jeudi 23 juin 2016


Society tends to categorize people. Humans are just living their lives and society gives you a name, saying you’re lazy or whatever. You didn’t choose to be in that state. Situations put you there and it’s not like it’s permanent. They used to categorize you as lazy, but then you travel to the United States. It’s so revolutionary that you find yourself doing things, being active. What if the place you were made you not want to do anything?

Society categorized you before as lazy. You had thought things were just going bad in your life and everything was finished. You didn’t give up willingly, but you tried to do things. You had dreams, projects; you were so enthusiastic about your future, yet things didn’t work. You experienced disappointment and so you said you won’t do anything. And society gave you a name.

Now with this breakthrough, you see yourself doing things. You thought you were someone who couldn’t do such things just because of the situation you were in. Now you go to parties, now you play football with friends, now you learn how to ride a bicycle, now you have a lover etc. People don’t choose to be in this condition or that situation; they just find themselves there because of the way things happened at one moment. All men desire happiness, even the ones society categorized.

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