Saturday, August 27, 2016


Megatron and the Decepticons were carrying out the invasion of Cybertron. To do this successfully, they sent Insecticons, some giant robotic insects, and Stunticons, specialists in spectacular vehicular stunts, against L4, one of Nootra’s secret bases. The Autobots and agents occupying the base stood up to defend it, preparing themselves against all contingencies regarding the city.

To frustrate Decepticons’ plans, some Autobots under the leadership of Optimus Prime, launched for Cybertron. They took along Noah, Ryan, Alan, Zach and the Saiyans Trunks and Goten. The crew was constrained to make an abrupt stop on Cybertron’s moon Agnam, as Megatron and his comrades blocked the way. These were with the strongest super villains of the galaxy, namely Magneto, Thanoseid and Galactus, the planet eater.

After hearing news that Decepticons launched several attacks in different parts of the city, the space team was fortified by the super mutants Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and Archangel of the X-Men. Superman also strengthened their ranks for a settling of accounts with Thanoseid. Infuriated because of the sudden rebellion of his herald the Silver Surfer, Galactus laid his hands on the Saiyans. After defeating Trunks, he went on to crushing Goten. As Goten screamed out in pain, his cry went to distant horizons and penetrated the heart of a fallen villain.

The battle opposing the Decepticons to Nootra Security Forces continued on Agnam, near Cybertron. But the heroes and their foes were not prepared for what was coming. The course of the battle changed with the arrival of the most dreaded super villain of their world. The cry of Son Goten provoked his deadened heart and reanimated him. He followed the signal of the sound and it didn’t take long before he reached the battle site.

The unforeseen fighter had appeared on Agnam. At the sight of him, the warriors, friends as well as foes, stopped fighting as his presence immobilized all. Many were terrorized on considering that it was actually him and his matchless strength. As for him, he was too glad to be in the place he excelled the most - a battlefield. He gazed at the many warriors around with a wide smile on his face, revealing his thirst for battle. He started stretching his body, preparing to enter into action.

Alan: “No way; it can’t be. This is impossible.”

Noah: “Don’t tell me he too is here.”

Zach: “Now who can defeat Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan?”[1]

Ryan: “Why are you so alarmed? You forget that the Agape is with us and that Son Goku and his friends overpowered him more than once.”

Trunks had recovered from his setback and he joined his companions, and enlightened them more on the situation.

Trunks: “I guess Goten’s cry brought him here. He still holds that grudge against Son Goku. It’s what keeps him coming back no matter how many times he’s defeated.”

Noah: “This is insane. How can someone live his whole life for revenge?”

Bumblebee: “Goku is his motivation for living. If Goku is not, Broly is suppressed. Destiny can be cruel sometimes; one was accepted, the other wasn’t. So he tries to take revenge on the one who was luckier than him. If you want to get rid of Broly, get rid of Goku first.”

Ryan: “There’s no room for any more sacrifices in this world Bumblebee. The Agape did the last one and nobody needs to sacrifice himself again to save the world.”

Bumblebee: “I wasn’t serious Ryan. Besides, it’s not Goku who brought him here but Goten; and I’m not letting down my Goten for anything.”

Zach: “If everyone joins forces, we might have a chance against him. But we have to rescue Goten from Galactus’ claws.”

Bumblebee: “I don’t think the devourer will harm him any further. He too is overtaken by the present situation. Crushing Goten isn’t a personal matter to him as it is to Broly.”

Trunks: “Broly must be weakened by the blow he received three years ago. It was something like a cosmic bomb we unleashed on him and I still can’t imagine how he survived it.”

Bumblebee: “Watch out children; there’s going to be an explosion of energy at any moment.”

Noah: “Where’s Son Goku? We need him now.”

Galactus freed Son Goten when he saw Broly, and Ratchet took the little Saiyan and gave him treatment. Galactus turned to the Decepticons to clarify things given the recent developments.

Galactus: “Megatron, I will take my leave for the moment. I won’t afford losing any more energy fighting these pathetic insects, especially when the great hunger is upon me. The clash with my Silver Surfer consumed much of my energy. Broly shall take care of the Nootrans. Once he finishes the job, I’ll devour all the planets of this galaxy as I please.”

Megatron: “You mustn’t leave unless I say so Galactus. By entering into alliance with me, you agreed to follow my instructions until I overthrow Cybertron and gain access to the Living Laboratory. The technology it harbours will enable me to create the ultimate Decepticon robot that shall crush all forces of the galaxy and give me limitless power to rule the cosmos.”

Galactus: “Don’t overstep your limits Megatron. It’s not because I entered into alliance with you that you’re going to boss me around. I am Galactus and I’m afraid of no one. I can crush you as well as your entire band on the spot.”

Megatron: “I wouldn’t venture into this game of threats if I were you Galactus. I assure you, you have no idea of what I’m capable of, especially when it concerns your hunger. But we’re allies; no need for us to get that far. Don’t forget you have a benefit in this as well. Cybertron shall supply the technology you need to reach the Hidden Dimension, the paradise of energy. If you turn back, you’ll miss the delights awaiting you there.”

Galactus: “I’m not withdrawing from our alliance Megatron. I only reasoned that it was obvious Broly would destroy the Nootrans. And once he has done that, I shall come to have my share of the loot. He’ll facilitate the task for us. If you’ll excuse me, dinner has been prepared for me by my loyal heralds; not like that traitor of Silver Surfer whom I trusted and loved above all.”

Megatron: “You may go Galactus. After all, it’s thanks to you Broly is here and will be giving us a helping hand. I thought you didn’t want to fight but your action was the most profitable. Make sure you’re here once the ear chip tinkles.”

Galactus departed, leaving Megatron with his fellow Decepticons and allies. The leader of the Decepticons then rejoiced in their midst.

Megatron: “Yessssss. Starscream, this is my day of luck. Broly will do everything for us. What an amazing twist of fortune!”

Starscream: “It serves them right. NSF will regret standing in our way.”

Thanoseid: “Let Broly crush them all. We will have a better world when all of Nootra’s forces are destroyed. I too will take my leave the time Broly deals with them.”

Superman: “Where do you think you’re going Darkseid? You and I haven’t finished yet.”

Thanoseid: “You take things too personally Kal-El. Don’t you care Broly will annihilate your people? Or is it only me you care about?”

Superman: “Both of you are criminals of the worst sort. Thanos, you’re insane and you Darkseid, you’re just a maniac. You think I’ll let you have access to Cybertron? You’ll be sorry for yourselves once I finish with you.”

Thanoseid: “Your insults are out of proportion. Maybe you haven’t understood whom you’re dealing with. I’m neither Thanos nor Darkseid. I’ll show you that Thanoseid is invulnerable.”

Superman: “I’ll hear you say that after this.”

Superman and Thanoseid continued from where they stopped. Superman stretched out a hand and punched Thanoseid mightily in the stomach. This pushed the villain far away from the battlefield. When Thanoseid regained control of his body, he and Superman engaged each other in single combat some distance away from the rest.

[1] Broly is a Saiyan who makes his debut in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993), the eighth Dragon Ball Z feature movie.