Dimension and its mighty leader were confirmed. Then the people feared for their world.

The Supreme Fighter published his victory to the rest of the galaxies and told them to surrender their sovereignty to him or face annihilation. He addressed himself particularly to the second galaxy, his next target. He gave the Braves six months to surrender, warning them that their refusal to comply would result in the destruction of their world. In all of the campaigns of the Supreme Fighter, his elder brother Abel, and his younger sister and commander of his army Enam, accompanied him.

A group of faithful companions from his childhood, from planet Zoe, and from his dimension, unreservedly adhered to his cause. Notable among them was Asvran of Rak, chief of the Special Forces of Ablom Empire.