Monday, January 9, 2017


At the sound of the voice of Son Goku, Broly’s appearance changed. The calm posture he had taken when Megatron put the crystal around his neck disappeared, and he began to be troubled and agitated. His rage resurfaced and his power started to manifest, increasing at every minute. He soon transformed into Super Saiyan, but his appearance was different due to the influence of the crystal.

Unlike the Super Saiyan normal mode, Broly’s hair took a neon blue colour with a purple tint, and his muscles swelled slightly. He started walking towards Son Goku, calling him by the name the Saiyans gave him before he became a Nootran.

Broly: “Kakarot, Kakarot, Kakarot.”

Son Goku: “Broly, I warn you for the last time: never lift up your hand against my sons again.”

After Goku said this, Broly pounced on him, engaging him in combat. The long-awaited confrontation between Son Goku and Broly had started. The two strongest Saiyans of the universe entered into action, and none could tell the outcome of the contest. The heroes and their friends, however, hoped Son Goku would emerge victorious as had always been the case. As this fight was going on, other combats were welling up.

Astrotrain: “Shall we attack the enemy now Megatron? I’m almost sick of inaction.”

Starscream: “You can’t be sick Astrotrain; you’re a robot.”

Megatron: “I told you to relax and to let Broly fight for us. When he defeats all of them, we’ll take back Cybertron and nobody will be there to stop us. Starscream, this boy is my ticket to success.”

Soundwave: “Negative Megatron. We won’t have time to relax.”

Optimus Prime landed where Megatron and his band had grouped, somewhere on the surface of Agnam.

Optimus Prime: “It’s enough Megatron. End this game now!”

Megatron: “There you go again in imperative mode. Did it ever cross your mind I could listen to you, especially when everything is going well for me? Don’t be foolish Prime. You’re the one to give up trying to stop me.”

When Optimus Prime came for Megatron, this one asked his peers to leave him alone with his rival for their never-ending duel. The three Decepticons went to find the rest of the Autobots to fight them. Yet two more Nootrans came to the site to back up their colleague.

Piccolo: “Maybe you need someone to press you a little Megatron. I don’t mind volunteering for that task Prime. Once Megatron is defeated, his band will scatter and we’ll only have Broly to deal with.”

Wolverine: “Count me within your ranks, green and machine men. Megatron, you’ll pay for what the X-Men suffered at the hands of Broly.”

Megatron: “Don’t think it shall be that easy to fight me. I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, and we’re the mightiest robots in the galaxy.”

Piccolo: “No wonder you’re Decepticons. You even deceive yourselves into thinking you’re the mightiest. I’ll hear you say that after we’re done with you.”

Optimus Prime: “Piccolo, Wolverine, we’re doing this together.”

Megatron: “Three against one. I didn’t know you Nootrans could sink so low as to do such injustice; though Junior and the wolf have nothing to be angels.”

Optimus Prime: “You, minding justice? That’s the big one.”

Wolverine: “You’re right bob. I’m no angel and I’m going to show you just what my name means.”