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Noah, Alan, Ryan and Zach, four teenagers from planet Earth, found themselves in the world of cartoons and comics’ heroes. They made friends with some Nootrans but NSF tracked them down, thinking they were intruders. Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Krilin rescued them from the hands of Superman and Captain Nootra and the eight children travelled together to Secret Base L4.

In the course of this journey, they traversed the Frightful Forest, a forest inhabited by villains and animals having as heads Freeza and Wrath-Amon. Windfang attacked them and they fell in the heart of the Forest. Surrounded by the wicked, they fought bravely but they didn’t prevail. Fortunately, the Alliance was around. This branch of NSF, including Tarzan, Samba, Leuk, Conan and Rahan, helped them escape Wrath-Amon and his gang. They all took refuge in a cave somewhere in the Forest and waited for daylight.

After Rahan finished his story, some of the heroes fell asleep while others kept watch. Long before dawn, Samba woke up and sat at the entrance of the cave. He took out his flute and started playing a melody. This carried a message of peace for every listener.

That dark morning was calm, like the calmness often preceding a battle. Alan was up by then and he was gazing at the starry sky. Samba’s music came to his ears and aroused profound emotions in him. It went deep into his soul and enlightened him on his identity. Looking at the stars with that melody in his head, his mind was renewed and he was conscious of being a divine being in the world. He pondered on all that happened so far and the wonder of their incredible adventure awestruck him. He could do nothing except bless the One who made his dream reality.

Samba’s flute soon awoke Noah. She got up and moved towards him. Leuk was standing not far from the flutist and Noah went to talk with the hare. Conan was also keeping watch and he joined them.

Noah: “What is that beautiful piece of music?”

Leuk: “This melody appeases troubled hearts in the Forest. Many villains turned away from evil when they spent time in this forest. Some of them became renowned heroes like Vegeta, Trunks’ father. But since Wrath-Amon and Freeza came here, they trouble everyone and harden their hearts. The villains now refuse to let their inner man be enlightened.”

Conan: “There is yet another reason for the music. Samba is sending a signal. This particular melody gives our exact position. Warriors who hear the sound will come for backup.”

Alan had been following the three and he exclaimed alarmingly.

Alan: “Oh no! If that’s the case, the enemy will know our position too.”

Leuk: “No Alan. The message is coded and identified only by the Alliance and their backers.”

Noah: “More of my heroes are coming then. I wonder who I’m going to meet this time.”

The song of Samba moved along the distant forest and came to the hearing of friends. These hastened to the secret location on reading it and before dawn, they were assembled.

Noah: “Alan, this is huge! Reed Richard also known as Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm aka The Thing, Johnny Storm or the Human Torch[1] and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.”[2]

Samba: “Welcome citizens. I’m happy to see you again.”

Human Torch: “Hello Samba and Leuk. How are you doing Tarzan? Long time no see Mr. Conan. Hail to you son of Craô. Saiyans, Krilin and the strange company over there, you’re welcome.”

Spider-Man: “Why welcome them when you’re the one who just arrived?”

Human Torch: “This is my team, OK? They’re the strangers here. Last time I asked to join them but Piccolo slammed the door to my face. I’m even being polite here. I could have backed it to the sender.”

Spider-Man: “It’s to Piccolo you had to say that but I guess you were too scared to answer him a word.”

Human Torch: “Spider, get off my shoes, will you? You’ve greeted no one since we came. Who’s being ill-bred here, me or you?”

Spider-Man: “Hello everyone. Wait a minute; I don’t know these guys. Don’t tell me they’re the extra-Nootrans that make NSF tremble?”

The Thing: “Only children? What went wrong with those guys of Westside?”

Mr. Fantastic went about probing the Earthlings experientially.

Mr. Fantastic: “They’re humans yet their race is unknown to me. They seem harmless but are strange indeed. I think I should study them after this.”

The Thing: “I thought I heard Doom speaking. You behave like a mad scientist already Reed.”

Spider-Man: “Ben is right Mr. Fantastic. If you continue like this, you won’t be different from the people you’re trying to stop.”

Mr. Fantastic: “No chance that will happen. If I had to turn into the dark side, it would have been long ago. The temptations were greater back then. And if it ever comes about, Susan will put me back on the right track.”

Invisible Woman: “Like he ever listens to me! Children, you’re welcome to Nootra. The Fantastic Four and the Alliance will help you despite the misunderstanding you had with security. What’s your name little girl?”

Invisible Woman and Noah acquainted with each other and so did the rest. Then they all came together to raise a plan against the villains. Reed Richard, Samba and Rahan were the brains while the rest put in their contribution.

Mr. Fantastic: “Alliance, what’s the situation in the Forest at present?”

Tarzan: “Wrath-Amon and Freeza lay down the rule. We haven’t been able to contain them.”

Conan: “It’s good we all are here. We’ll disband that rebellious group those two set up. They’re distracting other villains from attaining illumination.”

Rahan: “If you want them to attain illumination Conan, then stop calling them villains.”

Conan: “Yes Mister pro-villain. You know what firehair, I don’t want a monster like Wrath-Amon to attain whatsoever illumination. Why should he be in peace after plunging many in waves?”

Invisible Woman: “Lighten up Conan. There sure must be some common ground between you two.”

Conan: “No way Susan. Wrath-Amon and I just can’t mix; not after what he did to me.”

The Thing: “Don’t worry hero; you’ll take down your man.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Let’s review the whole thing. Freeza and Wrath-Amon have allies at large. Since you succoured the children, they now know the Alliance will fight them. And I’m sure they invited their friends to the party.”

Spider-Man: “They too have called for backup? Man, do you think they’ll come in their numbers?”

Samba: “That’s why we called you. We would have defeated them yesterday if the sun wasn’t setting. Now they had enough time to assemble an army.”

Invisible Woman: “Some villains have grown tired of playing the wicked; they won’t answer Wrath-Amon’s call. I think the fourteen of us will do. We’ll undoubtedly outnumber them.”

Gohan: “Count Zach and Ryan among our fighters. I saw how well they fought when the villains attacked us yesterday.”

Human Torch: “Tell me dudes; what are your powers? Can you turn into fire like me, or fly to outer space like I do? My powers are fantastic. Yes, I am the Human Torch.”

Ryan: “We have no powers of that sort but we’re agile in combat and skilful in martial arts. We know many fighting techniques.”

Human Torch: “There’s nothing spectacular in what you described. I guess I’d be bored fighting by your side.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Good! We’re sixteen combatants; the villains can’t outdo us. Remember, we’re heroes and we’re good, like our citizens say.”

As the final details were being settled, Noah approached Spider-Man with this request.

Noah: “Web head, will you swing with me when this is over?”

The Human Torch left no time for Spider-Man to answer but he complained.

Human Torch: “Why does the whole world want Spidey to give them a ride? I won’t mind taking you to space girl.”

Invisible Woman: “Use your head for once Johnny. You’re fire and nobody wants to be exposed to your flames; though your powers may be amazing.”

Spider-Man: “Hey, that last word is reserved for me. You stick with fantastic and you don’t encroach on my territory.”

The Thing: “Torch, what do you say of testing our new fighting combination on Doom?”

Human Torch: “You took the words out of my mouth Thing. If the doc shows his face, he’ll be doomed for good.”

After instructing their comrades on how they were going to confront the enemy, Mr. Fantastic, Rahan and Samba were finally done with the theoretical part of the operation.

Samba: “Are there more suggestions or any objections? Do you think we stand a chance against Freeza and his team?”

Conan: “Never talk defeat near me flutist. It’s certain we fighting together are stronger than the lots of Wrath-Amons.”

Tarzan: “Samba, Reed, Rahan, you’re the experts.”

Spider-Man: “I have no objections your honours.”

Mr. Fantastic: “The plan is approved. Friends, let’s move.”

Human Torch: “Finally. I was already getting tired of waiting.”

Once the first rays of the sun were visible, the Alliance, Saiyans, and Earthlings walked out of the cave to where the enemy congregated. They took position to face off the gang of villains led by the malicious Freeza and the malevolent Wrath-Amon with Windfang by his side. Their allies were also present and these were no softhearted people. They were the evil Saiyans Raditz and Turles,[3] the wicked Dr. Doom,[4] the cosmic being Terrax[5] and many animals under Wrath-Amon’s command. When the Alliance and their friends saw the army of the villains that had rebelled in the Forest, Mr. Fantastic gave these instructions to his comrades.

Mr. Fantastic: “Heroes, now that we know the faces of our adversaries, let’s separate into groups to confront them. I would dare say we’re lucky since we’ve fought them before. Gohan, Goten, position yourselves against Turles and Raditz. Trunks, you’ll prevail against Freeza. Your future self did it once and I know your present self will do it again. Spider-Man, you need no assistance to take down Terrax. Rahan, Krilin, Samba and Leuk, you stop the animals.”

Conan: “Leave Wrath-Amon and Windfang to me. It’s personal.”

Spider-Man: “Take what he said seriously everyone. Nobody comes between the big guy and the objects of his wrath.”

Mr. Fantastic: “OK Conan, Wrath-Amon is yours alone. Who’s left?”

Human Torch: “Have you forgotten us elastic man? I can’t believe you forget your own team when someone is doomed to suffer this morning.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Yes, the Fantastic Four are going against Dr. Doom. Tarzan, you protect the extra-Nootrans.”

Gohan: “What about Ryan and Zach? They’re resourceful. Don’t leave them out Mr. Fantastic.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Ryan, Zach, you two, be watchful. If you see a fighter in a bad situation, step in and rescue them. Have these gadgets. They’re some of Batman’s toys and can prove very useful to those who don’t exercise super powers in combat.”

Ryan: “Thanks Mr. Fantastic. We’ll do as we’re told.”

Samba: “With everything set, Alliance, keep the Forest safe.”

The Thing: “Come on now heroes; let’s do this together.”

With these words from Ben Grimm began the fighting in the Frightful Forest. Each warrior went against their traditional adversaries. Tarzan protected Noah and Alan. Ryan and Zach stood as the reserve team, ready to intervene in case of emergency. When the Fantastic Four started clashing it out with Dr. Doom, Invisible Woman tried to dissuade this one from what he was planning.

Invisible Woman: “Surrender Victor. We won’t let you capture the children.”

Dr. Doom: “Don’t try to stop me Susan. These extra-Nootrans are my fortune. My experiments will attain the utmost level once I obtain information from their world. Then I will quench my thirst for more energy and so conquer the universe.”

Human Torch: “Or it might take you a thousand years backwards. That’s not a bad idea Reed. Maybe we should let him try his luck just this once.”

The Thing: “There’s some sense in what the kid is saying. How about letting the doc get lost in an age with no technologies?”

Human Torch: “I’d love to see his face when he gets there. Imagine Doom trapped in the period before the Stone Age; the Ice Age probably. He won’t even find a metal to cover himself.”

Mr. Fantastic: “Whether the kids’ world is advanced or not, we mustn’t let this malicious mind venture there. He’ll only cause havoc.”

Dr. Doom: “You must be out of your mind thinking you can stop me. You four put together can’t even scratch me. I’ve beaten you before and I’ll do it again.”

Invisible Woman: “Beaten us before? You have problems recalling the past or what? It’s we who’ve always defeated you.”

The Thing: “And he isn’t humble after all that. He goes as far as to tell lies to hide his many failures.”

Human Torch: “It’s about time someone gave him a lecture on honesty. And I volunteer for the task.”

Johnny Storm ignited and fire covered his entire body. He became a torch, which in reality was a human being. He lifted himself high until outer space and came down at full speed with a punch aimed for Dr. Doom. Doom dodged the fire punch but Reed Richard wasn’t far away and he got him. He stretched out his body all around Doom and tied him up. Once Mr. Fantastic fastened Doom and immobilized him with his elastic body, Ben Grimm, the man whose skin turned into an orange craggy rock after being exposed to cosmic radiation, came right away to crush him. Dr. Doom, however, freed himself a second before Ben’s double-handed punch fell on him. Ben Grimm realized he had smitten Reed instead. Seeing that her companions had lost control of the situation, Susan Storm turned invisible and used her powers to trap Doom in an invisible barrier she created from her psionic force field. That was when the Human Torch finally thumped Dr. Doom with fire punches. So went the confrontation between the Fantastic Four and their archenemy Victor Von Doom.

Not far from there, another fight was about to start.

Spider-Man: “Terrax the Tamer, right? That scythe you carry, isn’t it too heavy for you? There’s also something I can’t make head nor tail. What’s a cosmic guy doing in the Frightful Forest? Last time I checked, forest and cosmic didn’t rhyme. And don’t tell me Terrax that you want to hunt game ’cause I’m so not going to believe you.”

Terrax: “The Alliance sends a kid to fight Terrax who wields the Power Cosmic?[6] Mr. Fantastic is underestimating my powers and you’re the one who’ll pay for that lack of respect.”

Spider-Man: “So you wanted to be respected. I see… Is that why you made friends with Wrath-Amon? That was a mistake on your part ’cause Wrath-Amon and his kind aren’t respected. They’re instead objects of disrespect. And the rest, your cosmic friends, where are they? Don’t they love being with the lot of their kind? Or could it be they were scared of being thrashed by the Alliance?”

Terrax: “I have no time for your silly talk. Out of my way spider.”

Spider-Man: “Make time Mr. Wicked. Wherever you go, you’ll find my spider web waiting to stop you. Unless you surrender, you and your buddy Wrath-Amon are going to be crushed by me and my pals.”

Terrax: “You’ve called for it Spidey. I won’t restrain myself.”

Spider-Man: “Neither will I. What are you waiting for? Come and be busted.”

The words of Spider-Man enraged Terrax. It appeared he had no time for any play talk. He ran headlong towards the hero so as to smite him with his scythe. The latter, however, released his web. Spider-Man swung from tree to tree, making his web pass through, around and over them. Terrax was too agitated in his attempt to catch him so that he failed to notice that the hero was raising a web prison around him. He woke up to find himself trapped within a space barricaded by spider web.

Nevertheless, Terrax cut through the webs with his cosmic scythe and broke free. Then he used his Power Cosmic to manipulate sand. After handling it thoroughly, he spattered the dough at Spider-Man. That was not counting Spider-Man’s spider-sense, which alerted him of the danger an instant before. He jumped and narrowly escaped the sand avalanche. Spider-Man counterattacked with no further delay. He released a web fluid over which Terrax slipped and went down. Terrax’s fury augmented at this setback and he rose with an angry expression on his face. Yet before wielding his Power Cosmic to throw an attack, he was distracted by a call. He took off immediately after receiving it and left. Nonetheless, Spider-Man won his fight against Terrax the Tamer in the Frightful Forest.

While Terrax and Spider-Man were clashing it out, Son Gohan and Son Goten were having an unfriendly family discussion with their uncle Raditz and their compatriot Turles.

Raditz: “My nephews, your father has led you astray with feelings of compassion and pity. They won’t take you anywhere. These things are for lesser beings; not for us Saiyans.”

Turles: “A true Saiyan must be without affections; that’s the only way to become stronger. These Nootrans find consolation in affection because they don’t have the power we Saiyans have. We’re called to rule supreme in the universe, making no room for basic things like love or mercy.”

Goten: “I disagree Turles. The good heart of our dad has made him the strongest of heroes to date. Even our friends from another world can testify. It’s time you admitted you had it all wrong.”

Raditz: “It’s also time you knew your origins children. Our race had only one objective: conquer and dominate other planets and people. We have the ability to do so for we’re the strongest race there is. Your treacherous father is the one denying his very essence. Join us now Gohan, Goten so we can retrieve the glory Saiyans once had.”

Gohan: “You’re irretrievable my uncle. Why can’t you understand that fighting for the cause of evil makes no one stronger? Look at our people, the Nootrans. Though many don’t possess super powers like us, they thrive by those values you refuse to acknowledge. These are the very things that enabled them to acquire great powers like Saiyans.”

Goten: “We’re wasting our time explaining these things to you since you don’t know what love and justice are all about. You’ve never experienced them and you carry on with evil since it’s the only thing you know. That’s why you won’t win.”

Turles: “What do you mean when you talk of evil little boy? Have you forgotten our destiny? Saiyans are here to rule supreme over all because of the logical reason that we’re the strongest people in the world. These Nootrans and their super powers can’t even reach our ankles. We’re only fulfilling our destiny and I don’t see why people should put up resistance since they’re here to be led by us. It would be wiser for them to submit to their inevitable fate.”

Gohan: “Listen carefully my uncle and his friend before we settle things the hard way. We call what you’re doing ‘evil’ because you want to suppress the freedoms of people and put them under your domination. You can’t impose your rule on people against their will. You can’t claim authority over them when they don’t recognize you. There’s no leadership without freedom, so there’s no destiny if it entails forcing others to do what you want.”

Raditz: “Freedom, love, mercy blah, blah, blah. You Nootrans think you’re doing it right promoting these things? You can’t change the destiny of a man, and we Saiyans are the people who know our destiny. It is justice that Saiyans rule this world.”

Goten: “I bet your moms didn’t hug you when you were kids; yet that’s no excuse for you to be this way. I know many people who haven’t received affection from their parents; some were even despised by their own. That, however, didn’t stop them from loving and caring for others. Some went as far as helping the people who once tried to kill them. You can as well learn something from their story. My uncle, Turles, you must find yourselves a reason in life other than wanting to lord it over people.”

Turles: “It’s pathetic hearing Saiyans talk this way. You’re a disgrace to your people. Our proud race won’t tolerate the likes of you. That’s why you shall be eliminated.”

Gohan: “Try if you can. My brother and I are Super Saiyans[7] but you two haven’t attained that level yet; and you think you can beat us? That’s presumptuous on your part. And one thing you should remember: we’re the sons of Goku.”

Raditz: “Once we’re done with you we’ll go for that traitor you call father. He’s at the origin of all this humiliation.”

Goten: “You must first pass through us and I’m not sure you can. You have only threats to make but we’re here to champion a just cause; that’s why we’ll defeat you. Niisan, we’re giving them a party.”

Turles: “Raditz, let’s wipe these traitors off our world for good.”

Gohan: “Be my guest Turles.”

So the confrontation between the two groups of Saiyans began. Turles targeted Gohan and sent an energy wave to destroy him. Gohan countered the attack with his own energy wave and pushed back the one of Turles, forcing him to take steps backwards. Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan. His hair turned golden, his eyes changed into green and his body and outfit became lighter. The moment Son Gohan transformed, his force intensified and his power multiplied. His energy wave automatically became more powerful than the one of Turles and it pushed the latter a thousand miles away, into the distant forest.

Meanwhile, Goten and Raditz were engaging a close range combat. They were exchanging punches and kicks in quick succession. Goten was faster but Raditz grew weary from the endless punches. When Goten realized that his opponent showed a sign of fatigue, he transformed into Super Saiyan and thumped him in the stomach with a mighty energy punch. This instantly knocked out Raditz.

As the sons of Goku were fighting the evil Saiyans, the Fantastic Four were facing Dr. Doom and Spider-Man was engaging Terrax. At this same moment, Conan and Wrath-Amon were preparing to enter into battle. Rahan, Krilin, Samba and Leuk were also driving off the beasts surrounding them. As for Tarzan, he was keeping a watchful eye on Noah and Alan while Ryan and Zach were on the alert for any eventuality. Trunks on his side was about to have a rematch of a previous combat with Freeza, which he was completely unaware of.

[1] Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richard), Invisible Woman (Susan Storm), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), The Thing (Ben Grimm) form The Fantastic Four, a superhero team appearing in Marvel Comics’ comic books. The group debuted in The Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961) and was the first superhero team created by writer Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Jack Kirby.

[2] Spider-Man (Peter Parker, Spidey) is a Marvel Comics superhero. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962).

[3] Raditz and Turles are DBZ characters. Raditz, first seen in Dragon Ball Z Chapter 1 (New Threat), is a Saiyan warrior and the older brother of Son Goku. Turles is the featured super villain in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might (1990), DBZ’s 3rd Movie. He is an upper class Saiyan and bears a striking resemblance to Son Goku.

[4] Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom) is a character appearing in Marvel Comics publications. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he first appeared in Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962).

[5] Terrax, the Tamer is a character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was created by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne and first appears in Fantastic Four #211 (Oct. 1979).

[6] The Power Cosmic is a source of limitless godly cosmic energy in the Marvel Universe. It first appears in Fantastic Four #48 (March, 1966).

[7] Super Saiyan is an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiyan race in the Dragon Ball franchise.