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Ryan, Alan, Zach, Noah, Trunks and Goten were in Secret Base L4. Iron Man, guard of the base, was convinced of their nobility and he granted them the privilege of visiting the most prominent training centre of Nootra. Son Gohan and Krilin left them in the care of the heroes of L4, knowing their new friends were in good hands. Ryan and Zach took advantage of the situation and trained with Trunks and Goten in the art of flying.

While their companions were training, Alan and Noah went on an excursion to the many units L4 contained. In the course of visiting, they came to the tallest building of the construction. Then they sensed him coming behind them. They turned around and he was walking in their direction. When he reached them, he stopped. His height was enormous and they appeared tiny before him. Yet he condescended and attended to them. He went down on one knee and saluted.

Alan: “Whoa! This is what it means to be immense.”

Noah: “The guys got to see this. Optimus Prime,[1] leader of the Autobots.”

Optimus Prime: “Affirmative! I salute you visitors. I’m highly honoured to meet citizens from planet Earth. Iron Man briefed me on your visit. You’re welcome to L4. We’ll do everything at our disposal to send you back home to Earth.”

Optimus Prime stretched out a hand and they touched his finger in greeting.

Alan: “We’re greatly privileged to talk with you Sir. I am Alan and my friend is Noah. We’re not in a haste to go back home. Our coming here is a blessing and Nootra is the world we’ve always wanted to be.”

Optimus Prime: “Thanks for liking our city. I heard there were four of you. Where are Ryan and Zach?”

Noah (whispering to Alan): “He knows our names already.”

Alan: “Zach and Ryan are training with Goten and Trunks Sir.”

Optimus Prime: “Be my guests Alan, Noah. I’d be delighted to introduce you to my fellow Autobots. And will you stop calling me sir? I’m not used to that. We’re comrades here and there’s no need for formality among friends.”

Noah (whispering to Alan): “His humility is striking. He’s just Optimus Prime.”

Alan (whispering to Noah): “You can’t say he’s a machine. His body is metal but he has a heart of gold. Noah, this city of Nootra has taken my breath away.”

Optimus Prime escorted his guests for a tour of the unit. He carried the children in his hand and they went through the various quarters of the building. Every equipment, machine and gadget in that block was of extra-large size and considerable height. It was a true world of giants in there. Optimus Prime and his guests passed Autobots on the way and these greeted Alan and Noah cheerfully. They finally came to a place where several companions were gathered. Optimus Prime put the two children on top of some hardware and introduced them to his peers.

Optimus Prime: “Ratchet,[2] meet our intruders Alan and Noah from Earth.”

Ratchet: “Seriously; Central must be joking. They’re mere kids. Why this whole lot of noise only because of children?”

Mirage: “So much ado about nothing. I hope we won’t have a clash with Captain Nootra because of this.”

Wheeljack: “Maybe we should put them under interrogation Prime. Let’s extract the information and give Headquarters what they want.”

Optimus Prime: “We won’t do that Wheeljack. We don’t betray the trust our friends have in us. Goku is a trustworthy friend and I’d gladly help his sons. If Gohan brought them here, we must guarantee their safety.”

Cliffjumper: “Come on Wheeljack; do these cuties have villain faces to you?”

Wheeljack: “Nope. But when Cap asks about them, I’ll leave the answering to you.”

Jazz: “Stop looking at them like that Ironhide. You scare the kids with your multifunctional gun.”

Ironhide: “People from Earth, huh? Are they insane not to tremble at the sight of colossal robots, or have you got the likes of us on your planet?”

Optimus Prime: “Iron Man reported that they knew his secret identity. It goes without saying that they know many of us. Earth’s intelligence is remarkable.”

Ironhide: “Kid, stand still while I work on my range. I must surpass Hawkeye the next time we go on a duel.”

Optimus Prime: “Don’t frighten them Ironhide. I give you my word children that you’ll be safe under my protection.”

Alan: “We’re not afraid Optimus. We’re just too glad about everything.”

Bluestreak: “They’re not afraid of you Ironhide. Looks like you’ve lost your grip on all, even on extra-Nootrans.”

Jazz: “Hey, when was the last time a kid ran away after you tried your tricks on them? I don’t remember; it was such a long time ago.”

Ratchet: “You’d better quit playing the tough guy since you no longer intimidate anybody.”

Ironhide: “Thanks for disgracing me before strangers guys. So you want the whole of planet Earth to see I’ve lost my reputation? Thank you very much for dragging me down.”

The Autobots dissolved into laughter when Ironhide said that. Noah had a preoccupation concerning the hierarchical structure of Nootra and she asked the heroes.

Noah: “Optimus, you’re leader of the Autobots, aren’t you? But Gohan said Nootra had no leader.”

Optimus Prime: “I’m leader of the Autobots because a fighting unit must have order; otherwise they won’t be able to raise a strong defence against the enemy. Every unit in L4 has a commander. Nootra Security Forces is a network of branches directed at Headquarters Central and the one in charge is J’onn J’onzz. I know you’re no intruders children that’s why I’m sharing these things with you. Enlighten them more Jazz.”

Jazz: “Our civilization has no leader but we’re surrounded by neighbouring galaxies that have them, with fighting forces under command. Though we want to change the world through our civilization, we aren’t the only ones here and we can’t be naïve as to pretend everybody will adhere to our cause right away. We’re heading towards something not yet visible. To keep hostile planets from attacking us, there must be some direction in our security. Otherwise, every hero would be doing their own thing and that would be detrimental to our people.”

After the two Earthlings socialized with the Autobots, Skyfire, the most gigantic robot in the base, arrived. As Noah and Alan were admiring him, they heard the voices of their companions calling them. They looked around, but found no one. Ratchet pointed at Skyfire and as they looked at him again more attentively, they saw Zach, Ryan, Goten and Trunks seated on his shoulders. Ryan shouted to them.

Ryan: “Watch this Noah and tell us L4 only produces geniuses, like Iron Man said.”

Zach and Ryan stood on either shoulders of Skyfire and made a free fall, diving towards the ground. Noah cried out at the frightening scene yet before the two crashed into the floor, they took off and flew on their own.

Alan: “That was a good safe. You made it guys. You’re the best.”

Noah: “You planned this from the beginning, didn’t you? That’s the last time you scare me this way. I guess it was your idea Ryan.”

Ryan: “You’re still influenced by fear Noah. You had to know we wouldn’t do anything that would cause you pain. Trust us more.”

Noah: “I trust you but that was too risky.”

Ryan: “Sorry to have scared you. I recognize it was presumptuous on our part, but it wasn’t my idea.”

Son Goten and Trunks flew and landed on the shoulder of Bumblebee, a dear friend of theirs among the Autobots.

Goten: “Hello Bumblebee. We’re here because of the incident you know. It’s quite a long time you didn’t visit us. What’s wrong buddy?”

Bumblebee: “Nothing Gotenks except this secret I’m telling you two because we’re buddies. Most Autobots in the city have been confined in L4 for some time now. After the recent assault on NSF Headquarters East, we received intelligence that one of our dreaded enemies is planning an attack. But we don’t know where or when they’ll strike. That’s why security has tightened. Batman guards the city gates in the daytime as well as at night; Iron Man defends the doors of L4, and residential areas are domed. When we heard of intruders, we thought the enemy had started to act. We’re here to respond immediately when that happens. That’s why you haven’t seen me lately.”

Trunks: “This explains the so much agitation concerning the Earthlings. We were ignorant of that. Gee; we did give NSF some headache. But I don’t mind having confronted Super-Nootra. Long time I wanted to do that.”

Zach flew by himself and so defied the law of gravity. He passed on invisible wings through the many quarters of the unit and came back to rest on the right shoulder of Optimus Prime. He greeted him and they talked to each other. The newcomers socialized with the rest of the Autobots until Cliffjumper made a suggestion.

Cliffjumper: “This is a great day; we’ve met inhabitants of planet Earth. This is advancement in exploration. Why don’t we celebrate?”

Ratchet: “Great idea Cliff. Let’s celebrate Autobot style. A little break won’t hurt anyone Optimus. Let’s have a race; one with riders only. If you have no rider, you’re ineligible. So children, who wants to go for a ride?”

Cliffjumper: “I’ve chosen my driver already; the little girl from planet Earth. Come with me Noah.”

Noah: “Huge Cliff. I’m going to drive an Autobot though I’ve never driven a car before. That’s what I call breaking steps.”

Ironhide: “The little Earthling who isn’t afraid of giant robots is my rider. Come now Alan; we’ll beat anyone who stands in our way.”

Alan: “Yea Ironhide. We two as a team are going to make them sweat.”

Optimus Prime: “I have one right here on my shoulder. Zach, can you ride a truck?”

Zach: “I’d prefer the truck to ride me if the truck in question is you Optimus Prime.”

Bumblebee: “Goten and I have been partners since he was a kid and I was the same. We’re an unbeatable team.”

Goten: “You said it partner. We’ll win this one again just like in the past.”

Jazz: “Come Ryan before some walking hardware picks you up. With your faith and my speed, they have no chance.”

Ryan: “My faith is going to move mountains and your speed will drive through them.”

Wheeljack: “Trunks is my rider though Vegeta and I aren’t the best friends in the world. Kid, say nothing to your father about our teaming, OK?”

Trunks: “I promise Wheeljack. Now, what are we waiting for? Transform and let’s roll out.”

Ratchet: “Wait a minute; there’s no one left for me. I proposed this race and do you mean I’m not taking part in it? That’s cruel.”

Ironhide: “You haven’t been fast enough to pick a rider. He who set the rules has been caught in the snare.”

Wheeljack: “It serves you right Ratchet.”

Bluestreak: “I designate myself referee of this race. The twelve of you, step forward and every robot, take your rider on your shoulder. Nobody crosses this line until I give the signal by a whistle from my lips. You transform only when you hear the whistle. Non-participants, bet on your favourites and come out to encourage our competitors.”

There was a racetrack running around the building. The contenders moved there and waited for the signal. Autobots and heroes from other units came to watch the race. Everyone was excited for it was a long time they had any. Bumblebee and Jazz had the highest bets. Unfortunately, before Bluestreak signalled the kick-off, the general alarm instead went off.

Optimus Prime: “What is it, Ratchet?”

Ratchet: “Green Lantern[3] of L4B1 says the Insecticons and Stunticons[4] have come in their numbers and are forcing their way into the base.”

Optimus Prime: “So that’s what the Decepticons had been planning all along. Sorry children; we’ll have to put this race for another day. Gears, call the defenders to back up Iron Man at the gates. Sunstreaker, take a commando with you. Decepticons mustn’t penetrate.”

Another alarm sounded and this one carried news far weightier than the first.

Optimus Prime: “What again? Mirage, report.”

Mirage: “We have an emergency coming from NSF commander. He’ll have to speak with you.”

Optimus Prime: “I’ll take it from here. Optimus Prime to J’onn J’onzz: come in.”

[1] Optimus Prime appears in The Transformers franchise. He’s leader of the Autobots, a faction of transforming robots from planet Cybertron. The Transformers (1984) is an animated television series by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions depicting a war among giant robots who transform into vehicles, other objects and animal-like forms. Written and recorded in America, the series was animated in Japan and South Korea. The entire series was based upon the line of transforming toys originally created by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, developed into the Transformers line by American company Hasbro.

[2] Ratchet, Mirage, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Jazz, Ironhide, Bluestreak, Skyfire, Bumblebee, Gears and Sunstreaker are Autobots in The Transformers.

[3] Green Lantern is the shared primary alias of several superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The first Green Lantern (Alan Scott) was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Martin Nodell and first appeared in All-American Comics #16 (July 1940).

[4] The Insecticons and Stunticons appear in The Transformers storyline. They’re Decepticons. The Decepticons are usually depicted as the antagonists in the universes of The Transformers.