Monday, September 18, 2017


The next time Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach opened their eyes, they were on the lawn on the roof of the astronomy base in the city of Aven on Earth. Many people surrounded them and they were looking at them bizarrely.
Noah: “Where’s Denver, Shades, Wally, Trunks, Goten? Where are my superheroes?”
Ryan: “We’re home, Noah. Look; there’s your mother.”
Alan: “Just one step from the Mokuton user. It’s so unfortunate.”
Noah: “You mean I just missed Sasuke-kun? Nooo...”
Noah’s mother fell on the neck of her daughter and pressed her against her chest.
Noah’s Mother: “It’s a miracle we have you back safe and sound. We looked for you everywhere until Alan’s father found you four up here. What have you done, children?”
Full of excitement, Noah unfolded their miraculous adventure to her mother.
Noah: “Mom, what happened to us is beyond amazing. We travelled to a planet called Nootra and found Denver and his companions. They took us to the city where cartoon heroes live and we met Batman. Then Yann and Cesare stopped us and Shredder captured Denver but the Ninja Turtles came to our rescue. Rahan, Tarzan, Iron Man and all the superheroes were present. Broly attacked them and Son Goku came to save everybody. It was fantastic, mom.”

The people looked at her in stupefaction, feeling sorry she might be out of her senses.
Agent 1: “She hasn’t recovered yet. You’d better take her to hospital, Madam.”
Noah: “It’s true; believe me. Where do you think we’ve been these many days?”
Agent 1: “It took us not many but a day and some hours to find you here.”
Alan: “You mean we haven’t been away for days?”

Alan’s Father: “You’ve been lost for about forty-six hours, son. I thought you four executed your crazy plan of travelling to space so I went with a crew of rescuers to the site of the detachment but we found no trace of you. We came back and then I had the idea of looking for you up here since I knew you loved staying on the roof. And guess what?”
Ryan: “This is more intriguing, guys. We spent a longer time in Nootra.”
Zach: “Seven days precisely.”

Alan: “Dad, we did take the trip to space onboard RM XIX and we were in the third compartment, which was detached. But that was the best thing that ever happened to us. We were transported to another dimension and we met our favourite heroes.”
Director: “No, you were not onboard RM XIX. If you were, there’s no way you could be here now. The team is still on space station VEX M21 and the crew didn’t signal taking you along. I’m the director of this base and I’m aware of everything happening here and in the vicinity. You were not part of RM XIX crew because I didn’t put you there. Your dad only made us waste money by taking a group of rescuers to space to look for you when you had been hiding here the whole time.”

Zach: “It was a secret intrusion, Sir and we didn’t expect you to know we were onboard. You need to reason out something, intelligent folks that you are. Number 1: this is an astronomy base and it’s under maximum security; how do you explain we got in here and stayed unnoticed for forty-six hours when you’re aware of everything happening?

‘Number 2: air vessels patrol this area every now and then; why didn’t they see us if we’ve been here the whole time? Number 3: why is it only now and not earlier that Alan’s dad received the intuition to look for us here if it’s not because the Agape told him that when we arrived? Number 4: how come you found us unconscious if it’s not because we just arrived from another world?”
Noah: “That’s because we were never here but in Nootra, home planet of cartoons.”