Sunday, February 12, 2017


The Autobot Optimus Prime and the Decepticon Megatron, in an audible manner, addressed the people present on Agnam at that moment of destiny.

Megatron: “Comrades, companions, allies once enemies: we cut this battle short and fight side by side to stop Broly from destroying everything we’ve worked for all these centuries. What we’re called to be this day isn’t something I can say I’m proud of. But we aren’t brutes who fold arms while our world falls apart. We ally with enemies for this cause. Let everyone do their part to save our planets, galaxy and home.”

Optimus Prime: “Today, Autobots and Decepticons have become allies and only one group of robots remains: the Transformers, like the Earthlings call us. Today on Agnam, Nootra with friends from Earth and Silver Surfer ally with the Transformers, Galactus, Magneto and Apocalypse to chase out a common enemy - Broly. Friends, comrades, companions, allies, let’s do this together and prevail.”

There was yet one combatant who couldn’t stand the coalition; Starscream the Decepticon. He considered it humiliating to ally with their all-time foes the Autobots. He failed to understand that what was being written down on Agnam was history to be remembered as one of the marking moments of the universe; the day Earth, Nootra, Transformers, villains and heroes all came together and fought as one.

Starscream: “Traitor. Megatron, you’re a traitor. Decepticons never ally with Autobots. This is pure treason.”
Astrotrain: “Starscream, I’m tired of you always contesting Megatron’s decisions even when he does right.”
Soundwave: “This is the wisest decision he’s ever made.”

Starscream: “You can as well admit Soundwave that he never takes wise decisions. But if you two are stooges of Megatron, I, Starscream, am not. Soundwave, you never object to his decisions and you Astrotrain, have been contaminated with the attitude of Soundwave.”
Rumble: “Megatron said he didn’t like the alliance either. Yet we must confess the word Optimus Prime used to refer to all of us as one was cool - the Transformers.”

Starscream: “Don’t tell me you all have fallen for this Transformers project?”
Astrotrain: “Skyfire and you fought side by side in the past and you told me how exciting it was. I’m sure it’ll be the same with the other Autobots. Let’s do it just this once.”
Starscream: “Ally with the Autobots? Never.”

Starscream transformed into a jetfighter and he took off and flew away from Agnam, leaving his comrades behind. Astrotrain wanted to go after him but Megatron called him back.

Megatron: “Allow him Astrotrain. This hurts me even more than him but when you’re leader, you have to swallow your pride sometimes and make compromises. Starscream isn’t ready for that yet.”

Everybody trembled with fear when Broly crushed Son Goku except one, Zach the Earthling. Goku’s presence filled him with confidence and he was certain what happened was only a setback and not the end. He had never seen Goku defeated - he might lose a round but he never gave up the fight. Zach knew Son Goku would overcome Broly and he tried to transfer the same confidence to his comrades. So in the hearing of all, the young Earthling lifted up his voice and spoke. And when he started talking, all eyes were raised on him.

Zach: “Why do you tremble as though you didn’t know who he is? Why doubt as if he hasn’t proven how resourceful he is? It’s him - Son Goku - the fighter among fighters. It’s Son Goku, the chosen Saiyan, strongest man of this world. He’s afraid of nothing and he’ll fight to save his friends.

‘Broly may be Legendary Super Saiyan yet the outcome of this battle is certain: Son Goku wins! He wins because he’s fighting for love, for justice, for the safety of the people of the universe. He never lets his friends down; it’s for them he’s a fighter. He doesn’t win because of his brawn; he wins because of his heart, the very place where every battle is won.

‘When the Agape became man, He didn’t use His fists or any weapon to fight. He opened His heart and saved man by the power of His love. That’s how He defeated evil and won everlasting victory. There was no reason for us to believe Him if He hadn’t proven His love. His ultimate was revealed when He transferred His nature to us by birthing us as sons. The one thing I see in all this is love, which is the Cause, the reason, the meaning and motivation for everything. This is the good fight we’re destined to win for He has preordained victory for us in the Son.

‘Arise Son Goku the Saiyan. You’ll prevail once again. It’s not today you’ll forsake your loved ones, family, citizens, comrades, friends or the universe. You’re not alone; the Agape has fortified you with people. We’re with you in this battle and we’ll give you our strength because we know you’re fighting for us. Our love strengthens you and you receive the power to overcome everything threatening us. Son Goku the Saiyan and Nootran, you win this battle for us.

‘Listen to me everyone in the galaxy; every people, creature, object and element: give your energy to Son Goku. He can’t do it by himself; he needs our strength to overcome Broly. In the presence of the Agape and before man and nature, the visible and invisible: we hold hands together, our connection with each other releases our energy, our energy is transferred to Son Goku, he’s fortified by our love and we win this battle as one.

‘There’s no alternative here; only victory for the peoples of the galaxy. The Agape is with us; He’s in us and is for us. He wants us living, He wants us in love, He wants us happy. Let it be known in the universe today that we’ve overcome in the Son.”