Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It was in a different mood that other citizens and heroes performed the hands-holding exercise.

Human Torch: “I’m so unlucky. Why should this creepy green guy be the one to stand next to me? It’s in such moments that I miss Ben; though The Thing’s hand may not be the softest thing in the world to hold.”
Raphael: “Spare me the dishonour. No way I’m holding hands with the spoilt kid.”
Human Torch: “You call me a kid? Let me remind you Rafa that I’m older than you.”

Raphael: “Rafa? You’re crossing a line here Torch. I’m already a master ninja but you’re immature. Grow up sometimes little Johnny.”
Human Torch: “You, a master; my foot! I guess how hot-tempered your students could be. Whereas I’m a cool guy and everyone wants to hang around with me.”

Raphael: “How I wish I had been spared this ordeal of bearing you Torch. Goku owes me a round after this humiliating experience.”
Hawkeye: “Hey buddy, you don’t have to endure Johnny all on your own. I’m here to balance things up.”
Hawkeye came with his daughter and the child gave Johnny Storm no respite.

Human Torch: “Archer, let it be clear; your daughter is your burden and she stays on your shoulders, not on mine. Rain, my hair isn’t a toy; stop pinching my nose Rain; Rain…. Stop pressing my neck. Hawkeye, get her off me or I’m really going to flame on.”
Raphael: “Well done Clint. Your little brat is treating the spoilt kid well.”
Meanwhile the other Turtles had some odd company in their midst.

Leonardo: “Raph was complaining about his case? Guess who’s standing next to me.”
Donatello: “No way Leo; the Shredder! Man, I don’t want to be in your shoes.”
April O’Neil: “That’s what it means to be in bad company.”
Shredder: “Do you think I enjoy this? Wait till I get my hands on you.”

Casey Jones: “You’re holding his hand right there shred head.”
Donatello: “Leo, now that you and the Shredder are the closest friends in the world, try teaching him some ninja principles with that psychological approach of yours, and find out why he’s that way.”
Michelangelo: “Maybe it’ll work for once. Shredder may have had a difficult childhood. Perhaps mama wasn’t there for his adorable little boy.”

Casey Jones: “Adorable little boy, the Shredder? Mikey, it’s in bad taste. I’ll bet my shoes he was a pain in the neck as a kid. Good mama noticed that early enough and threw him out before he brought disgrace on the family.”
April O’Neil: “Casey, no one would have those worn out shoes of yours even if they were given for nothing.”
Shredder: “You guys lie; I wasn’t a nuisance as a kid. I used to wash my hands before eating anything. Mama wouldn’t tolerate any disobedience.”

Michelangelo: “What a pitiful childhood! The Shredder was maltreated when he was a child. Leo, after establishing the reason for his constant derangements, you could be his advocate and see into his rehabilitation.”
Leonardo: “Oruku Saki, when will you stop trying to capture dinosaurs and breaking into agencies? Aren’t you tired of these things at your age?”

Shredder: “You don’t even know how old I am Leonardo.”
Casey Jones: “Last time I checked, he was over a hundred. And that was a long time ago.”
Donatello: “Raph is missing this one playing with Rain there. Now we know everything about the Shredder.”

Shredder: “You Turtles know nothing. You can laugh as you wish but when you’ll see me rise as leader of Nootra, you’ll only have your eyes to cry.”
Leonardo: “Only in your dreams Shredder. Resign yourself to that for with the number of superheroes in the city, there’s no chance it’s happening.”

There were mixed reactions among the football players of Nootra’s Wings. While some were having a good time holding people’s hands, others found it the most difficult thing in the world to do.

Papan: “I love this. The galaxy should be in danger often so we can shake hands with everybody. Guys, look for me over there.”
Cesare: “Forget it Benjamin. I’m holding nobody’s hand.”
Eric: “Well, someone will feel ashamed for not taking part in saving Nootra and Cybertron.”

Cesare: “Don’t put me in your category Eric. You know very well that I’m better than you in everything; especially in a football field.”
Eric: “It’s still to be proven. Here comes Captain Nootra. He’ll make you listen to reason.”
Captain Nootra came to the footballers and asked Cesare to respect the orders.

Captain Nootra: “Kid, hold your friends’ hands and be at one with them for this noble cause we’ve been made participants.”
Cesare: “Number one: I’m no kid; number two: they’re not my friends and number three: I’m not afraid of you costumed man. Remember what my shot did to you? I can as well repeat it. It’ll take you to hospital now that the super nuts man isn’t with you.”
Captain Nootra: “Listen to me carefully Cesare; if you don’t hold your friends’ hands in the next ten seconds, I’ll hold you in custody for a while and you can say goodbye to your football career.”

Cesare: “Are you threatening me? If you want to go that road Cap, be my guest. Remember, I know your secret identity; I can show it to everybody if you insist. Besides, I possess enormous energy reserve, more than that champion of yours, and it can take down that Broly you’re so much afraid of. What if I used it on you Captain?”

Captain Nootra: “What impertinence! Who raised this kid? I promise you Cesare you’ll go back to the Academy to be taught good manners. It’s alarming to have citizens, especially kids, speaking rudely to their elders.”
Ach: “Cesare, don’t you ever tire of playing the fool? You stand no chance against Captain Nootra.”
Voltz: “Forgive him Cap for this madness. You can’t blame him; sometimes it’s uncontrollable.”

Benjamin: “Cesare will now apologize for these remarks, which were out of place. Do it Cesare or you’ll lose your place in the team.”
Yann: “Only fools refuse to admit they were wrong. Do you want to be a fool or what?”
Cesare dejectedly moved closer to Captain Nootra and apologized.
Cesare: “Captain Nootra, I’m sorry for speaking disrespectfully to you. Please, don’t send me back to the Academy. I promise I’ll be a good citizen.”

His peers were taken aback as he uttered those words. It wasn’t like Cesare to apologize to Captain Nootra or to anybody for that matter. That was the oddest thing they had seen him do and they couldn’t bear him in that state. Even Captain Nootra was sorry for driving him to such extent. He hastily sought to restore the proud footballer to his confidence.

Captain Nootra: “Apology rejected for there was no offence. I wasn’t serious champion. Forgive me for pushing you to be another person instead of yourself. You did sound odd talking and looking abashed like that. I prefer you as you are but don’t overstep the limits. The secret identity is sacred in Nootra and citizens are responsible for keeping it to themselves if they know the identity of a hero. Cheer up big guy; I give you my word you won’t go back to the Academy. On second thought, your usual tone reminds me of someone I know very well. Give me your hand hero.”

Captain Nootra took the left hand of Cesare and Yann took his right. Benjamin, Eric, Ach, Voltz and those around followed; and holding each other’s hands, they released their energy and directed it towards Son Goku. In another place, some people were complaining about the mission.