Sunday, October 8, 2017


Noah: “It’s because we were never here but in Nootra, home planet of cartoons.”
Alan’s Father: “Children, you can’t get away with that story. I think I’ve been telling you this since you were small: cartoons don’t exist.”
Agent 2: “How irresponsible! You allowed them to get addicted to that stuff and here’s the result. That’s why I forbade my children from watching those shows, which come from the evil imagination of people’s minds.”

Director: “Zachary’s arguments are logical and sound credible, but what you’re saying is completely impossible. Let’s even suppose you made the journey to space. Will you do such a hazardous thing only to come up with a story to prove that what you believe is true?”
Ryan: “We’re not trying to prove anything to anyone; we’re only living our dreams. You may believe us or not but you won’t stop us from saying what we know; or else we would be hypocrites just because we fear you wouldn’t approve of what we say.”

Alan’s Father: “Children, your action was daring yet risky. If a space shuttle had to land here anytime, you could have been hurt. You must be responsible. Son, if you wanted to spend a few nights in the astronomy base with your friends, you should have asked me. Did you even think of how worried we could be? Your mother was terribly distressed these two days.”
Alan: “I can’t believe you of all people don’t want to believe us even after hearing Zach’s explanation. Aren’t you all rationalists? What then do you answer to that logic? You’re the astronomers, those in quest of life in space. But look at your reaction when we tell you there are men up there. How do you want to meet people from other worlds if you don’t even expect their existence? It’s like you’re not sincere as regards the grand aspiration of your profession.”

Alan’s Father: “I’m puzzled but your story is too unlikely that my mind can’t take it. Even if I have to believe, then your journey to space would be the most unkind thing you would have done to us, son. What if you didn’t come back? Did you think about that?”
Alan: “Dad, you had to know Ryan was with us. We knew we risked nothing since the faith of the Agape in him would save us. And that worked out well for we met our superheroes and Iron Man asked me to take care of you, mom and the two brats.”
Lady: “Child, this is your imagination. Superheroes come from people’s minds. They’re drawn, manipulated and animated by men and computers. They can’t exist.”

Zach: “People’s imaginations bring things into being through the operation of faith. The whole world was once the imagination of the Agape and He called it forth into existence through His faith. Men have His nature and they do the same.”
Noah’s Mother: “What you say is hard to believe, Zach. Do you mean man can give life to an inanimate object?”
Ryan: “Not man, madam; the Agape. It’s the divine power that gives life to all living things. Man’s part is to agree with what the Agape believes about him. All that the Agape believes about Himself, He equally believes about us. The supernatural occurs by the power residing in a man who acknowledges that the Agape has received everything on his behalf. Our part is to take from Him what is rightfully ours.”
Agent 3: “There is no such thing as the supernatural. We believe what we see. If I can’t see it, if I can’t hear it, if I can’t smell it, if I can’t feel it, if I can’t touch it, then it doesn’t exist.”
Zach: “That’s your reality, sir and not truth. If you can see something, what’s the need believing it? Believing means trusting what human senses and logic can’t prove. If you trust in facts, that’s only what you will see. Besides, you’ve heard it already but you still don’t want to believe.”

Noah: “Truth is greater than what you can perceive with your senses. When you believe in love, love is going to be your reality. You believe what you see, we see what we believe. Our faith breaks limitations and takes us to our dreams.”
Director: “Foolishness. It’s complete nonsense. I don’t want anyone spreading such trash in this city. You insinuate that cartoonists bring their characters to life on other planets? That’s against the law of creation. Watch out what you say and fear His wrath.”
Alan: “Sir, we do not fear Him; we trust His love, which is good towards us. And we know He’s pleased with us.”

Ryan: “Although man has the power to call things into being, it isn’t the cartoonists who gave life to the people we met. Our writers and artists were only inspired to represent a people that already existed. Cartoons’ heroes are humans like us and we testify to Earth that they’re real because we’ve met them.”

Zach: “It’s no use, guys. Remember, they’re adults and have given up their dreams.”
Director: “Their parents should take them home. Apparently, they’re in good condition and need no medical assistance, except for their crazy story. You two, make sure to tell the parents of the other two to teach them to keep their mouths shut, lest other children believe and try something similar. Now everybody disperse before the media comes.”