Tuesday, April 25, 2017


It was a memorable day for Nootra and the galaxy. Their forces triumphed over the menace that had threatened them. The people came together and with the living beings, animals and vegetation, they drove out the enemy. The elements as well as energy forces of the galaxy joined them in overcoming the evil. This victory was outstanding because heroes and villains won together. Galactus made it more resplendent. By consuming Broly to be supplied with his energy, he prevented Son Goku from eliminating him. That act would have discoloured the celebration for it would have turned the champion of Nootra into the dark side.

The Agnam crew returned to Nootra and the whole city was in an uprush of joy. All flocked to NSF Central to see the heroes of the day. They were cheering Son Goku for his valiant deed and pressing around to touch him. Knowing his victory was the combined efforts of fellow citizens and not a personal exploit, Son Goku tried to shy away from their cheers. Still, it was impossible to stop the excited crowd.

Son Goku: “I didn’t do anything people. You’re the ones who gave me the strength.”
Papan walked closely beside Son Goku. He managed somehow to enter Headquarters a few minutes before the arrival of the main actors. Now he was coming out with the space heroes as if he had been with them on Agnam. He paraded in their midst and did everything to be noticed by the thousands of people around.

Papan: “Didn’t you hear the guy? He doesn’t need that. You should rather cheer me. I sacrificed a match to look for him. I deserve an ovation. Thanks for the shot. I love you all. We made it guys; we defeated Broly.”
That was just like Papan! Green Lantern, J’onn J’onzz and Krilin escorted Son Goku and the heroes as they walked along the extensive courtyard of NSF Central.

Green Lantern: “Goku, will you stop being modest for a while? We know we gave you our energy but you’re the champion who won our battle. These people only want to express their gratitude.”
Son Goku: “But the truth is I wouldn’t have done anything if everybody hadn’t come together. You all were just as heroic as me in that combat. Before you vanish to your quarters J’onn, brief me on how we drove out the enemy. I heard they sent troops even to the heart of the city.”

J’onn J’onzz: “Yes, but first of all, I congratulate all of you present. You’ve worked relentlessly from the time we heard of the invasion until this magical moment of celebration. Captain Nootra and agents were at the different locations of the city that were attacked. They protected civilians and none was seriously injured. Green Lantern, you and your teams were irreproachable at L4. The base suffered only minor damage though the immense Menasor and the devastating Insecticons assaulted it. The two other bases were also well defended and Team Agnam was excellent. I personally followed your actions and I’m proud to testify of your prowess. Well done agents.”

Krilin: “Goku, the whole band will gather at Bulma’s place this evening. She’s holding a banquet for you specially; with lots and lots of food.”
Son Goku: “Bulma knows me just too well; I can’t avoid any of her traps. Tell me Krilin; haven’t you grown taller since last time?”
Krilin: “Stop that Goku; it isn’t funny. You know I don’t take jokes concerning my height.”
Son Goku: “But it isn’t a joke. Where’s Piccolo to confirm this?”

Krilin: “Are you sure? Wow! It’s true unusual things did happen today. But don’t call Piccolo. He’ll look down on it as if it’s nothing. Big guys like him don’t appreciate the progress small guys like us make.”
Son Goku: “Don’t say that buddy. This must be established. (Shouting) Piccolo, Piccolo, can you come over here for a minute?”
Krilin: “He can’t hear you.”

Son Goku: “Don’t tell me he’s meditating standing there like that?”

While citizens were admiring Son Goku and his peers, Mario, Wally, Jeremy, Shades and Denver came up to the Earthlings. Noah ran to Denver and he took her in his arms and licked her incessantly.
Wally: “Hey guys, did you really watch the fight of the century live?”
The Earthlings told Wally and his companions everything that happened on Agnam. As they were conversing on NSF’s premises, Batman approached them.

Shades: “Watch out guys; the bat is close.”
Batman: “Don’t fear children; I’m here to thank you for your help. You were fantastic Terrestrials. I intend to apologize for the incident of the other day.”
Mario: “Well, well; Batman is appreciative and intends to apologize but hasn’t done so yet; that’s rare. Still, I’m not convinced of his sincerity. No, no bats, you won’t get away with that so easily.”