Monday, February 6, 2017


Silver Surfer and Galactus also cut short their fight. Galactus particularly marvelled at the devastating power of Broly and he feared for his meals.

Galactus: “Here’s a problem indeed! If they don’t stop that kid fast enough, there won’t be any planet left for me. And when the great hunger will come upon me, I won’t have anything to eat. Then I’ll starve.”

Silver Surfer: “Are you saying that to me? Galactus, I don’t care if you starve. Thinking again, I’d be glad about it.”
Galactus: “Megatron has failed. I shouldn’t have allied with him in the first place. My Silver Surfer, you know you’re my beloved herald. If you repent and come back to me, I’ll receive you. We shall leave this galaxy and move to another. You’ll find more planets for me to feed on when the great hunger comes upon me.”

Silver Surfer: “In your dreams Galactus. Never again will I serve you. I’ll instead destroy you and avenge the many people your gluttony left desolate.”
Galactus: “What insolence! You’ve had your chance Surfer, and that was the very last. Even if you come begging in tears and on your knees, I won’t take you back.”

Silver Surfer: “Fine. This case is closed then. Once Goku disposes of Broly, I’ll send you to oblivion.”
Galactus: “Nonsense. That Saiyan is down and you still put your trust in him?”

Silver Surfer: “This is something you’ll never understand Galactus; you who’re big and think those smaller than you are there to serve as your subjects. These people are fighting for their survival and there’s no way they’re losing such a fight.”
The heroes and their foes stopped fighting each other and watched Broly making a show of his matchless strength.None among them could challenge him. On realizing they were all in danger because of that immense uncontainable power, they mixed together.

Storm: “Is there nothing we can do to stop him?”
Archangel: “If Goku is beaten, there’s little hope for our galaxy.”
Magneto: “Jean, try and see if you can talk to Broly through your psychic powers.”

Cyclops: “No way Magneto. I won’t allow Jean to risk her life again.”
Jean Grey: “Don’t worry Scott; I’ll only try.”
Wolverine: “Forget it Red; you’re trying nothing.”

Megatron: “This boy can’t jeopardize my plan. I’ve worked too tirelessly on it to let it fall apart just because one child is mad at another. I can still postpone it to the future instead of risking losing Cybertron for good. Time-out Prime; let’s join forces and get rid of Broly.”
Ironhide: “Excuse me? I think I hallucinated. Did Megatron just say we should join forces? I thought Decepticons never allied with Autobots.”

Megatron: “Spare me your sarcasm Ironhide. Only fools don’t change when they see reason. Do you think I’m foolish to the point of letting this boy shatter my hopes for the future?”
Jazz: “To be honest Megatron, I thought you were.”

Megatron: “Jazz, I’m a conqueror not an exterminator. Of all people, you Autobots should know me better. Optimus, you haven’t answered me yet.”
Optimus Prime: “Well Megatron, Nootra accepts your offer.”
When Optimus Prime accepted the deal with Megatron, there were mixed feelings in the two camps, among heroes and villains.
Apocalypse: “Too bad. Just when we were having lots of fun!”

Vegeta: “Most unfortunate indeed! I was just getting warmed up. Apocalypse, you tasted only an iota of the powers of the prince of Saiyans.”
Megatron: “If you were not late Apocalypse, maybe we would have avoided this humiliating compromise. Even the gargantuan Galactus made it on time, but I can’t say the same of you.”

Apocalypse: “I said I would join you at my convenience and it happened that I was retarded. But here are we allying with enemies.”
Ratchet: “Are you sure about this Prime? Do you think Megatron can stick to his word and not attack us when we’re off our guard?”
Ironhide: “Ratchet has a point. Optimus, they’re Decepticons and they’re bent on deceiving. They need no skills for that; they do it naturally.”

Wheeljack: “Yea. I can’t count the many times Megatron pretended to be sincere yet duped us in the end. I can’t trust him.”

Optimus Prime: “If it depended on fear, nothing would be accomplished in the world. There are situations that leave you with no choice but to trust your enemy, even if in this case it’s Megatron. He has too much pride to make this ultimate offer and deceive in return. My fellow Autobots, I call you to trust me on this one. I have the intuition Megatron is sincere and he won’t turn on us. We’re called to work together with Decepticons today.”

Megatron: “We don’t have all day for you to afford the luxury of doubts. Let me know when you’re done with the unbelief.”
Finding no other strategy to defeat Broly than this association, Piccolo confirmed the formation of the alliance between NSF and Decepticons.

Piccolo: “No battle is won without taking risks. Nootrans, the Decepticons are our allies in this phase of the battle.”
Megatron: “Well then Nootra, how do we proceed?”
Storm: “The first thing you ought to do Megatron is order the Decepticons to stop fighting in the city and withdraw your troops from Cybertron.”

Megatron: “Soundwave, send a signal to the Decepticons in Nootra and the three secret bases in the city. Also, contact Octane and the Combaticons in Cybertron. Tell them the mission is aborted.”
Soundwave: “At your command Megatron.”

Soundwave transmitted these orders to the Decepticons though Nootra’s agents had already defeated most of them.
Cyclops: “I’ve received confirmation from Central that Decepticons have ceased fighting in Nootra, L2 and L3. L4 already handled Menasor and the Insecticons. Alpha Trion confirms Decepticons’ demilitarization of Cybertron.”

Piccolo: “Megatron, I want to know if Galactus and Apocalypse adhere to this alliance.”
Megatron: “Don’t underrate my diplomatic ability big green man. My allies don’t dispute my decisions; they fully understand what alliance is all about. You’ll have to learn that as well.”

Apocalypse: “You think villains have no heart? We recognize when the situation is critical and needs our intervention.”
Galactus: “The only guarantee you’ll get from me is that I won’t attack you. Don’t expect anything more.”
Vegeta: “Stupid villains; they don’t make them like they used to. In my day, once a villain was a villain, he was a villain. Now they have a heart and what else? By the way, do ghosts, machines and energy beings possess a heart?”

Apocalypse: “In your day, eh? How come you’re now turned into the good side Vegeta, you who once were a villain? I see you finally acknowledged your constant defeats at the hands of the heroes and resigned yourself to joining them. You accepted fighting alongside Goku and you remained in his shadow instead of being humiliated each time you fought him. Not so?”

Vegeta: “If you’re trying to make me doubtful Apocalypse, let me tell you you’ve failed. I know why I became a Nootran and I don’t need to justify myself to you. You’ll learn not to hurl insults at me once I’ve thrown you down mercilessly.”

Tenshinhan: “We’re now allies Vegeta. We’re called to join forces for a noble cause. Let’s respect our loyalties and engagements and work together. I think that’s what Optimus and Megatron are about to say.”