Saturday, October 22, 2016


Skywarp transformed into a jet fighter. He enabled his speed, set it at maximum and went high in the sky. Super-Nootra was annoyed about the comments he made on his person and his pride would allow no one to limit his abilities. He took off instantly and followed Skywarp sky high. Skywarp flew by weaving over the sky so as to leave Super-Nootra behind, but the latter was always at his heels.

When Super-Nootra had Skywarp in his line of fire, he put a pair of his fingers on either side of his head and released several sharp green rays from his eyes. These hit Skywarp and blasted him, sending him crashing into the ground.

After disposing of Skywarp, Super-Nootra went for Blitzwing who was fighting NSF agents in the courtyard of the stadium. At the sight of the hero approaching, Blitzwing opened fire while Super-Nootra was still in the air. The defender of the city dodged them all and landed on the ground before the Decepticon.

Super-Nootra: “Agents, retreat and cover the citizens; he’s a done deal for me. Blitzwing, you’ll regret attacking my city. I’ve come for you and ready or not, you’re going down.”

Blitzwing: “I see you still have that attitude when you wear Super-Nootra. The combination of Captain Nootra’s complexes and Superman’s pride gives a badly brought up kid. Behave sometimes Nootra; that’s no good example for children.”

Super-Nootra: “It’s to protect them that I’m going to crush you and thwart whatever ignoble thing the Decepticons are planning.”

Blitzwing: “I’m a triple changer, one of the strongest Decepticons and second only to Megatron. I’ll demonstrate my full potentials and when I defeat Super-Nootra, Decepticons will acknowledge my power and make me their leader. Super-Nootra, be privileged to fight the future boss of the Decepticons.”

Super-Nootra: “Always designing ways to overthrow your master? I’m no fan of his but having fought Megatron before, I assure you you’re far from holding a candle to him.”

Blitzwing: “Nonsense! You’ll go through your darkest hour because of that impertinent remark super-loser.”

Super-Nootra: “You have no idea of what my powers are Decepticon. I’ll put a bulk of them aside while fighting you to prove that you’re nothing compared to me.”

Blitzwing: “That proud attitude again. You should have joined our band Nootra for when I hear you, it’s like hearing a villain talking. To make you also have an idea of my powers, I’ll only transform into a tank to fight you. That will be enough to stop you.”

Super-Nootra: “Stop making promises you can’t keep Decepticon.”

Blitzwing transformed into a tank and launched several shots at Super-Nootra from his cannon. Super-Nootra rapidly blew air from his mouth, which solidified into ice, thus raising a defensive wall. He barricaded himself inside and the projectiles didn’t attain him.

Super-Nootra (to himself): “Superman, let me use my shield to neutralize the cannon and shut down his firing abilities.”

Super-Nootra (to himself): “I leave him to you for the moment Cap.”

Super-Nootra revealed the legendary weapon of Captain Nootra, the Nootra Shield. Targeting Blitzwing, he hurled it at him with a hand of steel. The shield hit Blitzwing’s cannon and came back to Super-Nootra like a boomerang. At the contact of the shield with the Decepticon, the weapon released an explosive metallic log, which plugged the opening of Blitzwing’s cannon and subsequently smashed up his firing gear. Enraged because deprived of offensive means, Blitzwing speeded up and came in full force against Super-Nootra.

Super-Nootra, however, let his cape roll down behind his back. When it expanded to its full measure, it created a tempest, which pushed back the Decepticon tank, forcing him to retrace his steps. The triple changer couldn’t stand the humiliation so he transformed into a jet and going over Super-Nootra, he retransformed back into a human robot, and fell on his adversary. Then the two clashed it out man to robot.

Meanwhile in the stadium, Thor was unhappy because Super-Nootra stole his opponent from him.

Thor: “This isn’t fair Super-Cap. Who shall I take out now?”

In the heat of the action, Batman had a talk with Thundercracker where he tried to persuade him to stop the Decepticon attack on the city.

Batman: “You Decepticons have no sense or what? It’s silly for us to fight each other when a greater menace is up there on Agnam. We put aside our differences in such an emergency and come together to fight our common enemy. If we don’t, both of us will lose everything.”

Thundercracker: “You think you can convince a Decepticon Batman? We take orders from no one except Megatron. Until he says so, we’re not standing down.”

Thor had made Thundercracker his objective and he interrupted the exchange.

Thor: “You’d better learn to reason out things yourself. I’ve got you in my range and you’ll tell me news about the power of Mjolnir after this.”

Thundercracker: “You can’t hit me with your hammer Thor. I’m a jet and when I take off, your hammer with a stupid name won’t be able to follow me to the sky.”

But when Thundercracker wanted to transform, he realized he couldn’t make a move. Batman wasn’t in fact trying to persuade him into anything. He had sneakily passed a rope of Vibranium[9] around the robot, which immobilized him on the spot.

Batman: “You don’t convince a Decepticon, you deceive him. He’s all yours Thor.”

Thor: “You may be Thundercracker, but I am Thor, master of thunder. You won’t have the privilege to hear thunder today ’cause my Mjolnir shall crack you down.”

Thor wound his hammer several times in the air with great force, and shot it at Thundercracker. Mjolnir hit the Decepticon hard and his Energon reserve broke, and he went off. The weapon then returned to its wielder.

Thor: “Now I’m satisfied. There’s no group of villains in this city my Mjolnir hasn’t taken out. Thundercracker will pass the news to his comrades and they’ll tremble at my mighty hammer. Mjolnir, I’m proud of you. Thanks for the teaming bats.”

Batman: “Nice job Thor. Omega is taking care of Devastator, Super-Nootra must be through with Skywarp by now, Thundercracker is out. Who’s left? Blitzwing. Where’s that one?”

Flash: “Nootra, we have a problem.”

At those words from The Flash, Batman turned around and saw Shockwave[10] making his entrance to the stadium. Shockwave was a colossal Decepticon who could transform into a laser cannon and a gun. He decided to transform into a giant gun right there and opened fire on everyone indiscriminately. There was panic everywhere and the security agents did everything to protect the people.

Captain Nootra’s unconscious protection was over the city and as long as he was there, the people were out of harm. But the agents needed their champion to defeat Shockwave.

Batman (using communicator): “Batman to Super-Nootra: come in. What are you doing toying with Skywarp? Get rid of him now and come back here.”

Super-Nootra (through communicator): “Negative. I’m going head-on with Blitzwing. You’ll have to take care of Shockwave on your own. Nootra out.”

Shockwave: “Super-Nootra can do nothing to me. I’m indestructible.”

That was when four giant turtles appeared in the stadium and gave the Decepticon a befitting answer.

Michelangelo: “I’d try to keep that big mouth shut sometimes if I were you Shockwave.”

Donatello: “Mikey, I don’t think he has a big mouth. You’d better look before you speak.”

[9] Vibranium is a metal that appears in the Marvel Universe. It was created by Stan Lee and John Romita and first appeared in Daredevil #13 (February 1966).

[10] Shockwave is the name of several characters in the various Transformers series.