Saturday, September 24, 2016


Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, appeared on the battlefield of Agnam where Nootra Security Forces’ agents, headed by the Autobot Optimus Prime, were fighting to prevent Decepticons’ invasion of Cybertron. His presence on Agnam favoured Megatron and his allies, namely Galactus, Magneto and Thanoseid. These retreated with the confidence that Broly would dispose of Nootra’s forces and they would return to reap the fruits of his disastrous work.

Following this turn of events, Cyclops and Optimus Prime sent Zach and Ryan to Nootra to look for Son Gohan, who was in possession of a prototype teleporting craft, which could travel billions of light years distance in an instant. That was the only means to reach planet Namek and bring back Son Goku, who alone had a chance of defeating Broly.

Zach and Ryan got the help of Benjamin and his teammates of Nootra’s Wings football team. These were having a decisive football encounter with the Gauntlet of Nootra and they were leading by two goals to one. Ryan and Zach met them during half time and told them about the situation on Agnam. Despite opposition from Cesare, Nootra’s Wings accepted to help the Earthlings and the whole team embarked on a search for Gohan. When they were gone, Cesare thought it wise to deal with Yann who prevented him from stopping his teammates from undertaking that mission.

Cesare stared fixedly at Yann in complete outrage. He couldn’t believe what just happened. His teammates were gone and there was no longer any possibility of him winning the match. He walked steadily towards Yann and collared him, threatening him with a punch.

Cesare: “Why did you do that? We’ve been training all year for this and you abandon everything for some impostors trying to set us up?”

Yann: “Hands off Cesare or you’re going to regret it.”

Cesare: “I doubt it. You have no idea of what you’ve done but I’ll show it to you right now.”

Yann: “You think you can beat me? How many tries have you got in your account, and how many times have you failed?”

Cesare didn’t answer but he maintained his grip on Yann, and raised his fist to punch him. Yann restrained the blow with a hand. This state of tension lasted a few seconds before Cesare released his grip and let him go.

Yann: “The best thing you can do is join me find the Saiyan.”

Yann launched after saying this, and flew off. He was one of those football players who could fly on their own. Cesare remained on the pitch alone. He twisted his hands and cried out with rage, feeling helpless because of his incapacity to change the unwelcome reality. He spent a few seconds in reflection after which a glimpse of light appeared on his face. He took off and flying at maximum speed, he caught up with Yann in the sky.

Yann: “Surprise, surprise! I thought you cared about nothing except the match.”

Cesare: “You band of weaklings will amount to nought without my help. I can sense Gohan’s aura on Seth Island.”

Yann: “Now that you’ve said it, I can sense it too. How did you detect him there?”

Cesare: “If the Saiyan isn’t aware of the situation when he’s in Nootra, it’s most likely because he’s in the place where no energy escapes either from within or from without. When I directed my chakra towards the East, I sensed he was in Seth recently.”

Yann smiled on hearing that. He aligned with Cesare and they flew together eastward.

Yann: “Aha Cesare. Don’t play the tough guy when you have a soft heart.”

Cesare: “Enough of your comment.”

Yann: “Why do you always have to make a whole scene of everything? You knew Broly was on Agnam yet you still wanted to continue with the match? How unfeeling!”

Cesare: “There are millions superheroes in Nootra; they’ll beat Broly as they’ve always beaten the villains. But this match would have proven to everyone that I was better than Eric. I would have won my place in the Galaxy Brave team and participated in the Inter-Galactic Tournament. Now the hard work I endured would be for nothing; all because of some impostors from planet Earth. I bet you they don’t play football there.”

Yann: “What those Earthlings are doing isn’t bad; they’re not from here but they’re helping us. I don’t understand why you’re still mad at them.”

Cesare: “I would have settled matters with the one called Zach. If he imagines he can vie with me in combat, I’m sorry for him. As for you Yann, don’t think I’ll forgive you. You humiliated me in front of everybody. We’re no more friends from now on.”

Yann: “Point of correction Cesare; we’ve never been friends.”

Cesare: “I’m faster than you; even faster than Trunks and Goten who call themselves Saiyans. Who said Saiyans were the strongest in the universe?”

Yann: “Faster than who? Don’t put me in that bunch of apprentices. See instead if you can catch up with me.”

Yann put on full speed and Cesare followed him with the same velocity, and they went in for a race while travelling to East Nootra. On Seth Island, Gohan, Yamcha, Puar[1] and Krilin were having a picnic on the beach. They were playing in the water when Cesare and Yann found them.

Cesare: “Aren’t those the people you’re looking for? Think you lost the final for these clowns. Just watch them making fools of themselves.”

Yann kept his outward calm though he was incensed on seeing Gohan and his companions partying. These noticed the two football players and feared for their fiesta.

Yamcha: “Oh, oh; trouble may come from the sky. It isn’t the rain but these guys may want to ruin our fun.”

Gohan: “The final was today, I suppose. If these two are here at this hour, then something must be wrong.”

Krilin: “Hope they haven’t come for revenge. Remember, they tried to take down the Earthlings when Trunks stopped them.”

Yamcha: “Those two never give anything a rest as far as I know.”

Cesare and Yann didn’t approach the Saiyan and his friends. Neither of them would take the responsibility to go down and speak with them.

Cesare: “I’m talking to these suckers for nothing. Go tell the Saiyan yourself Yann. After all, it was your idea that we should find him.”

Yann didn’t land to tell the heroes anything. He only sent a signal by creating a small explosion from a gadget he carried along for the other search groups to locate their position. Having thus alerted them, the two footballers left. Gohan took note of their gesture and reasoned it out.

Gohan: “If those two can miss a match just to find us, then there must be trouble. Krilin, Yamcha hurry; dress up and let’s get ready.”

[1] Yamcha and Puar (Puar is a shape shifting animal) appear in DBZ.