Monday, February 20, 2017


It was a historic moment for Galaxy of the Brave. On Agnam was the formation of a first-time alliance involving Nootra, city of superheroes, allying with Earth, in the persons of Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, and with Silver Surfer, the Transformers, comprising Autobots and Decepticons, and with Galactus, Magneto and Apocalypse.

These represented the being for whom everything existed in the universe: Man. The reason for this union was the defence of their world against a common enemy - the most dreadful fighter the galaxy ever produced.

Broly was a warrior of matchless strength, issuing from the proud race of Saiyans, a race of born fighters. These people lived to conquer and subdue other peoples until another conqueror destroyed their planet and scattered them all over the universe. One famous story about Saiyans concerned two lovely babies born on the same day yet sharing an opposing destiny.

The first was Broly and the other, Kakarot. The calm one, Broly, possessed a power level far superior to those of normal Saiyans. His people cast him out because they feared his power. The noisy one, Kakarot, though having nothing impressive at birth, was the one who was retained.

The latter found refuge in Nootra after his planet was destroyed. The people adopted him and Kakarot the Saiyan became Son Goku the Nootran. He embraced the values of his city and stood to defend that civilization with all the fantastic strength nature endowed him with as Saiyan.

Added to his natural abilities was the advantage Nootra, the iconic civilization, gave him. He was a Saiyan who, contrary to prescription, lived in an environment favouring love and justice rather than violence and the subjugation of peoples. So he excelled beyond measure, even above all his siblings, as any Saiyan would when they were at the service of people.

The former had another destiny. He grew up with the notion of the injustice his people did to him. And he associated that injustice with the one sleeping next to his cradle, whose incessant cries never stopped haunting him. He didn’t forget those early hours of his life and he lived to take revenge on he who was chosen instead of him.

His hunger for vengeance combined with his formidable strength to produce the one known in the galaxy as Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. He had the chance of avenging himself on that day destiny brought him on Agnam, a satellite of planet Cybertron.

Broly had been threatening the heroes and their world with his monstrous strength. Son Goku, Nootra’s champion, was knocked out after his first confrontation with him. That wasn’t the end though. Nootra and their allies decided to join in the fight by bequeathing their energy to Goku. Zachary gave them the incentive for that.

In Galaxy Brave, second galaxy of Dimension 2C519, man and nature revived through a wonderful speech coming from the depths of the heart of a young man from Earth. Those sacred words resulted in what Alan would call the heavenly.

The moment Zach finished his faith-filled speech, all the fighters present, without hesitation, held each other’s hands. They released their energy and bequeathed it to Son Goku. Megatron set the example. He took the hand of Optimus Prime on his left and that of Rumble on his right while Laserbeak rested on his right shoulder and Ravage, on his foot. The Transformers followed in the footsteps of their leaders. Autobots and Decepticons mixed together by holding each other’s hands.

Wolverine took Magneto’s hand on the left and Archangel’s hand on the right while Archangel had Storm on his right. Cyclops had Magneto on his right and Jean Grey on his left. Galactus took Silver Surfer in his hand but Vegeta refused to hold Apocalypse’s hand. Piccolo came and stood between Apocalypse and Vegeta and took their hands while Trunks took the right hand of his father. Gohan and Goten were with their father, supporting him with their hands.

Zach took the hand of Dende, and so followed Alan, Noah, Ryan and Yamcha with Puar on his shoulder and Tenshinhan with Chaozu on his shoulder. They all held each other’s hands, forming a wide circle on Agnam. Through their connection with each other, their energy was released and transferred to Son Goku.

Meanwhile, fighting in Nootra had stopped. The Decepticons and their allies obeyed Megatron and followed the instructions. Nootra Security Forces passed the message to agents who made it known to citizens. Everybody raised their eyes to outer space and held hands to give their energy to Son Goku. The inmates of the Frightful Forest were not left out. Rahan, Tarzan, Conan, Samba, Leuk, Freeza, Wrath-Amon, Windfang and their companions and foes with the animals all together danced to the tune.

It was the same attitude in the Nootra Inter-Galactic Stadium. Enemies and friends acted on the directives although it wasn’t pleasant to everybody. Even some prominent among them were reluctant.
Superman: “Batman, take my hand.”

Batman: “Goku can do without me. I think he’ll have enough energy.”
Thor: “It takes everybody to build the world. The galaxy counts on you as well Dark Knight. Tell him Cap.”
Captain Nootra: “We still need your energy no matter how insignificant it might be. Remember, it’s our heart, our connection with each other that gives Goku the strength.”

Batman: “I’m connected in my own way Cap.”
Flash: “This is crazy. How can all of us be here when we’re the Justice League? We’re supposed to be up there helping.”
Captain Nootra: “Don’t make me mad Flash. You know very well that Thor and I don’t belong to the same team as this guy. Neither does Spider-Man.”

Batman: “I understand you have issues with me but now’s not the time. It’s incredible how you won’t give me a break even when the world is falling apart.”
Spider-Man: “What won’t you see in Nootra? The mightiest heroes are here settling domestic differences when the galaxy faces a menace.”
Superman: “Don’t worry Spidey; it’s because we have a champion up there. In this fight, Goku is in the front line and his duty is to deliver us. You gain this experience only when living in comradeship. You don’t force yourself into doing everything; you trust your comrades because you know who’s right for a specific task. Goku alone can defeat Broly. We assist him by giving him our energy.”

Batman: “I’ll go check and ensure everyone is following the instructions. It’s better than standing here listening to your pathetic comments.”
Captain Nootra: “Nice attempt to escape bats. How about staying here while I go check that instead?”
Batman: “Look Cap; this is my idea. Find yours.”
Thor: “Stop that you two. I won’t hear you fighting each other again. Even children conduct themselves better than you. Save your energy for Goku.”

Superman: “It’s true some citizens aren’t doing it right. We’re the ones to direct them. Let’s all go check it together.”
Captain Nootra: “You thought you would get rid of us like that batty?”
Batman: “Superman, keep your partner away from me.”

It was in a different mood that other citizens and heroes performed the hands-holding exercise.