Friday, August 4, 2017


Two days after celebrating their victory over enemy forces, some Nootrans were going to Cybertron for an official ceremony. Alan, Noah, Zach and Ryan were the guests of honour. They were representing their planet in an inter-dimensional friendship between Earth and Nootra. NSF’s agents testified of their bravery as regards the security of Nootra and Cybertron. It was at Headquarters South that Benjamin and his teammates met them.

Benjamin: “Congratulations dudes; you’ll officially become friends of Nootra and Cybertron today.”
Papan: “And you needed no camouflage for that. Who among you was my clone? Ryan, the believer? Man, what was it like to be me? Cool, not so?”

Ryan: “It’s cooler when you’re the one playing your role. Batman was really duped like a beginner for it was obvious I wasn’t Papan. Who can be Papan except Papan himself?”
Eric: “Jeremy made the mistake of disguising you as the troublemakers we all know of. He should have known they wouldn’t have taken it lightly.”

Benjamin: “Don’t blame Jeremy. There was only a chance in a hundred for them to fall on the Earthlings. They were supposed to be at the training camp outside the gates. Since we forgot taking the plan of attack our coach drew down for the final, the two decided to leave while we continued training for fun. And as it happened, they found you.”
Papan: “Speak of the troublemakers, here they are now!”

Cesare and Yann entered NSF Headquarters and walked up to their teammates who were with the Earthlings.
Noah: “Zach, make sure you’re nice to Cesare.”
Zach: “Why not tell him that instead?”
Cesare appeared to be still harbouring resentment towards the Earthlings. He addressed them sarcastically.
Cesare: “What won’t you see in this city? Impostors made friends of Nootra!”
He meant that for Zach specifically.
Ryan: “You can just be as stubborn as Broly Cesare. Will you forever hold on to what happened and not let go of past grudges?”
Cesare: “I wasn’t talking to you impostor but if you want, it’s you I’m going to deal with. Well, impostor number one, you think because you did something for Nootra you’re a hero? Let me remind you that you found the Saiyan because I intervened.”
Zach: “Look Cesare, I don’t want any trouble. I admit you and Yann found Gohan for us. I’m sorry about the cloning and please, accept my apology.”
Alan (whispering to Ryan and Noah): “Whoa! That sounds odd coming from Zach. He’s underacting himself there.”
Cesare moved closer to Zach and looked at him straight in the eyes.
Cesare: “No, no; don’t try to get out of this Zachary. This duel can’t be averted. Instead of fighting the Saiyan, why not try me?”
Lucas: “Take up the challenge Zach. Having seen you fight Goku and knowing Cesare’s strength, I bet it’ll be interesting you fighting each other.”
Zach: “Agreed. I too want to see what a footballer can do to a fighter like me.”
Yann: “Sunset tomorrow at the training camp outside the West Gates.”
Benjamin: “Contact everybody Eric. I’m taking the bets.”

Bruno: “Take mine Benjamin. I put my bet on Cesare. No way can the Earthling beat him.”
Roberto: “It’s because you didn’t see him fight Kakarot. Son Goku was in a bad situation and almost knocked out. I bet on Zach.”
Ach: “Respect anyone who learns how to fly in a day. It won’t be that easy for Cesare.”
Eric: “It’s established. We’ll all answer present tomorrow outside the West Gates.”
Ryan: “So you all wanted this duel? Why are you so enthusiastic about it?”
Papan: “Trust me faithful one; it shall be spectacular. When Cesare fights, nobody wants to miss it. Don’t be surprised if half of Westside turn out to watch it. I’m only sorry for your friend there.”

Alan: “You’re talking as if Zach was an amateur. Zach is a fighter and he’ll show you of what spirit fighters are made of. He can’t lose to a football player. Cesare shouldn’t have tried to ride on two roads at the same time.”
Voltz: “Nonsense! You don’t know Cesare. He was a fighter even before he became a football player. So watch out for your friend Terrestrial or Cesare is taking him down big time.”
Cesare and Zach shook hands to show they both accepted the duel.
Cesare: “Be there Zachary, or you’re a runaway.”

Zach: “Same to you Cesare. And don’t even dare dream tonight that you might win.”
Cesare grinned broadly at Zach, and he called Yann and they went off. After Benjamin and his companions left Headquarters, the four Earthlings came to Airbase 1 where some heroes were waiting to fly to Cybertron. Batman and Captain Nootra were seeing them off from a distance.