Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Trunks was right for no sooner had he spoken than the last of Megatron’s allies showed his face on Agnam. Apocalypse, the ancient mutant, stood before Vegeta and it appeared he desired to fight the Saiyan.

Apocalypse: “You’re my man Vegeta. It’s a long time since I crushed anyone. You’re the perfect insect to add to my collection.”
Vegeta: “Are you now working for Megatron? How the mighty have fallen! Back in the day, you used to say you were stronger than him.”
Apocalypse: “I’m working for nobody. I just want to take down all of you, including Megatron. You heroes have been an obstruction to my plan for centuries. I’ll use this opportunity to wipe you out permanently.”

Vegeta: “Then why spend time talking? Admit you’re terrified to confront the strongest man in the world.”
Apocalypse: “You, the strongest man in the world? Are you just throwing empty words to hide your weakness? You can’t hold a candle to me Vegeta.”

Vegeta: “Old man, you had better remained in the grave. Now you’ll witness, to your own detriment, the new powers I obtained through my intense training on Namek.”

Apocalypse: “Training has nothing to do with true power. You Saiyans are limited for you depend on training to upgrade your powers. Apocalypse is bound by nothing of that sort. I’m the most powerful man alive. Even time is subjected to me.”

Vegeta: “Foolishness. While we were training, others were sleeping in their graves. The difference between the two shall be revealed to the eyes of all. Apocalypse, you’re only a ghost from the past and your days are over. And one more thing you should know: we also cast ghosts out.”

Apocalypse: “Why should I even bother to answer a wimp like you?”
Vegeta: “I’m of royal descent and nothing of the freak you are. Come and taste the power of the prince of Saiyans if you have the guts.”
After this unfriendly exchange of words, Vegeta and Apocalypse went for another kind of exchange; one of blows, punches, energy blasts and so on.

Though some heroes were engaged in the various combats taking place on Agnam, others remained still. They judged it useless to fight the villains when Broly was around and posed a far greater threat. After analyzing the clash between Son Goku and his adversary, they had insight into the unfolding of things.

Zach: “We can’t just stand here and watch. We can’t just be doing nothing when everybody is risking their lives.”
Tenshinhan: “Zach of Earth, you’d better spare your energy. Our champion will have need of it.”
Ryan: “What do you mean Tenshinhan?”

Wheeljack: “Watch closely Ryan; Goku is losing the round. Broly is getting stronger each second and Goku can’t match up to him.”
Zach: “Son Goku is the strongest and he will defeat Broly. There’s no other result.”
Dende: “Son Goku’s energy reserve is almost at zero. He won’t prevail at this rate Zach.”

Noah: “There must be something to do to reverse the situation. I’ve never seen Son Goku lose. He can’t lose. It’s impossible.”
Cyclops: “I agree kid. Goku can’t lose because he has people with him. He needs our help in this combat.”
Jean Grey: “Zach said it; there’s no other result, except the victory of Goku. We’re here to support him and win this battle together.”
Alan: “How are we going to do that? Shall we all charge at Broly at once?”

Tenshinhan: “The least we can do is give our energy to Goku.”
Wolverine: “What’s the trouble with that kid? Can’t he do anything on his own for once? Must we give him our energy each time he fights?”

Storm: “Are you three done with Megatron Logan?”
Wolverine: “I’d rather leave robots tear themselves apart. Don’t worry Ororo; Prime is taking good care of him and he wants nobody interfering. Ratchet, Brawn and Piccolo should be done with Soundwave. As for that Goku, he’s just as useless as the Decepticons. Why was he called if he had to use our energy to do the job?”

Archangel: “Woovy, you know it’s the only way out. There’s nothing else we can do to get rid of Broly apart from that.”

Wolverine displayed his Adamantium claws and jumped threateningly on Archangel.
Wolverine: “Call me Woovy again and I promise you angel, you’ll never use those adorable wings again.”