Monday, November 28, 2016


Shades: “Wow! I’ve received revelation on faith. Henceforth, I’m going to use my faith to get everything solved.”

Zach: “Guys, we can’t stay. We have to get back to Cybertron to back up the fighters.”

Jeremy: “Man, is it really true Broly is on Agnam?”

Wally: “We’re doomed if he’s back.”

Zach: “Wally, Son Goku will defeat him.”

Mario: “How will he do that when he isn’t around?”

Ryan: “Have a little faith Mario. Reflect on the revelation we just received.”

Mario: “But I’m afraid of Broly. And what am I supposed to do to have faith in the first place?”

Ryan: “Faith is present in every human. Our faith in reality is the faith of the Agape, which He has deposited in every one of us. We’re not supposed to have faith or have more faith; we only need to acknowledge that we have it. We get our faith working by simply accepting all the good things in us since all good things are in Him and He is in us.”

Shades: “I’ve just come up with a simpler way to activate my faith. It’s my own way of doing it and you’d better learn from me.”

Jeremy: “What’s that Shades? I need it too.”

Shades: “If you want our city out of trouble, think and talk positive like, ‘Megatron shall be busted and disassembled. His parts shall be used for making toys and other tools. When next time you see me with a new pair of glasses, I bet you some elements of his parts will be there.’”

Jeremy: “Is that what you meant? It isn’t positive at all Shades. It’s rather negative.”

Wally: “If your glasses are made from his parts, he might revive and capture you with an eye technique and use you as puppet to carry out his conquest of Cybertron.”

Zach: “We’ll do with what Shades offers Wally, and it’s quite positive to me Jeremy. Listen to this: ‘Decepticons shall flee in different directions when we finish with them and you won’t find two going together like it’s the case with that one up there.’”

Zach pointed at Blitzwing who was fleeing from the stadium after NSF’s agents defeated his companions.

Shades: “That’s it Zach. What about you Mario? Try one.”

Mario: “Yes, I can. Check this out: ‘Broly shall serve as my mother’s brolly after Son Goku had smashed him.’”

Zach: “Way to go Mario. I prefer you like this instead of you playing the scared. Jeremy, now’s your turn.”

Jeremy: “I’m only trying; if it isn’t funny, it’s not my fault.”

Shades: “Relax brain head; we’re not in a contest.”

Jeremy: “Here I come: ‘When the battle is over, Starscream shall switch to vending ice-cream in the streets. Imagine the treatment the little brats shall give him.’”

Shades: “For nothing will I want to be in his place.”

Zach: “See, it wasn’t that hard Jeremy. Over to you Wally.”

Wally: “Can someone solve this riddle: ‘What’s the difference between Broly and broccoli?’”

Mario: “None, since both finish up squashed by Son Goku and end up, you know where.”

The children dissolved into laughter after this one from Mario. Shades and Zach tapped each other’s hands in accord, knowing their friends had assimilated the message.

Zach: “You got it guys. Stay positive and you’ll see we’ll be out of trouble.”

Ryan: “This isn’t what I meant about having faith but if you’ll have it this way, fine.”

Denver pulled a long face when the two Earthlings were about to leave. He was also depressed because Noah wasn’t with them. Zach and Ryan gave him a big hug and reassured him.

Zach: “Cheer up big dino; Noah is in good hands. The Agape watches over her; Alan too, and Cliffjumper three.”

Ryan: “I promise we’ll be back with those clowns once this is over. Trust Him and trust Nootra. We’ll overcome Broly.”

Denver was comforted on those words and he allowed them to go. After saying goodbye to their friends, Ryan and Zach took off to Secret Base L5. The Earthlings’ courage provoked the five Nootrans and they followed their example.

Jeremy: “Since our friends from Earth are committed to saving our galaxy, let’s do the same by helping these people around.”

Mario: “Don’t worry everyone for now enters super Mario the magnificent. All your problems will be solved instantly.”

Shades: “Did somebody say the loser was back?”

Mario: “Speak for yourself Shades.”

Wally: “Remember what Ryan said. We can rely on the faith of the Agape to become heroes. Let’s start living it now.”

Shades, Wally, Mario, Denver and Jeremy joined NSF’s agents in assisting the people traumatized by the Decepticons’ aggression. None of them was seriously wounded; never in the presence of their beloved Captain. Now Yamcha and Puar reached Namek. They were lucky to meet Chaozu[1] as they got out of the teleporter. Chaozu flew to them and they embraced each other.

Chaozu: “I’m glad to see you Yamcha, Puar! What is this machine?”

Yamcha: “No time for explanation Chaozu. We have a terrible situation in the galaxy. Broly is back and he threatens Cybertron and our fighters.”