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Superman, Captain Nootra and Batman separated for their respective assignments. Meanwhile, the Earthlings were in total hysterics when their new friends took them to the sky.

Alan: “Splendid! We first floated in space, now we’re flying in the air. It’s refreshing to feel the breeze all around; nothing to do with outer space where everything was so cold.”

Shades: “This is nothing. Haven’t you seen anyone fly before?”

Wally: “This is nothing Shades? How come you don’t fly then?”

Shades: “I have my reasons. What I mean is that flying is too common in Nootra. Even football players fly nowadays.”

Ryan: “But no one flies on Earth; only vessels do. None has succeeded in defying the law of gravity and rising on their own without using engines.”

Mario: “What; the law? You’re dealing with that system? Earthlings must be a bunch of faithless folks who wouldn’t use their potentials to the fullest.”

Ryan: “What do you mean Mario?”

Gohan: “Mario means any system using the law only places obligations, prohibitions and restrictions on people, which prevent them from attaining their zenith. The knowledge of the law excludes faith and opposes manifestations of the supernatural.”

Mario: “Gohan, are you insinuating I can’t develop my point on my own?”

Gohan: “Sorry Mario. Please, have your way.”

Mario: “Ryan, I don’t understand why the people of Earth would like to fly but they don’t do it. It’s evident that when you want something, you have it.”

Jeremy: “You don’t understand, huh? Let me remind you Mario that you too can’t fly. It needed faith for superheroes to start flying.”

Shades: “And a lot of training too. Mario can’t fly because he’s lazy; I can’t fly because I don’t need to do everything. It would be silly if everybody flew in Nootra.”

Wally: “That’s only an excuse to cover up the fact that you can’t fly Shades. Why don’t you just admit only those with lots of energy do fly?”

Trunks: “I don’t agree Wally. I think the will makes all things possible. If you want something, as Mario said, and if you believe it with all your heart, it will manifest.”

Krilin: “It is true. I, for one, didn’t know how to fly, but all my friends did. I desired it, I believed it, and I imagined myself flying. I did train, yet without the will and faith, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Noah: “Me, I’ve always wanted to meet you superheroes. I believed all things were possible since the Agape said so. And here I am in the city of my heroes.”

Ryan: “The Agape is the force behind the manifestation of everything love and just. Whatever you want, if it is love, if it is just, He has already given it to you. You only have to appropriate it by believing.”

Zach: “Excuse me to interrupt you guys; Goten, can you tell me where I can find Son Goku?[5] I would like to challenge him to a duel.”

Goten: “You know my father?”

Shades: “Of course, they know all of us except Captain Nootra and his city, which they thought was some sort of cartoon world that didn’t exist.”

Ryan: “Son Goku is famous on Earth and is considered one of the strongest heroes.”

Trunks: “This isn’t surprising. Goten, your father’s fame has reached the furthermost parts of the universe.”

Zach: “We do know all of you but many don’t know you exist for real. What we’re experiencing is first-time. Some at home may find it hard to believe that we met you.”

Goten: “Your world is strange indeed. We do exist as you see. What do you people imagine on Earth? Things don’t exist except when people don’t know them, though there are things that exist without the knowledge of people. In our case however, if a number of people of your world can identify us, what more proof do you need to accept that we exist?”

Krilin: “I think you don’t have to force people to believe what you believe. Something doesn’t cease to be because some people don’t believe it, for nothing can change truth.”

Trunks: “Truth is absolute. It doesn’t depend on anything to be; not even on faith. Yet only those who believe can experience truth and make it their reality. Because you believed, you saw the manifestation. Don’t expect everyone to believe you for it isn’t their reality.”

Goten: “Trunks, did you take lessons from the Sages of Heyas or what? You’re now talking like some of their disciples.”

Trunks: “You started it Goten. Did you hear what you said before I spoke? One would think Piccolo[6] was speaking.”

Goten: “Ha, ha, ha. You know very well that Piccolo trained Gohan and in his turn, big brother passed down what he learnt to me. It isn’t surprising if I can say such things. Whereas you, Vegeta brought you up and I don’t see him saying anything coming from that direction.”

Trunks: “Don’t pretend you don’t know my father. He’s playing tough to mask what is indeed a heart of gold. I’m his son and I’m only expressing what my father is on the inside.”

Goten: “Sorry Zach; we’ve been carried away by this crummy talk. Sorry to disappoint you more for my father and his companions are not in the city. They’re on mission on planet Namek.”[7]

Going over the city through the locomotives that were the Saiyans and Krilin, Alan and his companions were struck by the immensity of Nootra.

Alan: “Nootra is a very big city. I’ve never seen one like this before. We walked the streets for hours and we’re flying over the city for quite some time now. It’s endless. By the way, what’s the name of this country?”

Krilin: “Country? There are no countries here. All the places you see are part of Nootra. This planet is the city of Nootra.”

Noah: “What? You mean this entire planet consists only of this city? How is such a thing possible?”

Gohan: “Nootra is vast and well organized. As Alan rightly noticed, it is an endless metropolis of several large quarters. The idea of the founding fathers when they came to this planet four thousand years ago was to build a civilization different from the ones they had known. They had witnessed wars and deception because people broke into factions and called themselves a particular people different from those who hitherto had been their neighbours. Yet it was the same people since there was no difference among them. Difference and division are only illusions to be surpassed in perception so that all things are viewed as one and linked together. Unfortunately, because of that misconception, they considered others as different and began hating and fighting each other until they brought chaos to their world.

’Refugees from many planets came here and discovered something special about this place. They founded the city of Nootra and decreed it as a civilization, which didn’t consider origin, race or any such things that cause division among men. Nootra was built on this mindset from that generation. The people who came later adopted the same values and had them implanted in the countless generations following. They saw themselves as one people with a common destiny; that of giving a new image to the world through the unity and freedom they enjoyed in Nootra.

’Nootrans soon realized that the planet prospered tremendously due to their attachment and commitment to one another. The people experienced wholeness and all sufficiency because they had this attitude of love, faith and justice with a determination to safeguard these treasures their ancestors passed down to them. Then supernatural things started to occur and the first people developed superhuman abilities. This made Nootrans even more conscious of their uniqueness and they were confident about the role they had to play in the world.

’Super powers were a gift from this planet so the people who received them naturally didn’t keep them to themselves but they shared with the rest. Training bases opened to teach the supernatural arts to those willing. Other people transferred their powers to their children. Although supernatural powers are innate in some, they can’t be manifested without the working of faith, and a little training too.

’When Nootrans developed in the supernatural, people from other planets came to the city to learn the art. From her creation, Nootra has refused to live under fear. She has been prompt in offering citizenship to anyone willing. The line of reasoning was, if we all are in this universe, we should live wherever we want. And Nootra was like the best place in the world. So it would be good if everybody came and lived here. Nootra so remained open and she didn’t shut her doors for fear of opposition.

’People from the galaxies benefited from her openness and acquired super powers. However, some were not sincere but they took advantage of her hospitality to infiltrate the city with greedy purposes, pretending to share her values. Some citizens also rebelled and openly renounced those values. Others, due to ignorance, were unable to discern good and evil; others still, on going through hard times because of some negative occurrences, failed to uphold the love and justice this city stands for. These people, who are citizens as well as people from other planets, turned evil and became the band of villains.

’But the truth in everything like Ryan said is, when you love and your cause is just, you always prevail. So another group emerged, which exceeded the band of villains in terms of power and abilities. It was the superheroes. These noble and mighty men had a charismatic passion for this civilization and they were zealous to uphold its values. Captain Nootra, Son Goku and Superman are some of them. They stood on their indisputable honour to defend this city from all threats. Since they were fighting for the good cause, they acquired strength thousand times superior to that of villains.

’Though the villains may threaten us, we rest assured because we have faith in our superheroes whose strength surpasses that of villains. That’s how we live happy and secure every single day in this world, which is close to a paradise.”

At the end of this brief summary of the history of Nootra given by Son Gohan, Alan and his fellow Terrestrials were flabbergasted. It was the first time they found such gracefulness in the history of a people.

Alan: “Absolutely stunning! We just received a lecture on the origins of Nootra here. The history of this world is simply a reflection of its beauty. There’s so much nobility in the citizens and their ancestors. No wonder the best people live here and those of our spirituals who connected with your world represented it and its values on Earth. What was that again Gohan? Everything is one and linked together.”

Ryan: “Yet one thing doesn’t fit in. How is Nootra administered? I see it’s no anarchy. How do you manage a planet of only one city?”

Jeremy: “Nootra is divided into five Sides; East, North, South, West and Mid Nootra. Each Side has its own headquarters and security force with many divisions. There’s one Headquarters Central in Mid Nootra. Each Division encloses several large neighbourhoods peculiar in various aspects. There’s a variety of landscape and culture in every Division. Division here is for the purpose of administration and settlement, not in terms of human difference. The Sides are surrounded by the untamed, like the place you met us. Despite being part of Nootra, Headquarters doesn’t enforce its influence but defends anyone who might find themselves in danger there.”

Zach: “And who’s the president of this city, or shall I say of this planet?”

Goten: “This is the first time I hear that word. What is a president?”

Alan: “The one who rules, the leader, the master of this place.”

Wally: “There is no such person here.”

Noah: “This big planet has no leader? How is it governed then? Who gives orders; who takes decisions?”

Krilin: “We told you already; Nootra Security Forces take charge of everything. All Divisions are represented at Headquarters Central where citizens with powers as well as those without powers seat and discuss things.”

Trunks: “This system is based on mutual trust. The people have full confidence in NSF agents. These have proven their loyalty to the Nootrans for they freely volunteered to protect and defend the people every day. They’re fully convinced of the cause Nootra is upholding so they do everything to spread this civilization.”

Zach: “I still don’t get it. Someone must be at the controls. Something can’t work without a head. Who’s at Headquarters?”

Gohan: “I see you’re so worked up by this thing of leader. Are they so important on Earth?”

Mario: “They think the green man who’s always locked up at Headquarters Central is our leader?”

Noah: “I can’t believe this. Don’t tell me Piccolo is now at the technique with the machines and technologies?”

Ryan: “It isn’t Piccolo Noah; it’s J’onn. So J’onn J’onzz is the general here.”

Shades: “I think we told you no one commands us; we simply trust each other. I don’t know what type of system you have on Earth but this one is the best.”

Wally: “This is the only one you know Shades.”

Jeremy: “NSF and its many branches have commanders reserved for them as a security force yet these officers are in no wise leaders of the people.”

Krilin: “We’re almost there. We’ll take Denver and the boys home. As for you friends, you can’t stay with them or the security agents will find you. We suffered some setbacks these last times and security can’t take chances. They’ll come after you.”

Goten: “Niisan,[8] let’s take them to Secret Base L4 in the North. The agents can’t arrest them there. We only have to convince our friends over there.”

Gohan: “That’s also what I was thinking. Our friends over there can help them get back to Earth. But we’ll have to go over the Frightful Forest and that won’t be pleasant.”

Noah: “Who are ‘our friends over there’? More of my cartoons heroes, I suppose.”

Mario: “A little respect Noah. Stop calling us cartoons. It’s irritating. We’re human beings, okay?”

Noah: “Sorry Mario; but I’m excited about the many people I’m going to meet in this place. It’s unfortunate Vegeta isn’t around.”

Trunks: “Trust me Noah; remove from your head the idea of ​​meeting my father. You may be disappointed for he is nothing you can call ‘friendly’.”

Noah: “I won’t have it any other way Trunks. It’s because of his behaviour that he’s my favourite.”

The warriors dropped Denver and his companions at Wally’s place and said goodbye for the moment. Parting from Noah and her friends wasn’t easy for Denver but he had to let them go. Secret Base L4 was located beyond a forest inhabited by villains and ferocious beasts. Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Krilin, bearing Zach, Noah, Ryan and Alan, tried to cross the forest unobserved.

Goten: “Let’s be discreet so that the inhabitants of the Forest shouldn’t detect us. Otherwise, we’ll run into trouble.”

Noah: “You mean they would want to hurt us? Who are the people living in this forest anyway?”

Trunks: “Villains of all sorts. Some of us put them here and they won’t miss a chance of taking their revenge.”

Gohan: “They’re trapped in this forest until they reject their wicked ways.”

Alan: “A conscience detector? Can the security sense when people change?”

Goten: “It’s been reliable so far.”

Ryan: “So those here can’t get out of the forest?”

Krilin: “Yes. The distinctiveness of this civilization entails that nobody is killed. The evil ones are exiled into this forest. They can’t escape due to a stamp on their shoulders. People outside can get in yet those who’re supposed to be here can’t get out.”

Zach: “I see; it’s a kind of prison. So much for your civilization! I suppose your city isn’t as ‘good’ as you described it.”

Gohan: “What can you do? How do you solve the problem of people who want to destroy your world; who want to overthrow everything you uphold; whose objectives are to take over and impose a reign of chaos? If you can’t nurture in them the same values you defend, how do you stop them from harming?”

Ryan: “Maybe some find flaws in the system and the only way to denounce it is to oppose it by becoming villains.”

Goten: “Ryan, maybe you’re making a comparison with another system but this civilization has no equals. That’s why it is a civilization and not a system. We mean it when we talk of love, justice and faith as cornerstone of Nootra. My father and Piccolo have been to countless dimensions and they have testified of the uniqueness of this culture.”

Trunks: “And knowing who they are, we trust them, fully convinced they’re saying the truth.”

Krilin: “Because of their nobility and loyalty, some men deserve the title of sages. Their judgement and opinion have become divine and trustworthy. Yet in spite of this, they never impose their will on others. I’m privileged to be friends with one prominent among them and I can testify of his integrity. We have a large number of such people in this city and we trust them wholeheartedly.”

Gohan: “Nootra created this forest to give the villains a chance to make a new beginning. It’s just as nice as any place in the city. In fact, this is the best place for spirituals. The villains are the ones who turned it into the Frightful Forest. You may judge it otherwise but this is the only way NSF thought it best to rehabilitate the bad guys.”

Trunks: “I envy them sometimes. The Frightful Forest is a delight as to spirituality but you’ll go through tough times if you get there.”

The attempt of the Saiyans to be discreet was vain since Windfang,[9] the hideous creature, spotted them. Windfang, Wrath-Amon’s henchman, was at large while his master was trapped in the Forest. Wrath-Amon had left him with instructions to patrol the forest and bring him and his fellow villains any superhero who ventured that way. Windfang had once been a good man until Wrath-Amon transformed him into that horrible creature. He remained at Wrath-Amon’s service with the hope that the latter would give him back his human form as he promised.

Having sighted the Saiyans, Krilin and the Earthlings, Windfang spread his wings and attacked them in the sky. He came frontally in their direction and pushed them with great force. Destabilized in their movement, the children lost balance and fell onto the ground, landing in the heart of the Forest. A group of villains fast assembled and closed in on them. The terrible Freeza[10] and the awful Wrath-Amon were at the head.

Goten: “What misfortune! They appear to be really mad at us.”

Freeza: “Well, well! Aren’t these our beloved Saiyans? Who knew the sky would so generously serve us a succulent dessert for dinner?”

[1] Senzu Beans are mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties in the Dragon Ball franchise.

[2] Son Gohan, Son Goten and Krilin appear in DBZ.

[3] Cell appears in DBZ.

[4] Gotenks is a powerful being that results from the successful fusion of Trunks and Son Goten using the Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball Z. It is used here as an abbreviation for the names Son Goten and Trunks though they are separate and have not fused their powers.

[5] Son Goku is the primary protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise.

[6] Piccolo Jr. appears in DBZ.

[7] Namek is a planet in DBZ.

[8] Niisan means big brother.

[9] Windfang and Wrath-Amon are characters appearing in Conan, the Adventurer, an American animated TV series adaptation of Conan the Barbarian, the literary character created by Robert E. Howard that appeared in Weird Tales magazine in 1932. Conan, the Adventurer was produced by Jetlag Productions and Sunbow Productions. The series debuted on Sep. 12, 1992, ran for 65 episodes and concluded on Nov. 22, 1993. Christy Marx developed it.

[10] Freeza appears in DBZ.