Wednesday, June 28, 2017


It was a happy holiday in Nootra. The people were celebrating their victory over the forces of evil that threatened their world. Festivities were going on all around the city. The main celebration was at Goku’s place, a small village in eastern Nootra. Citizens came there in their numbers and all were thrilled at that wonderful occasion of spending the day with their heroes.

Son Goku didn’t forget his promise to Zach. He took him aside and they sneaked out of the sight of everyone to get to a lonely place for their duel. On the way, they came across Piccolo who had retreated to a quieter zone for his meditation. He was floating cross-legged in the air under a tree by the stream. Son Goku lingered there a little to pester him.

Son Goku: “Still asleep Piccolo?”
Piccolo: “Asleep? I’m not like you who spend your time on contemptible activities when you’re not fighting. It’s obvious I’m meditating.”
Son Goku: “How do you do that - idling all day long and focusing under this racket?”
Piccolo: “If you keep the silence within, the din without won’t reach you.”
Zach: “Excuse me Mr. Piccolo; do you know Earth?”
Piccolo: “There’re few things in this world I don’t know.”
Son Goku: “Trust Piccolo on that Zach; he’s a master of knowledge. He receives revelation of invisible realities through his constant meditations.”

Piccolo: “There’s a world beyond the natural. If you allow your spirit to gain control of your mind, you’ll see truths the senses can’t perceive. And as your mind grows in the spirit, you’ll come to the knowledge of space, time, matter and the invisible. Planet Earth is in the Galaxy of the Chosen of Dimension 1T234, one of the biggest systems of galaxies there is. It’s the ground the feet of the Agape trod when He made Himself visible. Its people are the chosen, not because of their deeds, but because of the good pleasure of the Agape who chose them even before He formed the worlds.”

Zach: “But we don’t know Nootra on Earth. Our technologies are highly advanced and our governments have launched countless missions to seek life in the universe; but we’ve never detected your presence.”
Piccolo: “Science without faith is vain, faith without justice is useless and justice without love is evil. What were the real intentions of your governments? How can they come to us when they haven’t helped their own people? It’s a pity that with all these advancements you mentioned, your world hasn’t yet attained the basic stage every human planetary society should be: food, drink, shelter, justice and freedom for all humanity.”

Professor Charles Xavier was standing not far away. He heard them and their discussion interested him. He drew near and put in his contribution.
Charles Xavier: “Before talking of meeting other forms of life in the universe, make sure you meet everyone’s needs back at home. That’s the only way to make contact with the worlds.”
Son Goku: “Earth is the chosen and I’m sure your riches in human and natural terms are inestimable. Zach, I entrust you with the mission of making your planet the best place for its entire people.”
Zach: “It’s not going to be easy but I’ll do my best.”
Charles Xavier: “Your best can never be enough child. Goku’s best couldn’t save the galaxy. Never forget the most important gift the Agape has given us - people. The Agape intervenes in the affairs of man through men and women who come our way.”
Piccolo: “An impressive energy runs in your veins young one. Train and meditate daily and you’ll become stronger. Meditation will make you see the essence of life and be fully convinced of it. Then you’ll know your mission and the purpose of your existence. After pinpointing what you’re called to do specifically, you’ll be able to ally your strength with the good cause and win the fight, which in every case is to make the world a good place for each human, beginning with yourself.”

Son Goku: “Let’s leave Piccolo and Charles to their talk; they’ll never stop if we stay here. We have a duel at hand. So Zach, are you ready?”
Zach: “All my life Sir.”